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“Britney Spears” is lies!


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Ok, it’s time for a reality check.


Its 2021 and we have a bunch of new artists that are or seems VERY true and transparent to their public.


Britney Jean Spears herself + her Britney Spears team, since the beginning of her career, specially after 2003 ALWAYS loved to play with the media and paparazzis, a lot stories etc also her marketing was at her peak. Britney always enjoyed to play with the media, her team, marketing team etc, 

It’s like Taylor Swift easter eggs but different, different time, also they were controlling it and laughing about it behind doors


So now is the same, we know nothing and we get a bunch of lies from her team, we don’t even know the extent of Britney herself allied to that, her current strategy with her marketing/social media/ dad/ team, she's sure collaborating with them somehow. I don't even think she's allowed to disappear bc there's a responsibility from her to the industry/society/fans. People would die if she disappears from social media. So maybe her Instagram strategy is to just show her she's there. the quarentine times also fit so well her Instagram. Learn to have fun at home!


Its all lies. The Britney Spears brand is a ****ery industry based on lies, we fans know they lie, even Britney lie to herself, it’s lies EVERYWHERE, we don’t even know who to trust anymore. Based on that, we’ll believe everything Britney and her marketing team plot to when she decides to comeback and speak. She will benefit from that too. There’s a reason her dad won’t be out (or don't want to), he will get a piece of what’s to come too.


Anyways, we have to be alert on how this industry works. Justin Bieber team is also full of marketing. There’s a lot of artists we know the marketing team is on full force and they lie well to put on a narrative, no wonder from time to time they are fed up with the industry and managers, they basically play a narrative on a fake life/attitude/life style.


So yeah, Britney Spears the brand is full of lies and is one the most fabricated artists of all times, Britney from time to time also collaborated on that but also helped to destroy it. I think she enjoys playing her own team too, she ****s them and then comes back helping then and fooling fans and media with whatever narrative they have for the moment.

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