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Why do you love Britney

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I’m gonna start this out by saying im A black American and with that said Britney was my role model through me teens years

I think it’s important to point out black people are just like you and we have feelings too!

but anyway I grew up a Jehovah’s Witness which of yourre not familiar it’s a religious cult, I grew up highly controlled and not able to express myself in any way that a child should be able Too, I couldn’t even celebrate my birthday or any holidays such as Christmas...

People wonder why I care so much about a privilege white woman like Britney and it’s because  I feel her pain as being raised in a high controls group that was very Antigay amongst other things 

(it’s a doomsday cult it won’t go deep into but i grew up thinking god was going to destroy the world at any second so I had to be on my Best religious behavior )


So I’m 21 I truly discovered Britney In 2011a2012 (when I was 11/12) and I fell in love with her oops performance from the vmas 

she looked so f**cking confident at 18 years old!!!

So whenever I was having a rough time

 as a teen either with my part tim

job or school I would honestly think “what would 18 year old Britney do” remember I’m black male teen in the year 2016 by this point not many of my fellow peers had this same thought process.. which is totally understandable I grew up quite financially  privevllege for a Black Guy

 That thinking helped me through many depressive years and I was always thinking about how Britney was true inspiration since she as kid

when I was struggling at my part time job and my my mental health most teen I woulD think what would Britney do! Britney would work her butt off!

she won so many awards at 18/19 alone

This wasn’t supposed to be a black live matter post but we have feelings and love Britney just like you!!

My skin color doesn’t define me!!!! 
I am a human just  like you, a gay human! black is just a color!

anyway lol  grew up super controlled  to the Jehovah’s Witness cult; I had no freedom, I spent most of my time alone in my room as a teen because I wasn’t allowed to socialize with kids my age because my parents thought they would corrupt me... (once again black people are just like you!) 

so after growing up oh so protected of course overprotected by Britney Spears was the song I would blast I’m my room (mind you this was in 2016!!.. I was 16 years old) 

So I said all this to say I know exactly what it’s like to live a life as a prisoner and that’s why I continue to fight for our girls freedom Daily!!!! The even called the governors!!!

no one deserves to be honest trapped in there house and especially not a super star like Britney!!!! 

she Will be 40!!! Within the next year,


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I’m gonna start this out by saying im A black American and with that said Britney was my role model through me teens years I think it’s important to point out black people are just like you and w

Because she's the best and most beautiful ever. And because of this  

Toxic (aka Main Reason) Everytime (aka Honorable Mention)

It started for very superficial reasons when I was a kid.  I was seven or eight when ...Baby One More Time was released, and when I saw the music video for the first time I just thought she was the coolest, prettiest girl in the world and I wanted to be just like her.  Especially after  I found out that she was from the South like me.  Her music was the most fun to sing along with, and her choreography was the most fun to try to learn with my friends.  She had the best music videos and performances.  She was just really inspiring for me as a kid.  I went through some traumatizing experiences and I started struggling with my mental health when I was a teen around the time that she was having her breakdown, and the way my friends were making fun her for how "crazy" she was made me feel really defensive and protective of her.  What she was going through was really different, obviously, but I felt a lot of empathy for her, and I think that's when I became emotionally invested in Britney rather than just admiring her as a performer and artist.  I remember watching For the Record when it premiered and crying my eyes out when she talked about the constraints she was under at the time due to the conservatorship, and I couldn't believe that that part wasn't being talked about everywhere.  Seeing her still under the conservatorship after all these years is really heartbreaking.  I want to see her free and happy more than anything else. 

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I admire her resiliency.

I'm hopeful that she finds happiness; maybe she does have that now but is only obstructed by the disgraceful media and pathetic comments on her social media.

She was a great performer and dancer (and songwriter) but just because she has an excellent work ethic doesn't mean that it wasn't exploited by Jive records and Larry Rudolph, among others.

Rudolph will try to hide behind the notion that she wanted to be a star, but they absolutely exploited her youth and work ethic to overwork her.

Yes, everybody deals with something but their actions still negatively impacted her mental wellbeing.

Her resilience for coming out of all this does mean she has nothing to prove and she should have peace, whether that means returning to the stage or not.

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I started to enjoy her music act in 2004, thanks to her amazing catalogue, but I fell in love with her in 2007. Seeing her so vulnerable and yet still being taken advantage of by vultures, torn apart by the whole world and media when she did not do anything wrong. I felt for her and related to her. I am glad that everything's coming full circle and that GP and journalists realise that what they did to her was wrong.

What I admire the most about her is her humbleness. She is one of the top selling artist of all time, a living legend in the music industry, but she's also so down to earth and doesn't think that she is above us. She says it ofen: she is a human being juste like us. I get really bad vibes from artists like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. They appear to be self absorbed and condescending, they take themselves way too seriously, they think they are like gods or something. 

Britney has never been like that. She's simple, sweet and fun. I am so proud to stan a pure and loving soul ❤️


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so basically i would say it's 2004-2008ney, when the world turned their back on her and began to destroy her self-esteem. She always seemed way too human for the music industry and that's what makes her stand out from other pop stars in my opinion. The hits were iconic of course, but compared to other pop stars there was always this great mystery surrounding her. If you dig a bit deeper, look at her interviews and her unreleased music, you see what went on behind that manufactured image. Those years of her life showed she was much more intelligent and perceptive than what she's given credit for, and I admire the fact that she fought so hard for so long. She truly is the original doll and I hope some day she gets to tell her story, and we get to hear it from her mouth and in her own words.

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17 hours ago, runpiggierun said:

I don't love her, i love her music.

I actually like this answer. 


17 hours ago, Britman512 said:

Then why are you on a fan site

Well ... Because she/he is a fan of her music/art, and that is the main reason why this fan site exists I assume. 

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Her perseverance is kinda what made me a fan of her in the first place. Someone who can hit the lowest of lows, and come back the way she did on top of the world was really inspiring. I wouldn’t have blamed her if she just decided to hang it up and said “I’m never doing this again”. But she had something to prove after her breakdown.

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Because she could dance, sing, and was beautiful inside and out.

Her music and performances are flawless and no other modern popstar can compare.

She also brings back SO much nostalgia for me since I was 7 when I discovered her.

Even though she not even a quarter of what she used to be, I think a part of me will always 

love her. Its kinda like an unconditional love I have for her, like family.

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