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Brave Girls Rollin' goes viral in Korea

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Even if you don't like Kpop I just wanted to share something kinda touching.

Brave Girls, a Korean Kpop group formed in 2011 with basically no mainstream success their entire career, just went viral in Korea and claimed their first music show win ever (a big deal for Idols in Korea). Some backstory, they were basically in the midst of moving their stuff out of their company dorms and disbanding when the song went viral, as some of the older member are turning 30/32, way past Kpop Idol shelf life. A popular YT channel that puts artists performances live with twitter comments splashed across the screen did one for Brave Girls song "Rollin'" (released in 2017) with their military service performances and tweets from the military members who served while they performed. The song Rollin, while not successful in the mainstream charts, has been a military staple for over 4 years because of its lyrics and upbeat nature. Also one member nicknamed Squirtle bc of her smile was a military favorite. The video is cute, especially the soldiers reactions. (If you turn on subtitles you can read the tweets in English. They are cute.)

Viral Video:


I always like a comeback story so I thought I would share. They got invited back to perform on the weekly music shows 4 years after the single was released. Not gonna lie I teared up watching their award acceptance, but then again Im emotional unstable so that doesn't that much. HAHAHA (subs also on this video)


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Her works are great! Can't deny! But my favs are BTS. However, I think such comebacks are something normal in Korea. Just think about all this situation with BTS and the military duty. I've seen on https://k0reanwatch.com/ that the band members are obligated to enroll for a two years mandatory military duty. Think about their career after two years! Can we talk about a comeback in this case? How are their managers going to keep their story alive while they execute their duties? This is kinda strange. I like the song of the band you mentioned. Also from marketing viewpoint, you never know which circumstances bring you the success.

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