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Sarah Silverman apologizes to Britney + Criss Angel canceled on Britney a day before VMA performance

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She doesn’t look or sound sincere to me.  The fact she laughed and then had to say she was serious may be an anxiety response or that she’s trying to get the fans off her back.  I don’t think she’s genuinely apologetic.

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Took her 13 years but better late than never I guess   Hope Diane Sawyer is prepping her apology next

Ok, will never forgive her for what she said but she said sorry. Time to move on from this now and focus on Britney's freedom.


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Yes her jokes were disgusting, Yes, she shouldn't have made them.

However, y'all bashing her is just exactly part of the problem...

She clearly said MTV asked her to roast Britney. She was a newcomer back in 2007, do you think she'd really say "no" ?

I think y'all need to reevaluate the way you judge women in general. The amount of hate speech directed at women in this fanbase/forum is just...

She apologised.

Just think about the amount of bull**** she might have  had to go thru as a woman entertainer as well.

Stop pitting women against each other.

And the comments about her relevance, her physical appearance and so on are just typical of a big part of this fanbase, aka trash white gays who believe they are entitled to insult women.

(For the record I also am a white trash gay, but at least I'm trying to correct some of my behaviours. What's the point in spreading negativity? I really don't get it when all we want is to defend Britney who's reaaaally paid the price when it comes to these types of behaviours....)


I don't see y'all bashing Chris Angel for instance. How weird.




Britney's only spread postivity and kindness thru the years, and y'all are ALWAYS doing the opposite. Always. 

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Why is everyone talking about Sarah? Fk that unfunny ***** that made female comedy look bad for years to come, let's talk about Criss cancelling so last minute? That's absolutely unacceptable. What an absolute tool. I literally can't believe Britney had so much bad luck. That dude cancelling on her, her hair stylist walking out on her, literally wtf even

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Look. What she said was not cool. With that being said...we all watched Framing Britney Spears.

We have to look at the big picture and see that, for the world, it was the “cool thing” to do, **** on Britney and ridicule her. That where the culture was at the time. While we can/should hold individuals accountable, we need to be realistic and keep in mind that they are cogs in a wheel. This is a much bigger issue than one person making terrible jokes. 

It’s just like #MeToo with Weinstein. Yeah, he needs to serve serious time for what he did - but we also need to hold the entire industry accountable, because THEY ALL allowed it to go on for years. Think of how many people came forward and confessed after the fact, “Oh yeah, everyone knew the stories about him, we just never did anything about it”. So many are complicit. Including, sometimes, some of us on this board. Both in 2007 and as recent as 2018. 

It doesn’t just fall on Weinstein and it doesn’t just fall on one female comedian at an awards show. It’s much bigger than that. Understanding this and approaching it from this angle is what is going to change the narrative and not allow this to happen to another young girl in the public eye. Harassing a comedian who doesn’t even do that kind of comedy anymore isn’t going to make a lasting impact. 

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I think that had Britney pulled off an amazing performance, these jokes wouldn’t have mattered to the fanbase. Had the performance went off as planned the jokes would not be so hurtful because she would have just proved them as lazy writing since yeah she had a rough time but she can still kill it despite it. For me when I watched the performance the first time, the second her step was unbalanced I thought oh no, they are going to pick at her relentlessly tomorrow. I was disappointed for sure. She didn’t seem to care at all and the whole experience only added to the flames. That performance and her in the ambulance were the only times that I was genuinely worried about her.

The part of her kids being mistakes was a rough one for sure BUT Imagine had these jokes been done after, lets say her Slave 4 U performance, would we still be talking about it today? I don't think so. No one would even have laughed because she was just obviously so incredible.

I also think that just because we don't appreciate what someone said about our fav that it's okay to call them names, harass them, and tell them to go to hell. We should have some standards. It's not necessary to threaten them, just ASK. Explain why he or she should apologize etc. We should always try to lead with kindness just as Britney does.


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18 hours ago, alienatedNey said:

Well I have never liked her but AT LEAST she has the balls to say sorry. Doesn’t matter if it’s sincere or not but she did. Unlike Mr *****fied who used his rep to tell the media that he’s getting a lot of pressure and will not comment, and that misogynist Diane who remains silent

I would agree but you don’t say “im not sorry to _______” in a legit apology. And that’s what she did to Britney’s fans. She was indirectly blaming us for the reaction to her unacceptable jokes.

Calling young children mistakes was never acceptable comedy in this context. It’s honestly so cruel. That could have really messed her kids up to hear a grown woman say that about them when they couldn’t be more innocent. Honestly ppl have been treating her kids like **** for a long time and it isn’t right.

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Wow honestly really surprised she apologised!

Not gonna lie I like Sarah (read her book) & respect her as a comedian...but she seemed pretty hard-headed about apologising for this before.

Even though all these apologies are hella late, I'm still so excited that Britney is finally getting the justice we all know she deserves. The GP is really starting to realise why we all stan Brit so hard. :makeitrain_britney_blush_headphones_omg_wow_happy:

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Whilst what Sarah said was nasty and mean hearted, remember she’s a comedian and was paid by MTV to savagely roast celebrity audience members. Comedians in the 00’s were savage, and society approved it.  MTV producers are more guilty here.
Justin Timberlake, Matt Lauer and Dianne Sawyer owe more of an apology than Sarah. They gleefully wrote public narratives that actually hurt Britney’s image. 
Sarah is just a flying monkey, the others are the wicked witches. 

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Cannot believe it took Britney to have a mental health crisis to change the worlds opinion on the subject. Kween of enlightening the masses.

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