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"Hold Me Closer" is rumored to arrive on August 19th.  Pre-save. 🚀🌹

What is a conspiracy theory you have heard about a musician that most people don't know about?

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Okay i didn't even know this sub existed (the way Jordan placed the banner above, i thought it's a highlight thing)

I'm bored and want to dig into some conspiracy thingies so i made this thread.

Exhalers, do you know of a rumour, conspiracy about a musician/celebrity that is wild and crazy?

Like the whole Avril is a clone or Elvis never died ?

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That Louis and Harry of 1D were/still are dating. People still make compilations of "secret interactions and signs that we never noticed" to this day, and then there was that whole thing about Louis' son not actually being his son. Some delulus were saying that the whole thing was a cover-up to hide #Larry. And then people reached for the stars by trying to find references to Louis in Harry's lyrics. :explainlol_stare_spin:

Also, some people say that Katy Perry is actually JonBenét Ramsey purely because of the resemblance, I guess. :idkney_britney_glory_carpool_karaoke_unsure_idk_nervous:

And this:

I lowkey believed this as an 8-year-old. :goat_monster_devil_dance_dancing_makeup_brush:

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