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WatchMojo counts down the top 10 times the media failed Britney Spears

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They uploaded a Snapchat story counting down the top 10 times the media failed Britney. They were:

10: Wendy Williams being on team Jamie

9: Family Feud Game Show

8: The media debating her mental health in public (they use Dr Drew as an example)

7: The media questioning her parenting ability 

6: The media swinging towards JT and laughing with him as he joked about their relationship and exposed private matters

5: When comedians made her a punchline (Sarah Silverman as the example)

4: Inappropriate ***ual questions

3: Paparazzi harassment

2: All the s1ut shaming

1: THE DIANE SAWYER INTERVIEW (b1tch we're still waiting for your apology)

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I'm wondering how would've been the whole situation if social media existed (well, more-developed than it was) 

I don't know if it would've made the whole case even worse, knowing how ****ty humans can be

or if it would've been better for her, as the whole stardom-hollywood-industry don't have to focus anymore on only two or three celebs to sell their magasines, which made things worse for her allegedly: she'd be on the cover of any garbage magazine, people'd buy it, which made her more famous, etc. etc. 

the Marilyn Monroe of the 2000s tbh

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4 hours ago, lilhennythings said:

A WatchMojo list like this :gloria_falling_stairs_trip:

We are through the looking glass people

I remember their bs list a while ago saying JT was the most successful star that started on Disney, Britney was the second :chrissy_xtina_head_tilt_purse_sass:

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