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Maddie Ziegler reportedly cried during rehearsals of Sia's film "Music" because she felt uncomfortable playing an autistic person

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Maddie Ziegler reportedly broke down in tears on the first day of rehearsals for Sia's new film, Music.

Music is under fire for inaccurately portraying autistic people. For starters, Maddie is the star of the film, who plays an autistic person, despite not being autistic in real life. People wondered why Sia didn't hire an actual autistic person. 

Maddie was so uncomfortable at first that she cried, but Sia low-key pressured Maddie to stay signed on. 

I think Sia had good intentions, but this whole thing is just a mess and weird.

Exhale, please weigh in. 


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I find it a bit hard in the following way:

it's okay for straight actors to play a gay role in a movie ("Brokeback Mountain", "Love, Simon", ...) but it's not when an actor/actress plays an autistic role.

Feels a bit double imo.

For me personally it's okay if the actor/actress does research and knows how to play it. I mean, it [autism in this case] could even spark awareness to a larger audience which is a good thing to me.


I don't really know what to think honestly.



Cause if this article is true, then I fele really sorry for Maddie.

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23 minutes ago, ColdAsFire88 said:

If we are going to come for Maddie for playing an autistic character then we need to re-evaluate hollywoods beloved Leonardo Di Caprio character from Whats Eating Gilbert Grape and many more characters. 

yeah, ever since I started reading about this controversy, Leo DiCaprio's character kept coming to mind.

And I kinda agree with the other thing you say, if actors are now supposed to play themselves in movies, then that's not acting anymore. They should also hire real life killers to play the killer of the movie, and so on.

Now, what I've read is that people were also criticizing Sia because the association that supposedly advised her for the production of the film doesn't have a very good reputation, and some things were poorly portrayed, as far as I understand, so I do get that part. But condemning the actress for playing a role, I think that's not fair, but as you say, maybe I'm just too disconnected with the times, too. 

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I think "pressured" was meant in a stimulating, encouraging way, in order to push her limits and own that role.

How many professional actors have played autistic characters? Rain Man is the first movie that comes to my mind...

I think everyone, especially a non professional actor, would have felt unconfortable playing that role, given also how sensitive people nowadays are, about everything.

I don't see manipulation here (we know they love each other), I just see a mentor pushing and believing in her collaborator because she knew she could manage that.


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4 minutes ago, ChromaticaGlory said:

I mean, I'm sure Sia meant some of this with good intentions, but if she wanted to properly make a movie that portrays autism, she should have done more research, and not look at Autism Speaks to draw inspiration from it.

A lot of people have a problem because the portrayal + t he film are horrible.

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The problem I have is the fact all her research came from autism speaks. The autistic community can't stand autism speaks because they feel that the organization doesn't listen to them and their needs, supports controversial methods of dealing with certain behaviors such as forceful restraints and electric shock therapy, and the way they view autism as a disease that needs to be cured. If she had done her research from ANY OTHER SOURCE I would have much more respect for her. Also they way she responded to the criticism on twitter was beyond disgusting.  She basically was like, your critiques are stupid, I don't care whether or not your points are valid, I'm right and you're wrong, eat dung. It came across as very rude and entitled.

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sia is creepy wbk

also personally i dont mind a nt playing a nd role but this movie was not it (no hate for maddie, its not her fault)

having incorrect portayals of autism only brings more harmful stereotypes... honestly were past the point of just bringing awareness to autism, everybody knows autism, but its time to actually show how it really is and how its different for each person

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