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Jamie Spears' lawyer Vivian Thoreen gives interview on Good Morning America: Jamie saved Britney's life

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This is why yall need to stop putting all the emphasis on Jamie. He is not the mastermind behind this. The lawyers/Lou are running the show and Jamie is too dumb too realize he's a pawn. They are goin

So why is Britney's lawyer not speaking out but Jamies can?

Let Jamie talk on live tv 

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1 hour ago, dr34mc0r3 said:

she's under mk ultra , guys.

Who is? Have you ever even seen or met someone influenced with mk ultra? Goodbye little tik tok troll. Honestly these stupid Tiktok conspiracy theories are so annoying and completely not useful for Britney. 

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I didnt read all the new pages, but am I the only one that saw she basically lied and didnt answer questions and why was she blinking her eyes so much? maybe we should start asking if SHE IS okay...:jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:

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Do you remember that scene in the Titanic when they realize the ship is unavoidably sinking but they desperately try to get into the few rescue boats? Yep, they die anyways. Well, I don't know why but it's just the same feeling hahaha.


Jamie might be a peown, but that doesn't take away his responsability and his awful behavior, or the fact that he has profited from it immensely and that if he actually truly cared for his daughter, all those rats would a e never crossed the door. 

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9 hours ago, danny1994 said:

“Anytime Britney wants to end her conservatorship she can ask her lawyer to file a petition to terminate it”

Wait but this ******* also said she’s never seen someone successfully end a conservatorship. Stop lying!

Britney cant even be heard about who she doesnt want controlling her estate. As if they would listen to her if she filed to end the cship anyway. 

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10 hours ago, andy131 said:

Ugh ya'll this is just really gross. It scares me deeply how much they STILL want to retain power, even with everything going on. How are we so sure they won't win in the end? Britney's dad has been winning for 13 years. 

Also there has to be something major we don't know. You all can tell me as much as you want Britney "isn't allowed" to speak out on this but I'll never believe it. She is not handcuffed to her bed in her house. If she wanted to call someone, tell Sam to call someone, run out her front door, she could. Literally her sons are grown so there is nothing they could threaten her with that's worth her staying stuck in this hell of a life? They can't throw in her jail for talking – so why doesn't she? 

I love you all and FreeBritney so much but I don't think we can expect it to save her. Only Britney can save herself here and she needs to get crafty. She needs to play just as dirty as they are and save herself from this mess! She needs to show up at every single court date and speak her peace!

I think thats why she continues being isolated, controlled, gaslighted, manipulated and probably threatned. Everyone that is in her life (besides the boys) are cship approved. I bet If she has some ideas, they keep messing with her head and drugging her. Her ****ty lawyer also doesnt want her to speak, probably bc he fears she could say smt that would make him look bad. I think her kids are probably kinda clueless bc their dad is pro cship. After Jaydens livestream I bet he told them to stay out of this mess. Sadly I think Britney is a ******* Stockholm syndrome even thinking she needs this cship. Maybe she keeps hoping for better days that sadly never might come bc theres no one on her side really fighting for her. I wonder If realizes all these people have been abusing her, being complicit to her situation and benefiting from her misery, thats not only her dad. Would the court punish her if she recorded smt and leaked online? I keep thinking if theres any way she could win tbh. But ia that the movement wont free her while she remains silent, theres so much we can do. At this point a big exposé needs to happen, otherwise this will last forever.

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19 hours ago, KatieKat said:

I’m nervous. People love the “she was so fragile and sick and her daddy stepped in to give her stability” narrative. I hope the reporter brings up his alcoholism, financial troubles, the racehorse comment, the restraining order from his grandsons and the comment from Britney’s lawyer about how she is afraid of him. Please GMA do not only ask fluff questions and leave the public to think he’s just a worried father with a heart of gold 

They only brought up that shes afraid of him :sickofu_britney_blinking_umm_wtf_confused_annoyed:

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10 hours ago, OnlyBeyonce said:

So if her father has saved her why she don't stop her fanbase and the entire world from accusing him? :gagasmile_smirk_lady_pink:

U have to ask Britney :oprah_well_there_you_have_it_proof_see_hand:


Not even the NYT were able to reach her, but this **** lies thru her teeth as if Britney can speak to anyone If they reach her to ask some questions. She thinks we are dumb not knowing Britney is controlled, isolated, gagged and manipulated. Probably threatned too. 


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What the F was that?

Pro/Anti regardless of anything, you're a Britney Spears' lawyer. That was so unprofessional.

Does she even have a degree? How does she even defend in court when she can't even speak normally?

Good she gave an interview. Now all i want is Lou Taylor to come on GMA:umok_pursed_squint_well_okay:

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