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Britney: I didn’t watch the documentary but I was embarrassed by the light they put me in, I cried for two weeks

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Just now, PokemonSpears said:

even if she was ok with the conservatorship, that still doesn't make it ok


a kidnapped person can be ok with being kidnapped, but that doesn't make it ok, and we can apply that to any kind of relationship that is wrong, especially when it's not completely legal. While the current law does allow for someone like Britney to be under a conservatorship, the process for which that was possible, wasn't.

Unfortunately we know nothing without seeing her medical files or hearing her speak herself. 

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THAT DOCUMENTARY DID NOTHING BUT PROJECT POSITIVITY ON HER Since that has aired she has the world rallying with her and behind her. If she wont speak WITH HER VOICE and not captions people w

I always say Britney posts but this screams bull**** - the documentary did nothing but paint her positively!

Interesting how the lawyers fees get leaked and now all the sudden Britney hates the documentary 🙄

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something I've been thinking for a while is, whether Felicia watched it or not. She may have just given the interview but not watch the full thing. I'd love to hear what she has to say after watching it

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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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Just now, IAmJustAKnee said:

Do you guys think this caption is gonna affect any outlet? Hopefully no one falls for it.

the articles must be already prepared, just waiting for the sign to get published

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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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She did not write this. Sam literally thanked us for his support when the doc was released and she even hinted at it with the super bowl video (which is now deleted) and tons of insiders revealed to ET and People that she's never been happier since the release of it.

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if she doesn"t control her instagram

how the hell do they get these dance videos, does she have a hidden camera in her mirror or something?  this is black mirror level of creep

i feel like, we don't really know anything tbh, it's like... there's something that we're missing, there is something bigger behind the scenes, something that is undergound and hidden that we don't know about this whole case, maybe she is in cult or a mafia , we don't know anything let's be real

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So funny bc who was put in a bad light were the media, her exes, paparazzi, her family, the cship and mostly her dad. The doc made a lot of people that thought we were crazy before to actually care about her situation and say #FreeBritney, including many stars and even politicians. For once in idk how long, people showed her empathy, respect and started talking about her as a human being. The doc made non fans cry about all the injustice shes still facing and even forced some people that treated her badly in the past to apologize. Does Britney know about this all? Bc everyone in her life is team con approved so they def can manipulate her bc she is isolated and controlled all the time. 

This is some load of crap tbh. What are they trying to do? To make Netflix and BBC stop their docs bc a caption said Britney cried for two weeks even tho she didn't watch the doc? What's next? A caption saying freebritney is making her cry bc we are exposing her business to the world? Her team never cease to amaze me with their daily bs to manipulate fans, gp and the media. 

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5 minutes ago, J in the Mix said:

This is not okay. We all need to think of ways to blow the whistle on their Instagram posts. 

well first, maybe fans should stop exposing their plans and ideas in bright light on this forum, her team obviously reads and analyze EVERYTHING on here and play with us, you guys should find a way to communicate on private discord servers or something, so her team doesn't know what you're planing, this is so dumb honestly

you guys expose your ideas for all to see, in plain sight

then you wonder why things aren't moving forward...

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Honestly this control, this narrative on the same day they are literally charging her 2 million for attorney fees, with the filing today.

They keep throwing Britney under the bus for their own gain. 13 years and counting. It’s a sport to them.

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