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Britney: I didn’t watch the documentary but I was embarrassed by the light they put me in, I cried for two weeks

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I’m already seeing smug anti free Britney ****s posting this (deleted them immediately)


FB shot themselves in the foot with their coverage of her insta as it made it seem like she’s in control by using it to send messages and hints. Really wish they would of shed light on Cassie and Lou. Here’s hoping the Netflix/BBC will deliver (if that even goes ahead) 

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THAT DOCUMENTARY DID NOTHING BUT PROJECT POSITIVITY ON HER Since that has aired she has the world rallying with her and behind her. If she wont speak WITH HER VOICE and not captions people w

I always say Britney posts but this screams bull**** - the documentary did nothing but paint her positively!

Interesting how the lawyers fees get leaked and now all the sudden Britney hates the documentary 🙄

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2 hours ago, Sea flower said:

I want to hear it directly from her own mouth! This is the same situation when she wrote she was cancelling Domination because she had to take care of her father....but in reality she was in a facility and this was later proven...the lies!!!!

Lying Kandi Burruss GIF


Not even just that. When she was in the actual facility and they had her record the incredibly vague all is well video and the caption about Sam Lutfi was a whole other world

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2 hours ago, Deepheat01Deepheat01 said:

Both of Britney's sons unfollowed her account following this post. 

Omg, did they for real? I think that is really telling... But also wondering why they did follow her until now, is this the first time from team con to write/post shady things in the name of Britney? 

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The media has already picked this up and I’m seeing articles from major news networks saying “Britney says she is embarrassed of the documentary”. 

I don’t think Britney wrote this caption or at least ALL of the caption. Do you honestly think team CON would allow her the freedom to have complete control of her own Instagram? She never even responds to comments and the videos of her answering “fan” questions that no fan has ever asked.... it’s pretty obvious she has no idea what’s going on with her account. 

I think this post also raises a lot of interesting questions like - why was the “Super Bowl” video deleted; why would Britney be just now speaking out about the doc when it’s been out for nearly 2 months; reliable sources have said Britney loves the support she’s received from the doc; this post is super sus especially since the damning court documents have just been released; Sam has spoken positively about the doc and called her dad a “****”. 

I think the evidence is clear, either we are misunderstanding the caption and maybe Britney isn’t speaking negatively of the doc itself - just how difficult it is to watch, OR she didn’t write this caption at all.... a caption on a random dancing/twirling video. 


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12 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

Wow that’s super sad then. 😢

We need to be reporting on how both of Britney’s sons just unfollowed her account after the suspicious post! 

it’s getting real... :blast_explosion_skeleton_skull_fire_flames_boom:

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Of course Cassie didn’t like the doc, it put a bad light on her overlords. If anything Britney will have love it because it showed  a positive light over her and thanks to it the world and not only the fans are behind the movement. Nice try team Con. 

We have to fight stronger guys, the battle is far from over. Until the day she is free from all of them we won’t stop. There is not turning back, they will fail. I know they will. 

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11 hours ago, bitbitboi said:

She actually said she did watch some of it...

I understand what she's saying. However good the purpose of the documentary is, they are still telling her story when she hasn't spoken about this directly herself. So I think what she means is that she doesn't want others to be speaking for herself, or even watching and judging her personal life. Her whole post is about that, and she's got a valid point there.

Please stop with those conspiracy theories, and pay attention to what she's ACTUALLY saying, because it's right there, in her own words.

To me, these posts are gold. And she's in her right to share whatever she wants, as much as she wants, whenever she wants.

We honestly stand the best, because she's a force of nature when she's on stage, but the purest girl in real life.


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I don't get anyone who still believes that it is Britney that is posting. Yeah a woman in CONservatorship with no control over her life or estate has a control over platform with almost 30 followers when since more than a decade all her interviews are controlled. I unfollowed that toxic profile that is being used against Britney months ago when it was shown on court docs who is in charge of that profile and then uses against her in another court case. As well I reported her account with a information that Cassie is the one behind that profile and I recommend everyone to do the same.

It's really tiring what team Con is doing and how dirty they are playing.

I am so sad what they did and continue to doing to Britney. They destroyed her and her life. Not breakdown from 2007-2008.

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