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NEW long Britney Blind Item - Schadenfreude

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Yes I always take blind items with lots of grains of salt, but it is possible. There has been no explanation as to why she’s completely changed her way of talking, dancing, etc.  to me it’s eithe

This is disgusting

- This is crazy but I feel like there's some truth to it. Did ya'll guys see the tmz interview Sam had with the paparazzi? that seemed staged as ****.  Maybe they want us to believe that sam is on Bri

WARNING: theory ahead...

We know the “paralegal” voicemail said that Britney stopped taking her medication, or the medication stopped working. However, we don’t know exactly WHAT medication they were referring to - needless to say, Britney getting pregnant prior to a multi-million dollar residency would certainly be a problem (and possibly even grounds for a lawsuit, if they had to break contract and cancel shows due to a pregnancy). What if Britney’s absence for those few months were because of such an issue?

It’s not out of the realm of possibility. Read this quote from https://www.scscourt.org/self_help/probate/conservatorship/conservatorship_limited.shtml#social :

Can I have the conservatee sterilized if the court gives me medical powers? 

No. You must have a special hearing and a doctor must show evidence that sterilization is the least restrictive medical procedure available that will protect the DD person from becoming pregnant or causing a pregnancy.”

There’s a reason Jamie wanted documents, specifically medical ones, permanently sealed. A simple bipolar diagnosis is nothing worth that much secrecy. 

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I think this blind item is unfortunately true. Its all make sense when you think about it. Did we didn't find out recently they are paying for Sam from the court document?  Because he is like Britney's personal chef.  He has an own ajanda. He is not working with team cship. He wants baby with Brit I guess. Cuz baby means life time money from Brit. That's why he and Jamie are enemy now. What Britney needs life coach and right treatment. 

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What a load of bull! Injecting "uppers" would lead to intense, but short-lived euphoria. There is no stimulant that would last longer than an a couple of hours after being injected (Vyvanse would last a full day, since it's a prodrug). If anything, they would have her on Vyvanse or Adderall daily.

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we know how impulsive britney can be and how badly she wants another baby... you have to admit it's very strange she didn't have another after her other two when that's literally something she's talked about wanting for years.i don't 100% believe the blind item but I DO think it's somewhat plausible 

don't know idk GIF by SWR Kindernetz

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5 hours ago, Miguelblackpink said:

- This is crazy but I feel like there's some truth to it. Did ya'll guys see the tmz intervier Sam had with the paparazzi? that seemed staged as ****.  Maybe they want us to believe that sam is on Britney's side, hence the interview and the **** posting Sam did about Jamie. Maybe they want us to believe he's team Brit because he is their insider and they can control Britney through him. 

- The B-12 shots  could be true as well. We all know they've been drugging  her, what we don't know is to what extent? They surely do it to make her compliant, but to keep her from having a baby? That's just sad and so cruel.  eto_free_britney_new_photo_042219.jpg?h=

I also thought to be funny this happening two weeks after he called Jamie a ****. 


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5 hours ago, MyQueenBritney said:

Just came across this new Blind Item about Britney posted by Crazy Days and Nights.


Except for some light editing, I kept in the tipster's words.

Her fans always seem to notice the difference. Yet, they can’t quite put their finger on it, they really are quite the instasleuths. Ask her for a sign, she’ll send a message almost immediately and say she’s “totally fine”, while wearing color coded “not ok” clothing or color coded emojis.

Suddenly, again you see her dance and speak.  She seems oddly nervous. She seems to speak, fast, almost, nervously, incessantly? She seems awkward ? What is it? She’s clearly not, herself.

That is no secret. But one must ask, "Why would her handlers let her post this bizarre behavior?”

She answers at random, and what seems like, fake fan questions from the equivalent of a TeenBeat interview/question format from the past. She is dressed in a way, a bit of a 90”s or well, just bizarre kind of way. It’s almost as if she’s been trapped in some sort of twisted time warp from decades ago. We all know who this is. That is NOT the purpose of this blind.

The concern, is, “Is it right to take all of a woman’s rights away simply because she has bipolar/mental disorder?"

Many people are able to take lithium, antidepressants, psychotropics and lead a happy, healthy, procreative, and productive life.  SHE has/or should certainly have THE best medical mental health staff/ access any human being could ever afford. Yet all she’s cried and yearned for years -is for another “baby”. Her eggs are aging. She is acutely aware of this.

She has been on a mission and is convinced that her boyfriend (Sam Asghari) has been trying desperately to help her. Though he plays his part so handsomely well, he follows his orders, gets paid handsomely and knows what they know.

News of her brief, celebrity pal (Paris Hilton) from the past being PREGNANT,  who is not 100% responsible, yet, definitely introduced her to the worst of the worst, most manipulative, evil, drug, con artists, paparazzi's, dark Hollywood world, which thrust her into her (and at least one more) into the most tumultuous and hellacious life ever after.

No, she is simply not having it.  The pregnant “frenemy” has sent her into overdrive with the already obsessive baby “fever."  Unbeknownst to her, every three months for almost a full decade, when she’s not getting her bipolar medication which they have yet to balance, they keep her on “the shot”.

She is told  “the shot” is B-12. It is not.

It is THE Shot that keeps her from getting pregnant ever again. Even the father of her children (Kevin Federline) knows about this. (His $upport would be cut significantly if he broke his role, ever again) She doesn’t know.

They complete her “B-12” dose with uppers, and she gets suddenly significantly more energetic/ anxious, feisty, fidgety, and becomes that bizarre star we all can’t help but watch and wonder like a sweet, southern, tea/sippin’, shod den fried train wreck.



What are you on about?! She is not in a conservatorship for psychiatric diagnoses! WHY do people like you say these things?! 

And I don’t understand how you can ask how her “handlers” can “allow” her to do these Instagram posts that you think look bad. Really?! They make their LIVING out of the court saying Britney is not well enough to not have a conservatorship. Which do you think is more likely, that they (because they all want her to remain trafficked) would 

A. Want everyone to think she seems really well and “normal” on her instagram


B. That people like you will get worried and ask ARE YOU OK, BRITNEY, YOU SEEM UNSTABLE. ?

Which scenario benefits their cause? (to keep Britney in this)

And don’t speculate about a stranger’s medication. 

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I thought this through again. And I think the writing style was what had thrown me off earlier and it still does. But I agree with everyone else that it’s possible. Maybe not exactly like this, but we do know she’s being medicated against her will already.

i think there can be two reasons as to why she hasn’t gotten pregnant again. Well first, Jamie won’t allow her to. And maybe they told her they would take it away anyway.

i think her medical records are sealed for the obvious reason that it would reveal what unethical craziness they’ve done to her over the years. I can imagine her diagnosis + medication have might have changed at least a dozen times over the years. And god knows what they told her and what they actually ended up doing. Giving someone both bipolar medication and uppers is INSANE.

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they have drugged Britney, it should come as no surprise to you guys by now. Being in a conservatorship, especially with the amount of money at play here and with the doctors help, will allow them to give drugs to the conservatee to be more compliant to be almost like a robot. Have you guys seen" I care a lot"? They could do what they want with you, also if you are the conservator of person, they basically have power over your body, they could manipulate everything, force you to do things you wouldn't want. example: check her inside a psychiatric facility. In short Britney has no basic human rights, despite what they want us to believe. 

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3 hours ago, argentinian.in.telaviv said:

Literally what Antaphrodite said about her finding out about something and also the detail that will make the world go crazy over the c-ship.

Yes!! I just watched the video yesterday, and I was shook... If this blows up, this is it.

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Y’all think Britney is stupid enough not to notice when she’s on an upper?

Im sure all of you would notice if you started acting like Britney does in her videos...

Also, this sounds like fan fiction based on the B12 shot she had in I Am Britney Jean when she was diagnosed with Vegas throat 

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2 minutes ago, Pinky98 said:

Y’all think Britney is stupid enough not to notice when she’s on an upper?

Im sure all of you would notice if you started acting like Britney does in her videos...

Also, this sounds like fan fiction based on the B12 shot she had in I Am Britney Jean when she was diagnosed with Vegas throat 

She actually looks like she's on uppers on instagram 

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