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~New~ Britney Spears song "Satisfying" (2021)

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Nicks is so talented and have so much potential. It is so impressive what he can do with an ordinary ASMR video, that had no intentions to become a song. The instrumental is on point, I'm very impressed, as always. @remixedbynick:werk_britney_bw_black_white_dance_sexy_flirt_my_prerogative: 

If I'm downloading it? Of course. :clicktina_xtina_christina_aguilera_mouse_computer:


I think the only mistake was he not expressing himself the way it should, it made everyone, including me, believing he would release a never heard before Britney song. But it's not a big deal. It was nice to have new material, even if it's fan made, to listen. Hope you're fine @Jordan Miller

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Come trough daddy Jordan feed ur kids. Give us that music you have been hiding 4 years

One thing we've really missed in light of the #FreeBritney movement is Britney Spears' voice. BreatheHeavy teamed up with  @remixedbynick to give Britney fans a ~new~ Britney song highlighting her 202

If this is just a troll video to drive views to YouTube and the exhale website so that ad revenue is increased... I’m suing!

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Personally, I thought this was pretty great. It’s been a crazy stressful morning at work, and life in general. This made me smile, and that instrumental is on point. I don’t think Jordan had any true ill intentions in doing this. Lets cut one another a break and remember to lift each other up! Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Love to all

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Oh Jordan, I have zero hate towards you, I knew it's going to be some kind of clickbait
But I wonder what made you think it's a good idea, you're no beginner in this industry and we're living in a cancel culture
No need to be a detective to come to right conclusion obviously what you've done is not going to be well received

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I think y'all are being a bit overdramatic.

This was clearly just a bit of fun and something to lift people up during a weird time in our lives. I'm sure Jordan didn't have ill intentions towards a community he has been building for years. Perhaps there was an error of judgement, nobody is perfect.

Don't forget that he is a human, just how you preach about being kind to Britney, apply it everywhere in your lives.

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1 hour ago, JackSProductions said:

@Jordan Miller this is embarrassing for you and BreatheHeavy’s YouTube channel... honestly what was the point in that 

AND embarrassing for Britney too ! Imagine the GP looking for britney after the Documentary and finding THIS (2021) "You like to play with you dogs ... " and thinking it's actual lyrics !!!!!!!!!!!!!

She doesn't deserve to be done THIS dirty. 

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Guys, it was a mistake. Jordan himself has said that he shouldn’t have done a whole countdown and everything. It wasn’t received as he had hoped. I’m sure Jordan is just as disappointed as we are.

But we literally knew about this for a couple of hours, it’s easy for us to move on! So let’s do that! 

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23 minutes ago, Exaholic said:

Y’all need to stop.

You are coming off as ungrateful ***holes when @Jordan Millerand @remixedbynickhave clearly gone to some effort to arrange a surprise for us.

Whether or not you like how he went about it all is totally besides the point.

They didn’t have to arrange anything for us and they did. Show some appreciation for once, geez.

Angry Kick GIF by Superstore

The surprise was sh1t. I love Jordy but you are talking as if they released Rebellion. The remix was 🤢.  No shade

Love you Jordy but I wish you have had a true friend to tell you "do not do that pal"

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4 minutes ago, JunoLouSpears said:

The surprise was sh1t. I love Jordy but you are talking as if they released Rebellion. It was 🤢

Love you Jordy but I wish you have had a true friend to tell you "do not do that pal"

Britney herself has delivered worse surprises, so I dunno why y’all are so pressed.

Its like nobody can take a joke around here anymore.

Y’all are acting like he murdered someone.

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