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Demi Lovato's 7th studio album 'Dancing With The Devil: The Art Of Starting Over' streaming + comment party

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I watched the music video last night... wtf?!? I’m sorry, but that’s so obviously a publicity stunt to get ppl to stream the video. I can just see headlines “Demi Lovato relieves overdose in new music video” “She’s so brave” but it’s not even a good video! It looks cheap. There’s nothing artistic about it. It seems so exploitative! I mean if that’s what she wants to do, that’s her choice. But this is what part of what makes her so unlikeable to me. 

the song has grown on me though. Starting to listen to the album now. I still think Anyone is horrible. But I’m on ICU now, it’s actually gorgeous. 

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Just now, Invitation said:

The way Demi is promoting Cardi though:yasqueen_yes_wow_crying_praise_tears_wipe_sad:


‘I don't care if you got a ****
I don't care if you got a WAP’

She’s been doing this with every female rapper just to spite Nicki ‘cause girl can’t get over this: 


I can’t blame her :chershade_red_wig_oh_hair_hmm:

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8 hours ago, Geralt_of_Rivia said:

The Ariana collab would've been miles better without Ariana. Ari didn't bring anything to the song. Her verse is like an interjection from Positions into a Demi song. Not saying that they don't care for each other but Scooter definitely made the collab happen. I need the solo version and I might like it.


Whaaat? Imo it's one of the best collabs in a while for being an actual duet and not just splicing in a verse. Also, it was written by Ari and sounds very much in her style.

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1 hour ago, ByDemand said:


Whaaat? Imo it's one of the best collabs in a while for being an actual duet and not just splicing in a verse. Also, it was written by Ari and sounds very much in her style.

I know they're close and that she wrote the song but Ari simply gets lost in that song. I can barely tell she's in it. It could've been better executed in terms of vocal arrangement. I do like the song though, it's just that I expected more by Ari. 

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The album is solid. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I’m sick of her “I’ve made mistakes but I’m a survivor and I’m stronger because of them” shtick that keeps overshadowing her talent. I get her journey through addiction is her inspiration for making music, but I enjoy her more when it’s not at the forefront of everything she puts out. 

That being said, I love:

- The Way You Don’t Look At Me (refreshingly personal lyrics, and I actually like the laidback steel guitar / country vibe)

- Easy (she and Noah’s voices gel so well together and it’s such a beautiful track... too bad the Ari collab couldn’t live up to the hype)

- Melon Cake (such a bop - don’t know why, but that melody gives me total Marina vibes)

- Anyone & DWTD (outstanding vocals and I love soulful Demi)

It’s clear the powerhouse songwriting skills of Tranter & Michaels really helped pull some of the weight on this album, so props to them.

Not every song is memorable, and there are some temporary cringes - the “I see you” / ICU song title, the “I don’t care if you got a **** or a WAP” lyrics, but overall this is a solid effort and covers new sounds Demi hasn’t experimented with before. Well done, Demetria! :clap_clapping_britney_xfactor_red_excited_yay_cheer:

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I’m surprised that she included ‘Anyone’ to this project. I thought it’s a stand alone track with ‘I Love Me’. Anyway, I think it’s a great opening song but it doesn’t have the replay value to comeback to it. The lyrics and her voice are beautiful - you can feel that she felt it when she recorded the song. 🤍

’Dancing With The Devil’ it’s a great single choice, but due to the lockdown and this situation the song is too depressing. However, the song is good and I love it. I expected a grandiose video for it, minimalistic with hidden elements that would make you wonder ‘what is she trying to say?’. 

‘ICU (Madison’s lullaby)’ is also an acronym for Intensive Care Unit which makes the song even more powerful and sad. It’s a cute tune, but I don’t think I will revisit it. ‘The Art Of Starting Over’ has no personality, it feels flat if you wanna listen to it separately, but it’s a cute follow up after three ballads. I don’t like ‘Lonely People’. 


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Finally a highlight of this album, ‘The Way You Don’t Look At Me’. It’s such a smoothie ballad, amazing vocals and she delivered great lyrics! Followed perfectly by ‘Melon Cake’ which is another song that I will definitely have on repeat. These two bops lead to my favorite(until this moment) song of this album, ‘Met Him Last Night’. I’m praying for a killer video :bow_bowing_orange: I dunno why you guys hate it. 

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