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Fiona Apple will not be attending the Grammys, and her explanation is flawless

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Despite her critically acclaimed album (for a while she had a perfect 100 on metacritic, the most praised female album to date) Fetch the bolt cutters, which is expected to win all The Alternative music Grammys, Fiona apple isn't attending the Grammys. 

It all has to do with her sobriety, and how being constantly compared to other artists is actually one of her triggers to drink. Plus, she (and I've noticed it's way too common with People in New York City) actually like living alone and being mostly by themselves. With a city that's crowded... I understand.

“It’s really because I don’t want to be on national television – I’m just not made for that kind of stuff anymore. I want to stay sober and I can’t do that sober – it doesn’t feel safe to me to be under exposure, scrutiny, comparison to people. I can’t.”

I applaud Fiona for understanding what actually helps make her sobriety work. If only others learned the tricks to make it work themselves. 


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36 minutes ago, Alestaos said:

So can anyone post some music of hers, cause i have never heard of her and would like to see if shes good for that 100 metacritic rating!

Also was a good share, wishing her well

The thing with Fiona is - she's a singer-songwriter - she composes the songs, and she writes extraordinary, vulnerable and political songs (I'd say lyrically she's an unparalleled force tbh). Criminal was her first biggest hit, and she wrote most of her first album when she was 16. 

Her first two records were very pop-like (Tidal and possiby the general fan favorite one - When The Pawn). She entered to a wonkier side with Extraordinary Machine (I think her least acclaimed album, but the Jon Brion's version of that album has some crazy *** arrangements, but she kinda sometimes drowned in them - so the official released version of that album is not that BIG and smashing). My favorite song of hers is actually from that album

Then she entered a percussions wonky era where she is all over the place, but artistically she takes a lot of bold steps - and this is where The Idler Wheel (2013) and Fetch The Bolt Cutters (2020) come.

You really need a bit more time to digest those two albums (so don't expect to fall in love with almost any of them during first listens), but the songs are awesome. If you really want to enter Fiona's world I'd say go with the albums chronologically to get her persona and her evolution. She's a very positive warrior with a recluse personality (who was a victim of r*** and developed bulimia to become super skinny and undesirable so nobody would desire her so she has been through a lot of battles). She's a genius really, with a particular personality that really just doesn't match with what the music industry asks of singers.




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1 hour ago, Alestaos said:

So can anyone post some music of hers, cause i have never heard of her and would like to see if shes good for that 100 metacritic rating!

Also was a good share, wishing her well

This is her debut album dropped when she turned 19 years old, she only releases an album every 6 to 8 years..


And each album gets better and better reviews. 


She touches r***, feminism,  men getting away with everything on her debut album. 


Tidal is why you have Lana del Rey and artists like Taylor swift,  who fiona applauds for Re recording all her old music and said she's going to do the same thing once her final album under Sony Music,  the contract she signed back in 94, asks for one more album.


And I'm sure you heard Criminal..



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