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She Continues to Talks Bad About Britney!


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14 minutes ago, MikeMasi said:

She really needs to be cancelled! 

I also left a comment to her: 

"The fact that this show continues to talk about Britney in a negative way is just disgusting. Wendy needs to be educated on what a conservatorship is, because she really has no idea. A conservatorship is usually for elderly people who can't make decisions for themselves. That is not Britney! She has released a number of records, was a judge on XFactor and had one of the best Vegas residencies. Wendy, are you seriously going to sit there and say she is not mentally well for her finances and personal life but can continue to work? Her cousin recently came out saying she received threats from Jaime, but you're going to sit there and still defend this man? You're out of control and your show should be cancelled for making fun of people with mental health."

As mentioned in the video though, people are judging Britney because of her instagram videos. She is really not helping herself with it though. 

I couldn’t agree more! I had to rewind that wendy clip to double check that she did actually say she sides with jamie.... like wttfff??? Your so right too cuz wendy said “britney needs someone to help her manage her money “ but to your point her c-ship is ALSO about her personhood! And um she can hire a financial manager like other rich people do, like wendy does. She doesn’t need a c-ship!

I also didnt like how wendy talked down about sam. Clearly she and her team couldnt have done a basic IG search because sam talks in almost all his IG vids and he’s frequently in Britneys feed soooo yah he’s not an unknown!!!! and frankly he’s been making Britney happy so back off Sam, Wendy! 😡 and why not ask WHY he called Jamie a ****? She basically insinuated that Sam is a gold digger, which I was floored by! What an outrageous comment with zero proof. 

I generally like Wendy but i agree that when it comes to Britney, Britney is like a trigger for her or something! I mean, it’s like she sees herself in Britney or a parallel in their lives when in truth they’re fundamentally different. Wendy was wronged by her husband. Britney has been wronged by everyone including her own parents!!


and that whole bit about i wish britney would stay away from hot topics ummm thats like saying i wish the earth revolved around the sun!! Hot topics follows HER! She aint following hot topics! And if you wanna stop talking about her then why do you? It is your show isn’t it?


and lastly, you make a great point about normans conclusions of her IG. How about she’s not being an elitist? Is it unfiltered and different? Sure, but that doesnt make you deserve to have your legal rights and autonomy removed! So stupid! Would they prefer that shes posting obscenely narcissistic pics like sone celebrities who are partying it up on private islands??? Shes in quarantine like the rest of us, keeping busy with dancing and having too much time on her hands. So what?!

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I really like Wendy tbh but I can’t stand people who vehemently push the “Britney Spears is mentally ill” narrative. 
If ANYONE is in need of a conservatorship, it’s Wendy. Randomly falling live on air? Drug addiction? I love her but her opinions on Britney genuinely bother me to the core.

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I watched it and the whole thing was utter ****. Unfortunately for Wendy she has never been under the light or circumstances Britney has, considering she has never reached the magnitude of fame Britney did in her heyday but the least Wendy can do is atleast understand her side of the story. Like @Bluebirdlovely said, Wendy needs to stop acting like 2007 happened yesterday. There were babies born at that year that are now 13 year old teenagers. See the difference? Britney has come a LONG way in the post-breakdown era. She released 4 albums in which 2 were huge successes. She had toured 131 & 79 shows for the Circus Starring Britney Spears tour and Femme Fatale Tour, was the highest paid judge on X Factor for a year, ventured into a 4 year residency that is one of the highest grossing Las Vegas residencies of all time and was voted by GP as the best residency show of 2015 (or some year like that) and has made over $200 million dollars post-2007 alone. Yet this is the same women whom is deemed "un-well", the same women who cant use the money SHE worked for, or the same women who needs "mental guidance". Britney DOESN'T NEED a conservator for her finances, because like any other liberated celebrity she could just hire a financial manager. If there was ANYTHING Britney needed back in 2008, it was not a conservatorship but a break from spotlight. Period. You would expect Wendy, someone whom has had a messy personal life very similar to Britney's to understand her situation, but Wendy is probably just happy that she isn't put in a conservatorship for moments like this > sad wendy williams GIFScared Wendy Williams GIF by ADWEEK

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This is the MOST biased coverage EVER

Norman was PRO Free Britney the last time they spoke about her, and his mannerisms tell he he's been threatened by team Wendy that he will lose his job if he doesn't stick to the narrative.

Like look at him. I'm sorry.

Everything she said about Sam being shady, like WHAT HOW?!

Very planned out and staged. Well done team con :rihclap_rihanna_clapping_applause_yes_yas:

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