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TLC's FanMail album predicted the downfall of digital age and what did happen..

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In, 1999 the long awaited return of the best selling American girl group of all time TLC returned.  


FanMail, which holds the first distinction of being an entire studio album dedicated solely to the fans, even the CD had a poster of the girls, with all the names of the fans that sent them mail and stayed loyal during their hiatus caused by the bankruptcy of the group.  


Three tracks specifically provide a cautionary tale of how basic human interaction, has been literally replaced by digital reaction and like the video says, a college study found generation Z is the most depressed and loneliest generation cos of this. 


FanMail talks about a girl who sends emails to her lover, but while it seems great and fun, she in the end always feels lonely and doesn't know why she's doing an e mail relationship, much like today's dating is mostly long distance and voids of empty promises..


The Vic-e Interpretation interlude, provides a narrative that we buy material things like Prada bags, diamond rolaxes and Versace outfits, to pick us up and makes us feel special, like the video states, log onto Instagram and that's basically what you see. 


Material things to pick US up for false happiness.  


The third and final interlude Communication states the digital world of today. 

Communication is the key to life

Communication is the key to love.

Communication is the key to us.

There's over a thousand ways to communicate in our world to communicate. 


And it's a shame 


That we all don't communicate 


So if you also feel the need for us to come together, will you communicate with me?


Man, its scary but then again watching the last days of left-eye, I'm not surprised she was a future forward thinker, so she probably saw this coming. 

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