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Sam Lutfi allegedly reveals all

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Please do not contact this man. Please do not contact this man. Please do not contact this man. Please do not contact this man.

I have always felt that Jamie Lynn “talks down to”/“thinks she is above” Britney!!  Anyone else gotten those vibes?!

I just skimmed through the Tweets...or what's left of them. There is nothing new there. For ****'s sake, why can't fans leave this man out of the equation? He has nothing valuable to provide

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Just now, Hungry Hun said:

I dont undertsand why some people still give this man a stage :idgi_dont_get_it_how_confused_what_hmm_umm_thinking:

But then again there were some people in this very forum talking highly about Jason Alexander when he showed up to a #FreeBritney rally and you can find comments here and there from people keen to Billy B actually claims he talk to Britney on a daily basis :ohreallylol_tiffany_pollard_miss_ms_new_york_ny_laugh_lol_haha_lmao_hehe_cackle:

Jason just loves a rally. He was at the Capitol too :sipnstare_coffee_mug_tea_sipping_spilling_red:


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1 minute ago, AjBritFan said:

Unpopular opinion but I honestly fully believe him. I have always thought the "drugging her and hiding her dog ect" claims were things pushed by team con. Can't voice that though because fans will attack for standing up for Sam. 

He actually did admit to drugging her.

However...He admitted to crushing the meds she had a legit prescription for and was putting them in her food because she was refusing to take them.

They were mixing with what she was already taking...She told her doctor on the night of the second 5150 that she was also taking Adderall.

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2 hours ago, Slayer said:

I'll post what I found:

Sam Lutfi starts by explaining the dynamics in the Spears family. He says Britney and Jamie Lynn never got along, that Jamie Lynn always talks down to Britney and that he would look at her phone and see the last time they texted would be six months ago


This is such BS imo

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3 hours ago, amiro1989 said:

It was about the relations between the Spears. It was a transcript of a Sam voicemail or something.

According to Sam:

Jamie Lynn and Britney allegedly did not get along much. Sam was saying how they would rarely text - mentions how once they didn't text for more than 6 months.

Lynne lives in a house owned by The Britney Estate, so Jamie has control on it.

Britney really wrote that infamous email about Lou, saying she was scary. Lou performed a creepy religious ceremony at Britney's once.

He (Sam) never drugged Britney, and he says this can be proved with the series of drug tests Britney had to do back then. None of them was positive.

Britney was deemed as a good mom, by one of the court appointed individual - forgot their name and role.

And I forgot the rest.


Thank you!

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I believe him too. It makes sense and it fits in. He may not be a nice person considering all the “alleged” things he supposedly did, but when you think about it who was spreading those rumoured allegations about Lufti  ? Who wants us to believe in those allegations? Who was talking in front of cameras and the press that Lufti was dangerous? It was team con and her father. I for one do not believe in anything that comes from those peoples mouths. 

Also, was there ever any concrete proof that Britney was in danger or unduly influenced by him? I don’t believe there was ever any concrete proof of these allegations, other than what team con consistently argue through court that she needs a c-ship because of so-and-so. The man has a restraining order, and who petitioned through court to have this in place-team con and her father. This in itself is enough for me to believe that Lufti knows a lot...and team con is threatened by him. I choose to believe in him because team con and her father clearly hates him, there must be a reason why. I don’t believe it is because they care for Britney, no way in hell did they ever cared for Britney. The only I can think of is Lufti knows exactly what they are trying to hide, it’s clear what is going on here now IMO. 

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1 hour ago, Oops2000 said:

i believe the nanny, she said sl is a psychopath that basically stalked them and made them very uncomfortable around the house, not really knowing why he was there. i wouldnt trust him!


I love this nanny so much. She is the one we should believe, she only said good things about Britney and she didn't chase clout, in this period of time when everyone Sam Lutfi was leeching off her. She could have made a lot just for saying sh.it about Britney but she didn't, it says a lot about her character.

After 13 years, when are we going to finally cancel Sam ? 

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1 hour ago, Oops2000 said:

i believe the nanny, she said sl is a psychopath that basically stalked them and made them very uncomfortable around the house, not really knowing why he was there. i wouldnt trust him!


Never seen this before. Loved her sticking up to Britney and telling Sam to F. off. 


Britney herself said in FTR that she let people in because she was lonely and were taken advantage off, imo Sam Lufti is for sure one of these people.

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He is a stalker, at this point after 12 years still chasing clout... it's embarrasing:katyclown_makeup_mess_pie_meme_smile: What does he win by saying al this crap? Inviting 20/30 paparazzi inside Britney's house? Didn't he think it could be dangerous, that they might even steal something from her???? It didn't help her situation either btw, but hey, yay friendly harassment! And the way he talks about that so proudly... speak for itself. :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek: And in what way does he hope to get Britney out of c-ship? With what credibility? Her stylist on 2008 said he was a psycho and tried to reach Britney several times through her phone, her nanny said he is a stalker, what else do u want?. He is not a good influence at all! 

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