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Britney allegedly entered (was forced) into Rehab in 2014!


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Do you guys remember this? Read below. She was 'abusing a drug called vyvanse' which is a very strong stimulant like Adderal, and I question myself: If Britney suffers from anxiety, or bipolar or psychosis, or whatever they say. Why in the hell the doctors prescribe a stimulant? Instead of a Benzodiazepine, or something like that. Maybe, they used it like ******* to her, for her to work and be energetic, just my thoughts.




One of Hollywood’s greatest comeback tales following her epic meltdown of 2006-07, the Las Vegas resident recently battled through more problems.

According to a new report in Star, Spears checked in to the Summit Malibu treatment center late last year under the name “Jessica,” to treat her issues.

Prescription pills were the alleged culprit, and her dad the driving force behind her stay. That's according to the source claiming to be in rehab with Britney.


“Her father [Jamie Spears] forced her into rehab because she was [misusing] a drug called Vyvanse,” the insider told the celebrity gossip magazine.

“She said she’d initially been prescribed it for ADHD but severely upped the dosage.”

Spears supposedly claimed she was using the ADHD drug to give her a boost needed to power through her grueling Las Vegas residency shows.

Especially in the wake of her rough breakup with David Lucado, who cheated on her late last year, she felt she had to have just a little extra energy.

As for how a celebrity of her stature could possibly pull this off unnoticed?

Well, she actually flies under the radar for the most part these days, and maintained access to her phone, while leaving on Sundays, says the source:

Britney Spears “made sure to go out in public and keep her social media accounts alive with photos and updates on her love life” while in treatment.

That was right around when she got together with Charlie Ebersol, who interestingly won't reveal how the two met. Could it have been in rehab?

We're really reaching with that theory, but stranger things have happened.

If this account is true, Britney joins a long list of celebrities who have sought treatment, including Jon Hamm, who went to rehab in secret this year.

Most have bounced back pretty well. Here's hoping Spears - if she in fact needed help - can say the same, for the sake of her family and career.

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well, if the britney's gram incident never happened maybe we would never know she was hospitalized in 2019, but who knows. I myself take medication too, so I was just curious. But even with people with ADHD, vyvanse is a pretty strong drug, it's not for everybody, and it has a lot of side effects like ticks, and euphoria, and stuff that can make a bipolar person worse. I don't know i'm just guessing.

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also, according to the People magazine article which was published in March 2015, they met six months earlier, that'd be September 2014


When Britney Spears‘s assistant first showed the singer a photo of her single friend, producer Charlie Ebersol, the superstar was immediately intrigued.

“I thought he was really adorable and she said he was good to people, so I went for it,” Spears tells PEOPLE in this week’s exclusive cover story.

Given the green light, Ebersol, 32, asked Spears, 33, what she’d like to do for their first date. “I said, ‘Cook for me!’ ” she says. “So he made fish, mushrooms, avocado with a dressing, and tomatoes and mozzarella. It was amazing.”


That was six months ago, and they’ve been dating ever since.


wait, nevermind, the article is from 2015 too, so they're claiming she was in rehab in 2014 not 2015 as the OP says

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well, the same applies for 2014, she didn't perform in June-July, but she was still with David Lucado then.

After that, she had another break from the show in September, but that's when she did the Intimate Collection promo tour in Europe



so yeah, I don't believe this 

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in those years we didn't spend more than a week without knowing from her, if it wasn't because of Vegas residency, or the almost daily candids, it was through her social media posts. If she ever was in any rehab facility it couldn't have been for more than a week.

That's why when she went MIA in 2019 it was so strange, because again, we'd never spent more than a week without knowing about her whereabouts 

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6 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

also, according to the People magazine article which was published in March 2015, they met six months earlier, that'd be September 2014


wait, nevermind, the article is from 2015 too, so they're claiming she was in rehab in 2014 not 2015 as the OP says

Oh thanks! Fixed. I don't know if I believe this or not, but it's not out of the box 

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8 hours ago, Haha-Hehe-Haha-Ho said:

Ew vyavanse would be really hard to abuse, it just makes you feel nervous, uneasy and sweaty. Adderall on the other hand...

Vyvanse is extremely easy to abuse.

I had a friend who was prescribed to take it 4 times a day which is INSANE. She used to give me just one each day and I would no joke be awake for 24 hours straight, easily.

It makes you feel super productive and energized and like you can take on the world. Another side effect is weight loss. Its a hell of a drug... I considered asking my own doctor for my own prescription but was worried he would think I was wanting it for the wrong reasons (I was)

My friend on the other hand, ended up with major major issues. She ended up weighing only about 85lbs, developed many other issues which was then prescribed various other medications to treat (on top of the Vyvanse she was still taking) and basically really seriously effed her up

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Idk about the rehab part but there have been rumors of Britney's adderall and vyvanse use/abuse in the past. Back in 2006/2007 was the first time I heard about her using adderall to keep herself going. There were lots of rumors about her being on hard drugs around that time, but I'd be more inclined to believe it was a prescription drug. It's not uncommon for people who are prescribed a medication to land themselves in a situation where they realize they're abusing it. Wouldn't be shocked if she took adderall long before that time period though, like during the Britney/ITZ eras. Vyvanse is a whole nother thing though. Like @Brit52 said, you could easily be up for 24 hours on it, and the timeline for 2014 fits with the time when this medication became more widely used. 

All speculation, and I mean no harm by it. But it's all too easy for celebrities to access prescription or street drugs and sadly they're often surrounded by team members who help them get these things at a young age and throughout their career so they can keep the show going. Think Demi, Judy, and so forth. 

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