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Judge Penny says she WON’T approve Britney’s 2019 financial accounting without seeing additional documentation


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What I suspect from this is that Ingham is supposedly filing on Britney's behalf for Jodi to permanently be placed as sole conservator so that Britney will never be free from this conservatorship.And Asghari is just another hand in the cookie jar and Britney is too naive to see that.They are all just fighting over money that isn't theirs.

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9 hours ago, KatieKat said:

I can’t imagine how infuriating it must be for Britney or so many of the other people who get in this situation. 

I hate when people describe Britney as fragile. Like are you kidding me? She’s strong as h***

100% agree. She’s a fighter and is so resilient. I also hate it when they describe her as this fragile little thing on the verge of breaking all the time. 

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