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Nick* presents "Britney Spears: Rewind" – Retro EP

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1 hour ago, Cedar Lane said:

Nnnn this is actually quite good. Now do 70s disco lol


actually a WandaVision esque remix ep that tackles different eras of pop through history 

That would be quite the task! Tell RCA to hire me and give me a budget lmao.

36 minutes ago, Alestaos said:

Outrageous, Criminal are my favorites!

Will there be a download available for them?

Download is up on my website already. I'll add it to the beginning of this thread too. 

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1 minute ago, PokemonSpears said:

I sent it to my friend, she likes Britney, just not a stan, and she was like :mj_reading_paper_michael_jackson_blinking_glasses: 


Well in my imagination, you and I danced together to this "Everytime" remix at an Exhale prom some time in the late 80s


And then we all danced and jumped to this remix of "I Will Be There" haha 

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1 minute ago, remixedbynick said:

Britney fans are always so good to me, so I try to keep the good energy flowing. Can't wait for everyone to hear the next one....that I should have finished 2 years ago when I started it lmao.

Thanks for putting your creativity into these! Your versions of the Britney Jean tracks are amazing as well. You really make quality mixes with an artistic side as well. 

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