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What Britney fans are going through right now is history


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This is really a big deal.

The #FreeBritney movement is possibly changing american laws. This is a huge development. Britney is no longer a pop singer, she’s far from that; now she’s seen as a worldwide symbol in the fight for freedom and human rights.

We’ve always known she’s a legend but honestly I never thought she would become this important figure forever.

We as Britney fans will always remember those years. And the fight. Keep fighting for her civil rights and for everyone’s stuck in a conservatorship, y’all.



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The fact she's changing the world by just spinning in her house :katybelt_perry_witness_yelling_singing:

Britney: post a red fridge on her insta without any context

Everyone: omfg what a fighter she is! Keep stronger than yesterday queen:sobbing_unbelievable_wow_head_shake_no_crying_sobbing_sad:


jk lol :cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek:, But it's true, It's amazing how people's perspective on her changed so quickly. I just hope she is aware of the impact she has on people and how we see her, much more than just a popstar 

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The fact that i’ve seen how this movement grew from only the fanbase to most of the gp being aware of it is really incredible :anxiety_pill_struggle_panic_ahh_bottle_Wendy_williams_shake_shaking: I am so proud of this fanbase for tirelessly fighting for our queens rights while she wasn’t able to and i’m praying with all my might that this conservatorship will come to an end soon.

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It’s crazy how we spent so long with no one listening to us, creating hashtags and spamming it over everything on social media just to get the attention it needed! 

Now, so many people know she was treated badly and her dad is an *******, and it’s only going to get bigger now the US Government are involved and Apple and Netflix are working on their own projects! 

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