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Sharon Stone talks about Britney reaching out to her in 2007 for help


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27 minutes ago, Jaime45x said:

I remember back in 2003, Sharon Stone gave Britney an award, it was women of the year or something like that. They gave her the award for helping the youth with her Britney Spears foundation, the same foundation that Lou Taylor and Team Con destroyed. 


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She is such a strong woman with alot of power, if she teamed up with Paris & Madonna resource & money wise they would be unstoppable. What she's hinting at mentioning handlers & how awful Britney's situation is is alot deeper than most of you guys realize. There's dark forces at work, I can only imagine the spiritual warfare Britney has been through... I'll leave this below, put two & two together


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This is a great example of why some celebrities don’t speak out. What they do in private is a lot more personal and important than announcing it to the world and we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors 95% of the time. When anyone speaks publicly it adds more fuel to the fire because as they say bad press is good press because regardless it’s gets people talking. That’s why when some of you guys ***** about other females not supporting Brit I’m always like 🤦🏽‍♂️ 

With that said, I really appreciate her answer and it totally makes more sense why Britney posted her in that line of women. 

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I wonder what the connection is between Sharon and Britney - there must have been a friendship there for Britney to choose to reach out to her. I had wondered if maybe Sharon and Britney are part of some sort of support group as Sharon stated she has had similar issues. 

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