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Canadian Journalist shares scary x-factor interview story


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I’m not sure how to embed a specific time, but it starts at 39 minutes 



My take-aways: 

1) she clearly didn’t wanna do x-factor and so as a result decided not to engage in the press 

2) the medicated comment- I wonder if that was her medication to treat something or her dad wanting to control her behaviour. In FTR, she had very normal behaviour.. so not sure if whatever medication she was on was later was actually warranted by some mental health problem or team con doing shady stuff. 


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She was clearly shook by Britney’s behavior. I have no problem with her honesty because I truly believe her as Britney wasn’t “there” during the X Factor, it’s just when she tries to make jokes about it that it feels offensive. A joke can’t feel funny after you tell a story with horror in your own eyes. I think a lot of people crack a joke after they feel so uncomfortable to ease the tension. Nervous habit. I mean people who actually knew her and have stories. They’re coming out left and right. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable that must have been for anyone. Imagine meeting Britney with her eyes soft and slanted with a robotic voice and no emotion in her face. Hollywood and her team AND her own family have almost ruined a person to no return. Luckily I know Britney is slowly but surely coming back stronger than ever but SHAME on these people. 

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11 minutes ago, s&m said:

Britney's behavior was just fine.. She just doesn't like all these cameras around her and interviewers asking her questions. That's why you could tell she was having problems with anxiety.

P.S: She probably misunderstood the question1 Typical Britney :makeup_kylie_jenner_makeup_brush_lol_laugh_haha_hehe_lmao:

Or probably she was done after answering a couple of questions, so just decided to thank everyone else that was on the line out of respect

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Just now, PokemonSpears said:

Or probably she was done after answering a couple of questions, so just decided to thank everyone else that was on the line out of respect

Yes or that. And the napping thing was an excuse for her to not come out for the press. I mean I would do the same :makeup_kylie_jenner_makeup_brush_lol_laugh_haha_hehe_lmao:

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Obviously we don’t know about her medication so who knows what she was on- but she looked really good a lot of the time, especially during the live shows

I think it really boils down to the fact that Britney was a terrible choice to be a live TV judge. Simon had an image of who and what Britney was based on her career and she is simply not that. Her stage persona is so different from Britney the person. It was an insane pay cheque for her, but she hates press, she hates interacting with people she doesn’t know, she’s super guarded etc she’s uncomfortable in basically every interview we’ve seen since 2007 with a few exceptions. 

I don’t think it’s fair to say her team forced her to do it- she said herself Simon and her shared a makeup artist and that’s how talk of it started- she likely saw dollar signs and as we saw she didn’t HAVE to judge or act a certain way- she was very typically Britney with her short comments and facial expressions and even a lot of her clothes. So fair play to her for cashing in and doing it her way- even if it didn’t cast her in the best light. Even the interviews above yes she’s acting normal but she’s not acting like the highest paid celeb judge in tv- chomping gum, giving clipped answers, starting to walk away when she’s over it, she was doing all of it on her own terms.


I think the biggest factor is shows like that are complete nonsense- staged, over-produced, hype, the Britney ca Christina voice feud etc and Britney hates that. I think the concept of a lot of Hollywood productions now really turn her off. They attempted to drag her into a few storylines- the diva, the harsh judge, fighting with Simon, weird fans singing her songs badly, don Phillips etc and she was just not having any of it. Judges on these shows have to pretend they give a **** about beating each other, ridiculing the bad auditions, they have to overact and overstate everything- it’s all completely constructed- and Britney just isn’t about that. 

think about it- why would Britney give af about ‘beating’ Demi or a kid she mentors for one hour a week going home etc it’s all nonsense. I actually think her attitude really highlighted how ridiculous the concept actually is when Simon etc had 10 minute comments for terrible singers and made it this big philosophical speech- when they know full rightly producers target people like that for the bad TV of it all- Britney’s reactions I think really captured the insanity of it all, we’re just so desensitised to it.


sorry for the rant lol

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4 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:





just some more examples to see that she actually behaved like a human being at least at times lol

that's why I still take with a grain of salt these stories, and I think they must've been isolated cases when she really was just not feeling it, and what I always say, from 2011 to 2012 there was actually a huge improvement and you can't deny it.

Now, of course things were still not completely ok, and her psoriasis is one of many proofs, or her bitten nails, but I stand by my opinion that it wasn't as bad as many people make it seem.

AGree. AND it's important we acknowledge britney MAY need medication for whatever, anxiety, diagnoses, whatever BUT she doesn't need the C-ship, she needs help to control her meds. We all can need medication, and it's not like we all can take 3 months off from work to adjust to the medication. She DO have that oppertunity if she wasn't forced to work. Her work is being in the public eye, which is much more hard for her to adjust to meds with the weight gain, bloating, and feeling of being unwell. I just dont think we shall claim she doesn't need medication when we in reality doesn't know...
We can agree tho, that she is doing the best she can with the surroindings she is put in. We all need to accept her, and other people with diagnosis. We can't all fit in a box and be perfect all the time..

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She did that show for the large paycheck and nothing more. It was the worst career move they could’ve ever made on her behalf. This is where a lot of the questions started coming up. I suffer from awful anxiety too so i really do sympathize for her. She must’ve been a wreck doing that show. 

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