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Meghan Markle reveals she was suicidal and that a member of the Royal Family had concerns over how 'dark' her child's skin would be

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So you don’t sympathize with her but you sympathize with Britney    The only difference I see is one is white & the other is black.    Britney wanted privacy too, and she went to m

I thought she wanted more privacy? is that why she’s now airing her dirty laundry for the whole world to see?

If I were her I would be shouting from the rooftops 

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26 minutes ago, danny1994 said:

Could we make a parallel comparison here? Britney pursued music for the fame and the fortune, and then subsequently complained to the media how hard it was being a pop star.

Look, as a Yank  don’t know much about the royal family and I’m not going to pretend I do, but Meghan is a human and she has every right to make life decisions that she thinks is best for her.

I couldn't have said it better myself. I honestly feel that jealousy drives these "haters" like the one you were quoting.

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8 hours ago, ColdAsFire88 said:

We all have our opinions and I respect yours. So...

angry i said GIF by Fluffy Friends

And we’ll leave it at that :saycheese_make_me_mm_hat_smile_peace_sign_grin_glory_britney:

And for the record Britney did not ask for her level of fame. Megan sought out her fame and Royalty. Once she got a taste of it she wanted out. Britney just wanted to do music and thought she’d be a Sheryl Crow not a pop icon :tired_so_there_head_tilt_annoyed_see_rose_mcgowan:

Oh geez just stop...

Hun, skip to :30 seconds...


Clearly Britney WANTED the fame, so don't try to turn the narrative into "Britney just wanted to play for small crowds and not be famous...."

Your double standards are showing and it's clear you bought them at the dollar store. Bye...

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13 minutes ago, Sia said:

I couldn't have said it better myself. I honestly feel that jealousy drives these "haters" like the one you were quoting.

I guess it helps having an outside perspective and not being sucked up in this royal family stuff. But I just feel like these people aren’t treated like humans sometimes. It’s sad.

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I saw an interesting thread on twitter and it reminded me of something. Basically the thread was asking Black people how often they talked about the royal family in their house growing up and pretty much every response was never except for when Diana died. People want to say Meghan should have known what she was getting in to but it's also very possible she didn't realize it. At least not the extent of it. Black families (Meghan grew up mostly with her mom who is Black as her parents divorced when she was 6) don't really talk or think about the royal family like white families do. The obsession America has with them is very much a white thing. Yes, it was a little naive of her as an adult especially as someone who was moderately famous to begin with and she admitted that in the interview but it also sounds like the royals once again didn't do a great job of preparing her for what to expect. Similar to what happened with Diana. That's a level of fame and protocol I don't think anyone outside of the royal family would ever really be prepared for.

All of the hate thrown Meghan's way is extremely racist and people need to stop acting like it isn't. You don't have to explicitly call someone a racist name to be racist. The woman sat on tv and said she was pushed to the brink of contemplating suicide. A new mom likely suffering from post-partum, trying to navigate fame and a media ready to cut her down at any given moment, as well as a new, very public marriage who just needed some help. Sounds eerily familiar to a certain pop star... historically, the pain of Black people is not treated with the same level of empathy as their white counterparts as Black people are thought to be "tougher." We're seeing that play out right before our eyes internationally. 

I can't recall anything Meghan has done differently than anyone else that would warrant all of this hate except be half Black. It's ridiculous and the fact that people want to act like it's anything but racism is incredible. Meghan was hated from the jump. Accusing her of wanting privacy and then doing interviews is also crazy. Like others have said in here, Britney has asked for privacy as well but when she says privacy, she means she will choose what she wants to share. Not the media or the public ramming their noses into her personal life to pick and choose what aspects of her life they want to scrutinize today. At the end of the day, they're public figures. That's never going to change. They can, however, take strides to control some of the narrative around them.

I'm glad Meghan did the interview. Took a lot of courage and the reaction just proves society still has a lot of growing up to do. 

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Her telling only good stuff about queen means she perfectly knows that she is doing. I only watched 30 mins but it felt like this interview was her only way to clap back bc british media and royals did not treat her as she waited them to. The fact some1 could talk about colour of the unborn baby honestly just proved them being uneducated and racist.

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With the privacy thing, the key is that it's on their terms. If they want to do press now they get to choose who with and when, plus now they're self sufficient financially they can have security to make sure their son is safe. They were literally gagged before and expected to just smile through it all. 

I don't think they've ever said they want to step away from public life completely, unless I've missed something. The closest thing I think has been said is in a speech made by Harry shortly after their departure was announced where he said that they were hopeful for "a peaceful life". They can now say their piece, go on a nice family day trip somewhere and just chill if they want to. No more having to get dressed up in uncomfortable clothes and put up with disapproving side eye from other family members if they dare to not do what they're told. 

I dunno, I imagine getting your truth out there is quite cathartic. If there were people out there believing that I made my sister in law cry when it was actually the other way around I'd want that cleared up too because it's just plain unfair. Even more unfair is racism towards your own child - screw that. I wouldn't want him growing up in that environment either. 

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I see a lot of  what in my opinion are, cognitive biases in some posts. You can dislike Meghan and still acknowledge the fact that the Royal family is trash, both as an institution and maybe even as individuals. Seriously, they support and hide a ped****e with no remorse. Obviously there is a lot of racism, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see it. Meghan might or might not be the biggest snake, the treatment she received by the press was still very evidently, biased. Now, not liking her doesn't necessarily make you racist. You might simply dislike her obvious need of relevance and attention and yet, one can't deny there is racism in the treatment towards her. 

I am surprised Harry took this long. I think it's so obvious what they did to their mother that, honestly, I would gladly bring the entire institution down iftjey did that to my mother. Bit would just be the beginning. 

Oprah is also a hypocritical trash and of course she has a lot of double standards. She is spiritually enlightened according to her public stances, but she was Weinstein's close friend and she is close to  many other hyper toxic figures. And still, this doesn't take away from the fact the Royal family and the institution suck big time and probably, as narcissistic as Meghan might be, she is only scratching the surface. 

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6 hours ago, Sia said:

I will never understand this fan base...

We've seen how manipulative the media and those close to celebrities can be, yet, when someone else is vilified, you jump on the bandwagon and do the EXACT SAME THING that the public has done to those celebs you often defend.

I have to wonder if y'all are the problem...

I totally agree with you and of course we all are the problem. All the abuse of human vs human wouldn't be if it weren't for this very people who sit down and mock someone for saying she wanted to commit suicide. Whether real or "attention seeking" sometimes the human thing to do is give ppl the benefit of the doubt 

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20 hours ago, ColdAsFire88 said:

I’m so sick of hearing about these two. I feel hypocritical for even commenting or giving this article attention but I didn’t read it and I don’t watch any of their interviews. 

Megan is a snake and an actress, so lets give her the award she’s hungry for :cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek: Her career never blossomed in Hollywood so shes playing the tabloids won’t leave me alone role.

 I have no doubt that the Royal family has their own problems but she isn’t helping by coming in and disrupting their norms or crossing their boundaries. I have zero empathy for a person that splits a family apart and says they want “privacy” but then goes to one of the worlds most famous journalists and does a tell all interview. Don’t feed into this crap guys...

You're right, you are hypocritical.

My annoyance with your comments is that they are entirely placed on Meghan. There's also another person and a kid in this situation. A family is only "split apart" by willing participants, and they're not even split! Don't be so dramatic.

Surely you've seen enough of Britney's situation to know better than to blindly make comments without any thought or compassion for the people you are so determined to ridicule and belittle. Shame on you.

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The UK Royal Family is most likely racist and bigoted (at least some of its members). Though it does seem to me that Meghan and Harry are using Oprah's platform to also gather publicity, as they have signed deals with Netflix and Spotify.

I have a hard time relating to their struggles, as many people face much more hardship in their lives. The talk about being financially cutoff was particulalry disrespectul for millions of people who have difficulties paying the bills. They're freaking millionaires, who bought in August a $14.7 million house. The inheritance Harry received from his mother and great grandmother is estimated to be over £17 million. They're not your friends, but they will profit off your compassion.

I'm French, so we cut the head of our king centuries ago. Maybe the UK should also do some cleaning there. But it should come from the people, not some rich kids displeased about how their family treated them.


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This interview really revealed nothing. Nobody was put directly in the firing line and so nothing will happen.

Any British person with eyes and a brain already knows that the monarchy is a backward, dated institution full of bitter lies and systemic racism.

I’m not saying that’s okay, but it’s not new information. Meghan hasn’t really pulled the curtain back on anything here.

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19 hours ago, Slayer said:

Imagine saying this sort of stuff when someone bravely opens up about wanting to end their life.

I'd be EXTREMELY surprised if you were a POC and saying this stuff.

I find it also disgusting people are still attacking a pregnant woman.

I hope that if you or any of the other negative people in this thread ever open up about struggling you are not faced with people saying you are 'lying' and telling 'tales'.

I think someone with mental illness deserves support and help, but I believe Meghan is using this to her advantage to paint herself as a victim. You believe her, I don't. Neither of us will change the other's mind about it. People with genuine mental health issues aren't helped by those claiming to be suicidal. Neither of us were there so nobody knows 100% but I go off what I've seen of this actress in the past.

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17 hours ago, MX3 said:

I think the example that matches actually is the child in Africa rolling their eyes if they heard us complain. 

I think people find it hard to find sympathy for the wealthy and privileged because they have so much that we do not have. I'm not saying its right or that rich people can't struggle, I'm just saying I understand those "illogical" feelings of frustration, envy, and wanting to point out any hypocrisy. 

nah nah I totally agree with you that it makes sense to think that initially, but if those ppl really thought about it I'd hope they'd see it's illogical, because it is

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Real talk, as an American..from Louisiana, You only hear about the colonization here, but hell the UK is no better. It took until recently with my studies in school to see what this Rubbish British empire is built off, and their PERSISTENT involvement in the slave trade. So Yes, her speaking up is Bringing more attention to the foundation of this system. I can't be blinded by Rococo & Gilded Hallways forever. I'm sure black people built all that!

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