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Britney posts photo of her and her boys: "they’re at the age where they want to express their own identities"

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42 minutes ago, Scrappy said:

The saddest part of all this is she was robbed of the basic rights of a woman to raise her kids because Jamie, Kevin, Lou, and all those greedy leeches prioritized money over her happiness. They have robbed her of the right to find love, to increase her brood, and to have a normal life.  At her age, she’ll likely have multiple miscarriages and struggle to have another child.  To rob someone of their reproductive rights... it’s inhuman.  I hope Jamie and Kevin rot in hell for that. I’m sorry to those kids that they share DNA with those type of men.  One day, they will know the full truth and I hope they can become better men than those that came before them.

Yes. This. This is also why my blood boils when journalists or even fans says “maybe this is for her best”. It is never for anybody’s best to be robbed of living their own life. 

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9 hours ago, KatieKat said:

Now that the boys are teens and old enough to go off on their own to do stuff/hang out with friends ... can’t they just swing by to visit their mom more often? Take an uber over and eat dinner with her? Does everything always have to be an official court-approved custody visit? I hate thinking she really only sees her boys 10% of the time. 

It seems like if Kevin were really preventing Sean and Jayden from (hardly) ever seeing their mom that they wouldn’t be on such good terms with their father. But Jayden recently compared his dad to Jesus so that doesn’t seem to be the case ... 

So is Kevin not the main problem? Does Britney’s own “team” work to keep the boys away from her as a way to control her or punish her? 


Maybe they don’t know or realise Kevin’s part in everything, you don’t when you are teenagers even if you can understand a lot. 

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On 2/24/2021 at 7:44 AM, MeAgainstTheMusic_ said:

I’m glad to see she’s with her boys and she looks happy.

BUT it’s not our business to be getting involved in her family life. Her sons aren’t even 18 yet and people are dedicating fan accounts in their name, people are trying to contact them about freebritney. As always fans overstep the boundaries. This is none of our business and her boys and her custodial time should be off limits.

yes i do agree with this on a regular scenario. i would only recommend them like "you know, you are always welcome at your mom's place, she would be really happy if you and your brother drop off more often and surprise her" but yes that's it

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Regardless of the timing, it is great to see her looking so happy and healthy with her boys. I love how even the Princess of Pop can be an embarrassing mom to teenage boys :eyes_britney_laugh:

I'm really hoping that Sean and Jayden see the article and that it makes a difference in their thinking. I get that they want to see their friends, but hopefully they'll realize how much their mom would love to spend time with them, and it really doesn't seem like Kevin would have a problem now that Jamie can't come near them. 

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8 minutes ago, PlayboiMommy said:

That Instagram account got the picture from one of her kids' Snapchat story iirc

No, they didn't. Preston never posted that pic on his socials and they said that on their comments. I think he sent them bc he follows the page and liked a few posts on their page. 

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45 minutes ago, PlayboiMommy said:
They’re finally letting me post it... I know that's right :nynod_miss_new_york_ms_nodding_yes_yas_agree:

Obviously this happened to be posted the same day this article got published :orangu_orangutan_ape:


The timing is def interesting. I think Britneys account got that pic from that fan account or from the articles on the internet. I mean, they allowed her to post even tho the pic is already on the internet for days now? :bieber_justin_smirk_weird: not to mention this already seen pic was posted hours later after that article saying again she barely sees her kids. I mean, team con dont want GP to know that their great hybrid business model also ****ed up her time with her kids, smt they bragged a lot in the past few years about how great the cship has been for her to see her kids and yada yada, but since late 2018/early 2019 she barely sees them. So what's exactly shes gaining from this arrangement now? How is she benefiting from this prison at all? :dontlike_chewing_gum_zoom_bomt_britney:

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