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Forbes: Britney Spears’ Net Worth Revealed – And It’s Shockingly Low Compared To Her Pop Peers

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It's weird. Her residency grossed ~$35 million per year with very minimal budget for mega pop-star Her tour grosses $4.5 million in 3 shows in London, 7 years after she last visited there

In what ******* world does Britney earn less than Jessica Simpson

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2 hours ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

Supposedly $60 Million is only what she has in real estate assets. 

Yes exactly,  they won't reveal her net worth like they used to because they physically can't.. her finances are 'protected' that's why we always get the 60 million figure..its been that way since 2010..I think truthfully what they are saying is britney is worth about 280 million but the figure we can say is rightfully britneys (even though its ALL her money) they give a percentage of what she's worth which always works out at 60 million,  why would jamie want the public to know how much money he has control over..remember this is the man who seen her huge bank account in 2008 and STILL sent her straight to work,  its like a man with no education or morals suddenly winning the lottery, he doesn't know what to do with it, he's not qualified with knowing how to deal with it , all he wants is to see that bank account increase and increase so we can easily ask for pay rises,  in his eyes, the more money she earns, the more he earns 

He treats her money like its rightfully his..pig

..god I want to hit him

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Well at least Jamie and Lou got rich from all Brit's hard work. And Larry and Kevin. 


I like the article but they say no TV adverts since 2015. Um in 2016 she and Kevin Bacon did an EE advert featuring Oops.

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She makes 10% on every perfume sale and she’s sold billions of bottles.

Average RRP of each perfume is $22.50 let’s say.

that’s like $2.25bn just from perfume sales if she’s sold 1 billion, if she’s sold a million bottles then that’s $225m.

Plus around $50m a year from touring, music, royalties, brand deals, X factor,  Vegas, etc.

she should have like $1.5billion at this point 

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12 hours ago, Bundy said:


The way her peers appears singing/performing in that picture and Britney just standing in :makeup_kylie_jenner_makeup_brush_lol_laugh_haha_hehe_lmao:

Well, Xtina & Gaga are not selling very well their oreos I see... :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:

OK, now being serious... Jamie is so disgusting as Lou, they both deserve jail :lemmetellu_telling_preaching_yelling_talking_points_finger:

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8 hours ago, Geralt_of_Rivia said:

Britney's Domination contract stated that she'd earn 506k per show, right? Her PoM 1.0 contract earned her 350k per show. They mixed the numbers, I think. 

Otherwise, a great article and an even nicer conclusion. 

They claimed that Britney's fortune dropped from 100 down to 40 million due to how much she was allegedly spending in 2007. I remember reading articles that claimed her parents were worried because with that rate of spending, she'd be broke within the following 4 years while her boys would only be in primary and apparently that gave Britnry some perspective but that was about it. No clue if this is legitimate but even if her net worth dropped to 40 million, how tf was she only worth 60 million when in 2012 she was the highest net worth female singer with 58 million. Her PoM residency generated about 150 million only. I'm not counting the tour sales. Even if the albums didn't sell that well, she was still making a lot of money and it's not like she's invested her own money in her projects. We know how cheap certain things have been. So how tf her net worth only increased with 2 million since 2012? What about her perfume brand? 

I remember reading somewhere that allegedly her father took credit for that 20 million increase of Britney's fortune lol.

Something doesn't add up but even if all is right, she shouldn't be making so little. Is it even possible to get richer under a conservatorship? 

Questions, questions, questions. 



I think its really curious that the story of her being almost broke and Jamie out of all people saving her fortune, only started after she was put under a cship. There were reports from people and other outlets even in early 2008 saying she had over 100m. I mean, in late 2005 she still had over 100m... An Elle cover story she did just before Preston was born, pointed that out. How would she be able to blow away 60m in just two years? When she never lived like a Kardashian? Not to mention that even tho she didnt work much between those years, she was still making millions from royalties, etc. 

Britney also earned 64 millions in 2009 alone. 

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This is so weird, I don't understand... Except for these last couple of years in which she rightfully rebelled against her father and hasn't been working, she actually hasn't stopped since she started as a kid. AND she's most definitely one of the biggest pop stars in the WORLD. AND she's got contracts with many brands on the side. So I never understood why the media keeps reporting $60 millions as her net worth. Some months ago I started thinking that Jamie was reporting such a low number to the conservatorship so he could get away with more money himself, but now I'm shocked that Forbes is using that same number as well. I hate this. She should be bathing in dollars. I know she doesn't care about money, she's not desperately ambitious like a Beyoncé or a Taylor, but still... 60 million dollars is change for these mega stars.

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7 hours ago, KrisJ said:

They’ve siphoned her money out - that Lou ***** and her father. They’re sending her broke with the insane legal fees and the wages/salary her father pays himself out of her money. 

Maybe it’s better Britney goes broke so they leave her alone. Give her 1 month and she’ll make back a few million easy 

They would never leave her alone, just remember Jamie is in control of her career and state, he still can make money off her royalties and new deals even If they suck all her money. The control is about that too, its not only about her fortune but how much money she still can make even without working. Its disgusting how all her family only see her as their bank. She gave them everything and this is how they paid her back. 

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