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Britney: I didn’t watch the documentary but I was embarrassed by the light they put me in, I cried for two weeks

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In addition, Britney must be aware of her mistakes and that not everything was the fault of others. She also made many mistakes and the perspective of time must also have helped her forgive herself. Especially with the issue of motherhood in 2007

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5 minutes ago, Oxic said:

Thank you. I think fans forget that we don't know nothing but the tip of the iceberg about britney's life. She might have called Jamie Lynn yesterday, or she got in a fight with Sam today, she is probably having lunch with her mum next week, or she is talking with Sarah Jessica Parker about cats, who the **** knows? nobody! I believe we don't know anything about britney at this point (aside from than she dances and have a boyfriend), because most of our discussion is based on speculation, people close or who have worked with her, court documents, and facts that alledgedly happened after 2008.

What we know is that Britney never wanted to be portrayed as a victim, not in her dark years, not in her prime, not now, and that's what is mostly based on the documentary, how Britney Spears was the punchbag for America for almost her entire career. Ever since the movement started and the documentary aired, everyone have felt nothing but sorry for her and what she had gone through. Which is acceptable at some point, does Britney want to be seen in that light? cuz I can't deny as a fan it's sometimes annoying when every time the britney's theme comes up in a conversation, eveyrone's opinion is just that "ooh por girl the hell she has gone through!". It's like we're all stuck in the 2007 again, and we can't accept the fact that even with the c-ship britney has been happy in her life, like we didn't seen her motivated on Vegas, or finding love again, or travelling to her favorite places. It seems like we're all stuck in her past problems except Britney herself. She seems the only one that apparently tried to moved on, even if that means forget her prime moments (the secret to happiness? no memory!)

I think Britney knows very well that she is under conservatorship and that her situation is unique, so the best thing she can do is live her life as normally as possible. Her posts and the videos on insta speak for themself. But we are not letting her do that, everyday we remind her the situation she's in. But we do that because our support comes from a place of love and corcern.

That's why I would love and die for Britney to speak about this, about everything, because we as the fans are worried af! To the point we don't even know she is the one who is writing the captions. This has reached a point of great proportions and seeing coments like "britney is not able to use her phone, she is being manipulated everyday, she doesn't see her sons, can't drive a car, to go outside her house" as a fact is getting really annoying. Just tell your truth, or someone from her team idk, becuase this silence is more damaging to us. It took Justin Timberlake a week of GP's pressure to speak up and apologize in complete honesty and sincerity, what about Britney? It's been 2 years of pressure and nothing but a video saying "I'm fine guys lol chill out and be happy".

Eloquently put. Couldn't have said it better myself :kylie_proud_yes_wow_impressive_amazing:

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I am not even sure if it is her post or her team.  Hard to tell and i do not understand that she means by the light. It is really confusing to be Britney fan. I wish her handlers just stop doing it to her. I need to hear it from Britney herself.

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47 minutes ago, generation glory said:

UNFOLLOW the “Britney Spears” Instagram account. UNFOLLOW all of the “Britney Spears” social media accounts. Tell those who are managing The Britney Brand to **** off. It’s bullsh!!t. It’s not even her Instagram, it’s her deranged team of handler’s Instagram account. FFS! I hope more of you all see that now!! Lies. Lies. Nothing but lies. Smoke and mirrors. In your heart you know better. Let go. Move on. Expose Cship abuse and demand it be reformed!! I am saddened that this is happening to Britney. 💔


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4 hours ago, AOLUV said:

I think she meant that she didn't watch the whole thing. Or maybe she just saw new reports which showed clips of it.

Perhaps she doesn't want people to see her as a victim. In For The Record, she said that she doesn't want pity. She probably wants people to view her as stronger than that.

My thoughts exactly.

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Is it me or when she said "I was embarrassed by the light they put me in" I thought "they" referred to the media/how they portrayed her in the media/how they treated her -- all of which was shown in the documentary... Since she only saw a bit of it, I'm guessing she saw those parts?? :lostney_britney_what_confused_huh_who_looking_around_glory:

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3 hours ago, Email My D said:

Yeah I totally get you. Just don't ever let them stop you from having a voice. Idk anymore even if Britney herself came out and said something I probably won't believe it till she's a freed woman. 

I won't, that's why I don't care even if she says she wants the cship to continue and is good for her... bc in the end she's under a cship and can be coarced like she has been before. She is isolated, controlled, manipulated, gaslighted and threatned. We don't know if she has a stockholm syndrome by all the lies team con feed her. I can't really trust anything when she can only see people approved by team con and how her family and team con benefit from her misery. It's like some lawyers and free Britney activists have been saying; it doesn't matter what Britney wants about not ending the cship if she doesn't qualify to such thing, and considering how many of her rights were violeted from the start. I completely agree with u about this: it's hard to believe even when she says she's happy or whatever when she's still under a cship. We don't know what they can do to force her to do things (she was in a facility for 3 months ffs) and if she ends up giving in sometimes so she can go out, shop smt or even see someone. In the end they control her life 100% so I can't judge her if she even sends them the videos. I wish she wouldn't send anything anymore, but sadly I bet she has to do things they want so she can be allowed to do smt she wants. This is how sad her life seems to be. 

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6 minutes ago, Buffybot said:

Cassie Petrey, Jamie Lynn and Paris Hilton liked the post. :trash_throw_away_recycle:

Tell me if the actor and mother of the year like it as well 

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