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Eat pray britney interview with Steve Dennis

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Hi Britney fans alike

have you heard Steve’s interview with Jacqueline and Lisa? If not, please do! Its their most recent episode. He gives great further insights into how the book came to be as well as sharing some opinions on Lynne and Jamie and the cship.

for those who did hear it: (spoiler alert) what did you think about the ending when he talked about how, during research for the book, he had a lot of claims about... well... he implied her mental health... and he made it sound so grave and then proceeded to say he doesn’t think she will ever get out of the cship. 

if you’re uncomfortable speculating or thinking about her health, then I understand. I am too but like Dr Phil people keep letting stuff like this slip! What the hell are they talking about? Why do they bring it up, only to not complete it, just leaving us with a whole bunch of speculation??? 

i dont know about you but i got that pit feeling in my stomach as he went on, wondering if perhaps the freebritney movement (the ones who want her totally out of the cship) has it all wrong... i mean, yeah, get Jamie out! But she doesn’t seem to be requesting for the cship in itself to end (or am I wrong?). Sam filed that they should enter the next phase whereby the reigns are loosened progressively and perhaps this is laying the groundwork for eventual freedom of the cship but she’s saying she just doesn’t want her dad to be a part of it. So for those of us fans who believe she’s not fit to be in the cship or that the whole framework should end... what if we’re wrong? What if she really needs it?

steve said something I hadn’t really considered before: she’s always compared her life/career to a prison. But she’s infact never known freedom (maybe with the exception though of when she went to highschool for a short period before MMC but arguably that’s not adult-freedom, as you’re still under parental supervision). 

i dont know... i loved the whole interview and I think he and his book are such treasures because it’s the only voice we have of Britney the human being but that last part disturbed me very much... and I just don’t know what to think of it.

please share your thoughts and feelings of the interview too. I’m curious as to what others got from it even if it was radically different than my take! 

and it’s ok to disagree with my take. I’m not meaning to judge any fan at all or the movement. I’m here for all of it. We love her. No questioning that. But I think it’s ok to ask why and question your beliefs, especially when you get a perspective that’s so different to yours. 

i definitely though want jamie out!! And buh bye lou!! Dont you ever come back no more lol 

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I’m pretty sure this has been posted already. 

Anyway, I love Eat, Prey Britney podcast. I thought it was a good podcast especially because in his book it does set the tone with her parents and their history of pain but for me his commentary works for Britney’s life pre conservatorship only. Which is not surprising since that is when he did his research 

Since the conservatorship a lot has happened, If not worse and since 2018 we have seen more and more speculation become true and as a fan base we have researched a lot about conservatorships and how corrupt the System actually is. 

His opinion on conservatorship abuse and trusting judges etc exposed how he hasn’t  researched it and he probably should.

Britney’s life since 2009 is another book in itself. His opinion sounds like it was  based off what he knows about her family’s history. Lisa’s response was good and Jaclyn was unusually quite during his answer too LOL 

I’ve seen fans since tag him in articles about conservatorship abuse and the corrupt system. 

If people still don’t believe that exists then look no further than what happened today where 6 attorneys will bill her hourly for pushing back another court date and we still haven’t heard from her just Sam Ingham. This is bigger than just Britney’s mental health. It’s a system that is broken. Britney will still be Britney out of it.

The issues is she is in a  system where she is stripped of her civil liberties and controlled by her father that she is scared of.

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2 hours ago, Bluebirdlovely said:

Thanks for this. When you frame it around “capacity” then it’s much clearer! 

U're welcome! This video needed to go viral tbh! 

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I totally agree with this. I dont want britney "Free" if she doesn't want to be freed 100% completly. there is a big difference between feeling free and being free.

I still believe the plan is to get jamie away, and THEN slowly show up to the judge how well she is, and how she can cope and live. Jamie needs to retire ASAP.

We shoudl always remember we dont know her diagnosis. We dont know if she have 0 or 10. We only know: Britney wants her father gone, and Jody to be conservator of the person, and Bessemeer to to be of the estate. If she should get free from one and not the other, good, I just hope there will be safety nets for her, to really help her. Britney seems to seek to develop herself, I think it's clear for year she is working on herself, through what she reads in books, and her spirituality is always seeking. So maybe Britney do want Jodie a few years before she seeks to get out. 


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I feel like if Britney is too mentally ill to care for herself - this entire situation has made her this way & most likely, that was their plan all along. To incapacitate her to the point she wouldn’t be able to get out of it. 

Also, people keep bringing up the fact the c-ship should remain because she is mentally ill. I can’t believe I live in a world where I have to remind people that citizens with mental illness are actually allowed to keep their rights and autonomy in tact. She should not be the exception just because she is a millionaire!!

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Bryan Spears "She's always wanted out of it".


I think Britney always knew if her Dad was involved there was no point fighting for dissolution. Easiest thing was to get him out the picture, Jodi in and go from there. I'm sure she has issues, don't we all but the gravely troubled come off it. She's proven time and time again she's not. Medication can be hard to get right, she probably developed a tolerance to whatever it was she was taking so changing it will take some time getting used too. Also, this guy didn't know Britney so it's all hearsay.

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On 3/19/2021 at 6:27 PM, jokobish said:

I’m sorry, WHO? Does he have any relation to Britney before I waste my time ?

not relation in the family sense but he wrote a great biography on her called Inside the Dream. the podcast goes deeper into the process of his documentary and the people he had to interview, plus some other details that he left out of the book. 

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I was happy he did this interview, it was pretty interesting. 

in regards to her mental health, I think his perspective from pre-2008 is important bc it shows what led up to her breakdown. if she was having issues back then, she may not have been given the chance to fully heal from her trauma since she was never given a break. 

the interviews that the We Need To Talk About Britney podcast did with her former stylists are also worth a listen 

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