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There is something really wrong

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Just now, DuranDuran said:

I don't think that it's Jamie's bs at this point in time... he is the scapegoat, so now it doesn't take much courage to kick him publicly ... the green light was given .

There are a lot of players, more influential players, who run the show.

You’re right I should have said Lou & co !

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35 minutes ago, MikeMasi said:

Okay then is the girl in the pictures and videos not her either? Because a lot of the problem is that too. She is not acting like what we’ve seen from her years ago 

What does this have to do with TMZ. The article wasn’t even bad. I’m just talking about her social media with evidence that the media is seeing this 

It is not hard to connect the dots. TMZ has been fed information by team con as a propaganda machine for a long time. They are more than complicit in her downfall in the public’s eye and I’m not here for their bull**** . 

All of this is to exhaust us and make us think she needs the conservatorship. We are being gaslit just like Britney is IMO. 

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3 minutes ago, DuranDuran said:

I don't think that it's Jamie's bs at this point in time... he is the scapegoat, so now it doesn't take much courage to kick him publicly ... the green light was given .

There are a lot of other players, more influential players, who run the show.

Yep, scapegoat.

This will probably be like a retirement for Jamie, he's old. I think this public fight is even kinda sketchy... I don't believe the family really hates him or anything, but now he is the face of the c-ship... His image needs to me sacrificed for the business keep going. 

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47 minutes ago, Karmickiss said:

No one in her circle is trustworthy and they all want the con to continue so they’re nuking her image.

Yes. People around Britney seems completely ok with the fact people call her crazy because of the posts.

Her boyfriend works with social media and knows how important is to sell a good image.

If a love someone I try to help. Honesty is part of love.

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6 minutes ago, ChaosMoogle said:

This is LITERALLY not a big ******* deal. You would think she posted a picture making out with the skull or something.

She enjoyed a creepy picture and posted it, oh noooo! Like, what?!

Even if it’s not her posting, there are MUCH weirder posts on Instagram. It’s not that serious for everyone to be in a tizzy and even TMZ report on it.

Heaven forbid she posts a ghost, people will literally explode 🙄 :girlbye_walking_away_leave_get_out_leaving_chair_okay:

Exactly. Even if it's her, making a post that doesn't fit with people's idea of what she should be posting is not a crime and it doesn't make her crazy. She's not in popstar mode and she's under no obligation to post things that you like. To say that this hurts her conservatorship case is to say that everyone that has wacky, offbeat, or non-basic taste should have their sanity questioned. 

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Don’t know about you guys but it’s a first time for me to have a huge interest in her posts.. and I see nothing “crazy” about it.. it’s creepy - yes.. but it might tell us something.. we watch creepy movies all the time and people aren’t called crazy for skeletons.. why are u framing celebrities like they shoulD only share their “Barbie looks”.. she is a person and might have some Thoughts about different kind of art.. 

and don’t forget that it might be James/Lous/her family/team/creepy behinders plan to spread rumours that she is crazy using her social media

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27 minutes ago, MikeMasi said:

Everyone is super sensitive by everything today. Britney is not doing well and you can see that  by the posts and comments by what everyone is saying. If people weren’t doing well mentally and trying to get out of a conservatorship, they wouldn’t be posting things like this. 

There are days that I see this stuff and have tears in my eyes and worry about her but I’m not going to sugarcoat it because I’m a fan. 

If any other person or celebrity did what she was doing, someone would say the same thing about that persons wellbeing.

It's not about being sensitive. But with all the discussions we're having about mental health issues, if you think still okay to call someone "crazy" while trying to force Britney to act in a way you're pleased, you lost the perspective. It sound just like the people who put her in a conservatorship, wanting her to be perfect outside, even if inside she is broken. 

Britney is not well, we all know that. How could she? You can't have you whole life taken away from you for years and still be okay. Of course she's not okay. Isn't that the whole point of #FreeBritney? What she shouldn't be forced to do is pretend she's perfect just to pleased people's eyes. 

Anyone that ever deal with mental health issues knows how difficult it is to handle some things and how limited life can be when you have to be perfect. Britney is trying her best. In the situation she's living, her best is this. It's not pretty, but she's trying. We all should respect that. 


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49 minutes ago, TomasBR said:

I'm sorry, but this post is wrong in so many levels... Britney has a mental health issue, she usually medicated (against her will), so is obvious that her videos and photos will reflect that. That's not reason to call someone "crazy". Is that kinda of mentality that put Britney in the situation she is now. 

Britney has no control of her life, her days must be boring as hell. She shouldn't have to stop doing something she likes (posting this videos) just because some of you get uncomfortable with her reality. 

This !! Thank you !!

I haven't posted in years but the OP pissed me off a bit.


Can we STOP calling britney crazy?! Can we STOP believing that we know everything? What we DO know is that her every day life is controlled, like someone said before she is probably really bored. Her team controls her social media, please understand that.

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13 minutes ago, Inthezon said:

This !! Thank you !!

I haven't posted in years but the OP pissed me off a bit.


Can we STOP calling britney crazy?! Can we STOP believing that we know everything? What we DO know is that her every day life is controlled, like someone said before she is probably really bored. Her team controls her social media, please understand that.

“Can we STOP believing that we know everything?”

You should be asking yourself that. We’ve been told multiple times by many people that it is Britney posting so the exaggeration of her not is ridiculous now 

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1 hour ago, frank194 said:

Y si Britney realmente tiene algun probelma psiquiátrico y nosotros no queremos aceptarlo y culpamos a su equipo por mostrar lo que realmente es ella? 

Y si todo este contenido venia siendo grabado desde hace años y su equipo solo mostraba lo mejor que podian  y ahora que britney esta logrando mas libertad se esta mostrando como realmente es ella? 

Quien sabe...podria ser :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know:


aunque Britney de verdad estuviera muy enferma, yo no creo que ella debería estar metida en esta situación. Britney puede tener un problema psiquiátrico, pero claramente a estado a un nivel donde puede sacar música, y hacer giras por todo el mundo por mas de 10 años. Tener problemas mentales no implica que tienes que perder derechos de tu persona.

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Yeah it’s mostly just cringe at this point. Whatever good momentum she had going, she’s (or should I say “she”) is blowing it. 

It’s really sad no one’s telling her this **** can’t possibly help her cship case. It’s like her main concern is to have a different conservator and NOT actual freedom. It’s disturbing even Sam only called Jamie out but not the actual conservatorship... Also, Jodi and Scam Income are bffs and the ***** was even recommended by Jamie, so yeah, hard to be optimistic at this point. 

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1 hour ago, MikeMasi said:

So everyone here thinks that her kids, her mother and Sam are not showing her these edited posts or talking about it with her? 

Lynne and Sam have been liking these posts for months pretending all was fine while people were dragging her all the time on the comments. Just think how they could have asked her not to record these videos bc they were making her look bad. Britney has no control over her life, don't u think she would listen if someone said these were probably not good for her case? Jamie Lynn limited her comments only bc some fans were saying FreeBritney, asking about Britney and why didn't JL do anything. But Britney's comments were never limited and guess who use that same negative comments to fit the narrative team con wants? The media. Jamie tried to use her Instagram against her on court ffs even tho he owns her socials. Also would Britney record these dumb video with questions no one asked and care about if she knew were fans and gp were really asking on the comments? 

Kevin is very much pro cship. His lawyer praised Jodi, always try to defend the cship and has shaded Britney so many times in the past. The boys seem to respect Kevin a lot, so I bet that after the whole Jayden's livestream mess, he told the boys to keep out of this whole thing. Jayden hasn't posted anything since and Preston who used to like FreeBritney posts, haven't liked anything like that again. U have to think Britney is always with someone so I bet if the boys dare to say anything, they would be interrupted. All the people in Britney's life are approved by team con/Jamie. Even if Jamie isn't around, all the securities and everything in her house are controlled by him. 

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Let’s say that she is not doing well as you and many other people say, these  videos SHOULD NOT be the reason she is under a PROBATE Conservatorship.

Are those videos proof of a person with dementia illness or proof that she cannot provide shelter/food/ etc for herself ? 

If the system is taking its actions based on those videos, this proofs  the system is broken aka corrupt.

She DOES NOT qualify for a PROBATE Conservatorship and this Is WHAT people should know and take in consideration.

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This topic is really getting tired and for the love of ********** god, U CANT DEPRIVE A PERSON OF ALL THEIR RIGHTS JUST CUZ THEY’RE ECCENTRIC, IF U COULD, HALF THE WORLD WOULD BE IN CSHIPS!!!

 I don’t see what is so wrong with that pic, some people like creepy/horror stuff and she posted weird, old timey looking pictures in the past, so don’t act like this is new. If u and others are so disturbed by her posts, then don’t ******* look at it, ain’t no one holding a gun to your head, forcing u to look at her posts.

Always with the drama, some of y’all!!

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