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England hopes to lift all COVID restrictions by 21st June

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I bet terrorists can't wait for social gatherings. They've literally be planning like mad these past few months or maybe Covid is doing such a good job that they've been made redundant? 

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I am so excited to finally get back into a nightclub, my social anxiety has different plans though 😂

omg... I don't even know how to talk to people anymore. I'm scared to have to socialize again, the skill has left me

And one reason its going successfully? Because people are actually cooperating and actually respecting guidelines. If only everyone were doing this from the very start, there wouldn't have been 107 mi

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And in Germany, it is worse than ever. Now it is forbidden to stay outside and sit on a bench, even when you are sick/disabled/pregnant/old and just need a moment. It can cost you a monetary fine of a few hundred Euros. And when you can´t pay the sum, it is most likely that you go to jail. And it is not just the sitting, you have to rush everything you do .No one cares if you are able to do it or not. And we have, how can I call it?,places like old youth jails or sometimes a clinic where they lock you in a room against your will when you don´t follow your quarantine. You are not allowed to step outside of your room for up to 2 weeks. Even in jail, you have more freedom.

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8 hours ago, TakeYourHand said:

While America is set to wear masks easily until 2022 and a vaccine system that hasn’t reached 75% of the population yet :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:

Not quite... the US is right behind the UK in percent of population vaccinated. Fourth globally in people per 100 vaccinated


Aside from that, they've also administered the most vaccinations overall. It's more difficult to vaccinate 300 million people vs 60.

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As someone living in the UK, I've found it best not to believe a single word that comes from Boris Johnson or his cabinet.  

The UK government are not getting any praise from me over their shambolic handling of this pandemic. 

If the four UK governments actually worked together on a collaborative plan last March, we'd already be living in very different circumstances.

Even now, the restrictions on border control are not good enough and time and again this will fail us when there are new variants emerging.

In Scotland we have tougher restrictions and managed quarantine on arrivals from all countries, not just those on the "red" list, but what is the point when the restrictions aren't the same elsewhere in the UK? We should all be singing from the same hymn sheet, especially on border control, but we're not and it is yet another failure. 

We locked down too late, we left our borders open to anyone and everyone and we have a poor test, trace and isolate programme which Boris once claimed would be "world beating."

We're an Island(s) of four nations yet we have the worst death toll in Europe. At one point we also had the worst death toll worldwide per 1 million people - we might still do. That should tell you everything you need to know. 

The death toll figures cannot solely be blamed on those breaking restrictions when the government have delayed at every step of the way. Too late to lockdown, inconsistent guidances, poor communication, and stupid schemes like "eat out to help out" in an effort to boost the economy. 

The UK government have failed at every step of of way during this pandemic. They have lied, delayed, and been found guilty of breaking the law yet no doubt there are still people who will vote them in again. 

The vaccine "success" is all too little, too late. 

And don't get me started on the UK media and their reporting of this pandemic, in particular the BBC and their Conservative bias. 


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2 hours ago, danny1994 said:

Big announcement by president Biden yesterday that we’ll have enough vaccinations in the US to vaccinate everyone by the end of May. That would be huge.

Oh wow that'd be amazing for you guys in the US!

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from the sky, drop like confetti ♫

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