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Britney’s former make up artist Julianne Kaye shares what it was like before the conservatorship

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1 hour ago, Slave4yew said:



how she would always cry about wanting to be normal, 

she worked with Britney from 1999-2004

I guess my only question about this is about that period of late 2004 and early 2005; Why didn't she leave Jive to start her own label or at least overhaul her contract to her advantage (notwithstanding Blackout being great)

Did she (Larry Rudolph) really sign a contract at the beginning of her career that she couldn't get out of?

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32 minutes ago, phareezy said:

Loved this. She shared a lot of fun stories. Wish she had said more about Larry but clearly she was scared of putting him on blast since he still has a lot of power in the industry.

Not really. He is extremely reduced nowadays. 

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