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Selena Gomez considering retiring from music: "I want to give it one last try"

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I like her music, and people love ‘Lose You To Love Me’. It’s been on the chart for a very long time after hitting No.1. People would’ve taken her a lot more seriously if she hadn’t sung off key to he

Ok, bye 

I mean, she has always been a good actress but a not-so-great performer/singer, so this just feels more natural. As long as she's following what she's passionate about in the moment, then good for her

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She’s got so much potential :wontcry_tears_crying_sad: and I’m not even talking about talent.

She’s got a HUGE platform that most of the people could only dream of, plus her music has proven to be successful.

If she really wants to become this larger than life act she aspires to be, she needs to work for it. She needs to want it real bad, bad enough to be willing to bust her *** for it.

Instead, she seems to be expecting it to happen on its own, just by releasing music. Like someone said, that’s only half of it, I’d even say that’s just the beginning.

It’s like she’s expecting people to do the work for her, and girl...


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She just need to take a break from music, make some movies (because is what she wants now) and make a come back a few years later. 
She is always trying to make everything at the same time and at the end she is never able to focus on anything.  Then she is annoyed, frustrated and depressed because things don’t come out as she expected. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I love her, she should ignore the hate and rehearse more for her live performances. 


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Really hope this isn’t true. I still listen to Rare and Revival regularly. I don’t want to listen to Selena because she’s got an incredible voice. I listen because her voice is solid and she delivers feel good bops and sometimes really deep ballads about important topics. She isn’t selling to the GP because the GP is a op busy listening to mumble rappers.

She should do a collab album. She always nails her collaborations. Then, follow it up with a solo project. Give people the dance bangers they love. It Ain’t Me and Back to You were massive. I heard Back to You EVERYWHERE for weeks.

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Her music is cute and I went to the Revival Tour and it was cute. If she wants people to think more of her than "cute" then she really needs to bring it. She doesn't have a stellar voice, she's not a good dancer, and she's not a great performer. So... why not just be happy with having some fun songs? It's not like people hate her music - Lose to Love Me, the song she referenced, was a #1 song.

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Man. Lose u to love me was good. The performance of it was bad. And yet she blames on ppl to not like her or take her seriously. Maybe she should work harder and take it seriously herself. Todays music bussiness is very competetive. Just being beautiful is not enough. And with all respect she first came as an actress but i do not see her being a lot successfull in it too. Maybe she should stop put blame on some1 and do as much as she can and like it the way it is. I just do not see her being passionate about her own work.

But last try ofc is a good move so ppl would buy it more bc it can be her last work. Well done promo

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I like her, but her stance seems a bit... I dunno, whinny? Why would anyone say this other than buhuu my desires don't happen like I want them to? Just keep on working or don't, but the warning is like... Ok


This is for her and if she is waiting for the recognition then that is maybe why she has not gotten it. 

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Is she bothered by the commercial failure or by the mild reactions by the critics?

I know we don't have a clue of what goes on behind the scenes, but I think she should have the career she wants to have, without caring too much about other people's approval. I know she might have some pressure by the label, and people on social media might be harsh (remember the backlash when she sang off-key); I think she should do whatever she wants, whether it will be acting, dancing, making pop music, Latin music or taking some time off.

She already has her fanbase.

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If she wants to be taken seriously, she needs to do something interesting. I don’t feel like there’s anything distinctive about the music she puts out. Anyone could sing it and make it a hit. If she wants to make a real, lasting place for herself in music, she needs to figure out her identity. 

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On 3/9/2021 at 9:14 AM, Blackout2006 said:

Sorry, but is our fave any better of a singer than Selena? :ehum_britney_um_unsure_confused_what: 

Yes. :ehum_britney_um_unsure_confused_what: 

Britney's voice is likely very damaged but it doesn't erase the fact she had one, which still allows for good vocal moments to seep through occasionally when she sings live because she has learned how to sing well based on all the vocal lessons she took and based on how she was starting to enter her vocal peak with the angelic tone she was obtaining after she was losing the habit of lowering the larynx excessively just prior to getting signed to JIVE. Selena's is just underdeveloped, she never had a vocal peak. :ehum_britney_um_unsure_confused_what: 

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Let's face it: she's no singer. She started to sing because it was most likely offered a record deal she was not pursuing like Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, or Alicia Keys. :nyschool_new_york_miss_tiffany_pollard_preaching_telling_talking_hand:

Others that don't have a powerful voice but take their craft seriously like Kylie Minogue or Jennifer Lopez. How can the world take her seriously if she doesn't see herself as a professional singer? :tbh_britney_nod_yes_yas_ftr_for_the_record_vma_2008_circus:

The critics and hate that  Britney Spears had to endure would make Selena Gomez retire for good. :nochillbrit_britney_impatient_2008_annoyed_irritated_nope_smh_head_shaking_my_ftr_for_the_record_circus:

She's been so ungrateful with her fans.  

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On 3/9/2021 at 5:16 PM, bitbitboi said:

Be careful with that narrative..... Justin Bieber has been doing THE LEAST for yeeeeeeears, and he's considered Pop Royalty. Women are enough. They do the most just because they are talented and they can, and they want to challenge themselves, but they shouldn't do it to prove anything.

please let's not use the women narrative. If I need to use the example for men. The Weeknd. He has promoted EVERYWHERE. Miley, promoted the F out of Bangerz, Younger, Plastic Hearts. H.E.R. massive promotion. I can go on. The narrative is simple. Whatever your gender is, you need to promote your work. That's the example.

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