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Jamie Spears says he's working extensively to minimize any harm done to Britney's brand caused by the #FreeBritney movement

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That’s bloody ironic considering he is the sole source of the backlash and drama surrounding her and her career. I’m tired of hearing about this worn out, deadbeat, shriveled pea of a man whom manipulates his daughter and belittles her with “Daddy loves you! Daddy is good! Daddy Daddy Daddy!” He is a sick little boy.

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On 4/1/2021 at 2:25 PM, Onyxgirl17 said:

We are the same fans that have given thousands of dollars towards the Britney brand that the blood sucking lawyers and vultures around her are just profiting off of. It’s not preserving the Britney brand by pissing the fans off. I will personally continue boycotting the Britney brand until Britney the person has freedom.

Same.  Until the con-ship dies, I won’t drop a single cent anywhere for Jamie and his goons to pick up.  I’m here for Britney, not them.  I haven’t streamed a damn thing, bought 0 merch, won’t ever again buy music, attend a concert, or even read her social media.  I’m even boycotting gossip sites like TMZ and PerezHilton from this day forward so no on.. NO ONE.. involved in this morally defunct conship gets a dime of my money.  This is the real Blackout: Fan Edition.

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On 4/1/2021 at 3:46 PM, GodneyLovin said:

Eventually merchandise is gonna get boring to those buying and eventually deals will stop happening. Without Britney working, this money making will only last so long. He needs to give it up otherwise the money coming in is going to slow drastically.

I hope so, but the fans can be moronic.  Imagine Britney is a server at a restaurant, but behind the counter, the manager is actually her pimp.  Even knowing this: knowing that Britney can’t escape and is being forced out in to the restaurant, or that body doubles are on hand to fake being her (or her voice), fans still go in to the shop and order the specials because ‘we’re starving and selfish and enjoy the food.’  Bet you they forget Britney the next time a new ‘single’ drops and start streaming like the hypocrites they are.  Until the con ship is gone, being anywhere near the brand is promoting her enslavement. You support with your money.   

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When I first became a fan in 2000, and got to know about Britney and who her family was etc. Her father always gave me that icky...uncomfortable feeling. So no surprise he just turned out to be,- yea a bad ******* person. It's really sad to see ones idol, (lol really don't like that word...) to go through really bad stuff like she has and continue to do it seems. I don't want Britney to end up where a lot of great legends have like MJ, Whitney Houston etc. The media is really nasty toward famous people. It's a ****ty practice. And I don't like it. Well there's ****ty famous people, but it's like the world don't seem to understand that even famous people have feelings and are just human beings like the rest of us. Even people laughing when famous people lost their homes in the California fires. Just because famous people can buy a house again, (so can other people though too), doesn't mean they can't be sad and hurt about it. Not every famous person is ****ty greedy *******. 

I really hope things go well for Britney and the exploiter gang Lou ****head and Jamie Greedy will pay one way or another.


Sorry for my rant, just had to get it of of my chest lol.

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On 4/1/2021 at 7:16 PM, Britney-fan12332143 said:


Britney's father Jamie claims he's "working extensively" to "minimize any harm" the Free Britney movement has done to Britney's career.

Even though Britney's streams are way, way up... 

In new court docs, Mr. Spears lists his monthly salary at a whopping $16,000 a month salary and an extra $2,000 a month to maintain an office.

He says he works “extensively with Ms. Spears’ team and my attorneys to monitor social media and address negative and potentially destructive publicity, and minimise any harm to Ms. Spears’ brand”.

He also claims being Britney's full-time conservator requires him to “keep current regarding the music, advertising, and entertainment business, in the areas of financial investing and investments, and in legal matters, for Ms. Spears’ benefit”.

In addition, he has spent a “significant amount of time” on her “investments”, adding: “I participated in extensive communications with various advisors and industry experts in analysing and modifying investment strategies to address changes in Ms. Spears’ working status and fluctuations in the economy.”

The conservatorship case also takes up his time. “I spoke regularly with my conservatorship counsel to stay informed of the matters in the ongoing conservatorship proceeding, including reviewing all pleadings filed in the conservatorship, and preparing for and appearing at all hearings.”

Jamie is asking the judge to approve the compensation for his work.






Where is this photo from.

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