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Demi Lovato's drug dealer s**ually abused her and left her for dead

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I do feel bad that things have happened to her but this is not how you deal with it in my opinion. This comes of as the victimhood mentality and she needs to take more ownership of her recovery and choices. 

I just think about Britney spears here and it's best to leave some parts of your life out of the media not everyone needs to know all that information, and honestly it just gives people a chance to see you as weak. Publicizing off trauma is wrong. 

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1 hour ago, BabyBabyBay said:

This is a really weird take considering someone has just revealed a really dark thing that happened to them. Comments like "they just like attention" is why so many people don't reveal their ***ual asssault stories.

Are you okay within yourself? Like, genuinely, because if that's your take on someone revealing they've been ***ually assaulted, then you have some issues you need to work on.

She didn’t JUST reveal it. She’s been talking about it for years, has released documentaries, music, gave interviews etc. Like it’s horrible and all, but I don’t blame people for thinking she’s just milking it at this point. Oh and coincidentally she has a new album coming out :tiffeyeroll_miss_ny_new_york_ms_annoyed_eyes_roll_eyeroll_irritated:

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1 hour ago, Britneyarmy8 said:



YALL are ******* disgusting 

ur parents clearly didn’t raise u right 

Why is my comment disgusting tho? This topic of overdosing and drug use is literally dancing with the devil in metaphor. And she wants to start over and put the drug use in the past. The fact that the article suits her upcoming album title is just fact. Sorry for hurting your feelings, maybe with the gif? I’ll standardise my comments to unmistakable compassion and crying smileys next time. 

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2 hours ago, Borja said:

I mean that is terrible if it's true, and i feel sorry for her but I think she just became victim more than an artist at this point.

I can't feel sympathy for her, I just reached the limit.


Are u getting angry at her for ... talking about being assaulted as opposed to singing a song about Lala land or being cool for the summer

She is ALWAYS going to be a human being before she is an artist. That’s FACT. Imagine if Britney was told in 2008 or even this year for that matter, that she’s more of a victim than an artist. That’s really mean and untrue? We need to be better to one another 

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12 minutes ago, vzlafan said:

im so sorry for her, but she needs to be strong, she has been fault many times into depression, she needs to work on her 

I dont think its her fault she falls into depression, alot of people myself included fall into it and its not our fault

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As a survivor myself, I take these stories from “celebrities” lightly and knowing her attitude towards people in the past I have a hard time not giving her the side eye. It’s become a trend now to tell some exaggerated “truth” to get the “vulnerable” branding to bait attention when you have an album to sell. I’m here for real victims who are not in it for fame, attention, and fortune to fill their ego unlike these “celebrities” who use the bought excuse to continue to treat others poorly. And the bringing awareness excuse will not fly if you are also co-promoting an album or a book to profit from. Whatever happened to non profit good deeds like helping at a shelter without a camera 🎥 crew involved? *cue the album, documentary, and tour to promote*

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