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If Britney performs again under the conservstorship...


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Hey Everyone,


I want to know your opinion. If Britney isn’t freed from the conservstorship and performs again for fans, do you think this movement is too big for fans to chant Free Britney? 

like what is her teams long term plan when she gets on stage? There will be people wearing free Britney shirts, and it will only take a couple of fans to start a chant for the whole audience to start too.

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There's simply no performing until she's free and I'm all for it

Think of the cheers, think of the buzz, think of the love and support britney will receive when she goes back on stage a free woman..

Britney will feel the confidence,  britney will reach her peak and if she sings live (the cship obviously censored her completely at live events billboards, vmas) the crowd will redeem her. One thing I've learnt since the cship was made permanent in 2010 , britney cannot sing live at live events..I believe that is Jamie's rule, he doesn't want anything ruining his control, what if britney spoke out on live TV? Its not an option..so should britney return free from the conservatorship I expect a brilliant album and a britney standard world tour the world is waiting for..

Britneys a racehorse? ..no jamie..shes refusing to race... but when she's free she will climb back to number one because britneys a winner.. stop taking advantage of the winner 

At this point britney is making the right decision by refusing, that automatically deserves respect..  like britney said "its how you play the game" ..britney recognised this is beyond a joke and put herself first..

Britney is a legend and wants to keep it that way...britney calls the shots and wants to keep it that way, britney invented herself and wants to keep it that way

Being britney spears takes balls..she deserves to perform,  create, sing ,drive, laugh, inspire, dance, talk, and represent herself..she is pop culture 

Her dad is the covid 19 to once was a fun and enjoyable life 

He needs to go..I see big things for her but she needs to be free'd ..this madness has to stop

Her dad needs to piss off,  britney will regain her passion once he does

B10 era could be groundbreaking 

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Britney said she wouldnt perform again while Jamie was in charge of her career and money. Once Jamie gets the boot, if she wants to perform again so be it. We know things till an extent, suficient enough to understand that right now Jamie and Lou are the primary problem.

We cant expect Britney to file for termination right away because we dont know what we dont know. If she's being actually taken care by the professionals she wants, with career and business managers she chooses, having her finances backed by a competent fiduciary company of her liking and therefore, show us she is actually in happy place, then we shush and enjoy what she has to offer. Of course she could have all that without a conservatorship in place, but at some point we gotta respect her speed process of doing things. "Baby steps", remember?

BUT.... if she files for termination... count me in mother****ers :livinggg_dancing_killing_it_party_music_grooving_pink:

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You need to really understand that Britney likely WILL perform while in the conservatorship, she herself, has said she won't while Jamie is in charge, so she'll likely resume her career once he's out but while she's still in a conservatorship. Britney's conservatorship with Bessemer trust will probably just be a bank keeping an eye on her finances. 

I feel like even if Britney is satisfied with having a conservatorship once Jamie is out the way, this movement is going to make her moving forward with her career really difficult. 

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I truly believe that she will perform again when SHE wants to.  She is resilient AF and has proven (and I’m proud af of her) that she won’t be forced to work.

I think if she gets Jamie out of the picture completely, she may want to get back to work even if she is still under a conservatorship.  I think once Jamie is out, she will ensure that she is capable of speaking out on her own behalf without being censored by her team.  I sense a COMPLETE team overhaul if she returns to work (byeeeee Larryyyyy :makeup_kylie_jenner_makeup_brush_lol_laugh_haha_hehe_lmao:).

At that point, I think she will do something big like a prime time interview or documentary to explain things on her terms and discuss why she made the decision to return to working.  Imagine if she wanted to work again and fans boycotted or rioted at her shows when she just wants to bring some joy again...so she will definitely have to do something big to let the fans and public know that SHE wants it again.

Britney is smart af and gets no credit.  She’s gonna get herself out of this.  There’s a reason she hasn’t filed a petition yet, there HAS to be.  Once Jamie is out, I think she knows the process will be much easier.

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