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Was ‘Me Against The Music’ going to be the first single even without Madonna?

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I remember watching Britney (pretty sure it was the making of the video) recounting how she got Madonna on the song.


She said that during rehearsals Madonna heard the song and she asked, ‘Is this gonna be your first single?’ And Britney responded with, ‘Hopefully,’ and then asked Madonna to join her on the song.


Me Against The Music is one of my absolute favourite Britney songs but to me personally it would’ve been a terrible idea for a lead single without Madonna.



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Jive wanted Outrageous (and/or possibly Boom Boom) as the lead single but Britney wanted Me Against the Music. They only agreed to let it be the lead once Madonna was able to appear on the song. Before then it MIGHT have been a single had Britney been able to win Jive over. 

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1 hour ago, Avatar said:

If you havent noticed, Britney always wants the song that sounds the most different from any other song on the album to be the first single. MATM was especially special because she wrote it.

Oh wow I’m a flop fan Ik she wrote a lot on ITZ but I didn’t know she wrote MATM.. 

I love the song even more now

i be honest I can’t stand Madonna  vocals clashing with Britney’s on the chorus, she ruins the song for me

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MATM was a weak single choice. After she first performed it at the NFL season opener, I wasn't feeling it too much and my radio station trashed the song the next day. I remember one of the DJs said if she came to Philadelphia to perform that, people would throw cheesesteaks at her :blol_britney_2011_ff_femme_fatale_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao:.

You would expect the most epic of epic songs for the Queen and Princess of Pop to collaborate on and this was not it.

I do like the song, but not a favorite. Her choreo though was fire.

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49 minutes ago, J in the Mix said:

Agreed & honestly understand why Jive didn't want it as a single. Besides the iconic choreography it doesn't stand out.

If Toxic was the first single it would have went #1 easily.

Oh yeah definitely. The only reasons Toxic didn’t hit #1 was because it wasn’t released as a CD single in the US and by the time it was released as a digital single on iTunes, everyone bought the album already lol

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26 minutes ago, HairFullOfSecrets said:

But someone correct me if im wrong I also remember Britney pushing for the Toxic single, i think her label wanted something else.

I had heard rumours that they actually wanted Shadow as the lead :cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek: Britney had to fight for MATM, Toxic and Everytime to be singles. Her label wanted to go with I Got That Boom Boom and Outrageous. 

I really don’t get their fascination with Outrageous it’s such a mediocre song!

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13 minutes ago, MeAgainstTheMusic_ said:

I love the whole vibe of MATM. Her dancing was soooo flawless and she was on fire with her moves. I still think MATM is her most intense choreography to date.

I do think Toxic should have led the album, however. She should have released Toxic, Breathe On Me, Everytime and Touch of My Hand/MATM. It wasn’t the right lead but it’ll still always be a favourite of mine because of how passionate Britney was with the song. I wish she and Madonna had performed it.

Yes she moves so smooth, yet goes hard at the same time.

I think the label thought Toxic was too different. Of course Brit knew to think outside the box 

But I highly doubt TOMH would be released. A song about that would be too naughty for her brand to put that out.

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I unashamedly stan MATM and I can’t imagine any other single as the lead for ITZ. Everything from the song, video and performances is fire. It was an incredible opener.

 I also love the pacing of the single choices with MATM as lead to ease us in and then the big guns with Toxic.



Also it’s hilarious that Jive were pushing for the two weakest songs on the album as singles. 


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6 hours ago, rennen said:

As a fan of both Britney and Madonna, it wasn't the right song for them to collaborate on. 


it didn't sound like either a Britney nor a Madonna song. I think a long time collaborator of any of them should've done a song specifically written and produced as a duet, and specifically meant for Britney and Madonna. Even if they went for MATM, they could've released another duet as a follow up maybe for GH or any of her following albums, or maybe one of Madonna's albums.

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7 hours ago, FemmeFataleBrit said:


Me Against The Music is one of my absolute favourite Britney songs but to me personally it would’ve been a terrible idea for a lead single without Madonna.



Personally in wholeheartedly disagree.  It’s not my favorite song, but madonnas vocals make the song sound worse. It sounds better with just Britney. It did give a lot of press though.

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