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Documentary Director having Reddit AMA!!!

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Surprisingly, they replied to a question about Lou Taylor


epmuscle: Thank you for taking the time to make the public aware of Britney’s situation.

My question is: We know from court filings that there are more people involved in this than just her father (like Lou Taylor). Was there other details about the conservatorship that you became aware about during the interviews? If so was there a reason some of that was left out of the documentary?

thenewyorktimes: Yes, indeed-- court docs and Lynne's memoir mention several people who were involved in the early days of the conservatorship, including Lou Taylor. There was a lot we were unable to get into with time constraints (we wish this could have been a multi-part series like OJ Made in America!), but Lou Taylor is definitely someone we’re interested in learning more about beyond what’s out there publicly. We're always interested in hearing from people with first-hand knowledge.

-- Liz Day

In other words, they got handed a cease and decist :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:

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What about the doctors? Do u think there is medical malpractice going on? Do u think britney is being drugged against her will?

Do u think her dad and the doctors are working hand in hand and lying about her mental health? Cause they accused her of suffering from dementia when she was a 26 year old girl

As journalists it is extremely difficult to report on the conservatorship because so many of the court records are sealed. Health records specifically are always sealed. The dementia question we've been getting a lot. It is our understanding that there is a form that Jamie's lawyers filled out requesting additional powers, and that the form was called a "dementia" form because it was so rare that a young person would be under this kind of conservatorship that there wasn't an accurate form to fill out. So it's my understanding that it's dementia or "other related illnesses." We don't know though, because the records are sealed.

What we do know is that Britney recorded albums, toured, made tv appearances, was a judge on x-factor and made millions headlining one of the most successful Vegas shows in history all while she was under the conservatorship. The central mystery of our film lies in this contradiction -- how could someone do all this while at the same time be incapable of making basic decisions for herself? -- Samantha


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I've been reading about how the judges who have ruled in this conservatorship matter have some conflicts of interest... Have you guys looked into the validity of this, and the legality of this portion of her situation?
What are your guys' honest thoughts on the Britney stans who question and dissect Britney's social media posts? I feel like a lot of them are equal numbers of harm and good but overall, it makes me uncomfortable
How do you think all the media and news outlet (People, US Weekly, etc.) who contributed to all the attacks and insults and scandals that Britney endured in the 2000s should respond, if at all?


Thanks for these questions!

I think our film shines a spotlight on the conservatorship system and highlights several areas where there could be conflicts of interest. I'll let Liz answer that one more specifically though.

There's such a tight circle around Britney, seemingly enabled by the conservatorship, that it's really hard to ask Britney how she is or what she thinks. We know that she hasn't done interviews in a long time and that when she did for many years she was likely under very careful watch. So I honestly think it makes sense for people to look to Britney's Instagram to try and parse how she might be doing. It's the only place we've been able to see or hear from her for quite some time.

I think they should respond by not ever doing anything like it ever again. I think they should take a note from Britney's book and be kindhearted, open and nonjudgemental.

-- Samantha

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Is her father gonna go to jail? Cause there have been reports of mismanagement of funds and money britney made over the course of several years

We know that recently, Britney's court-appointed counsel, Samuel Ingham, has started to file objections to the accounting of Jamie's management of Britney's estate, including alleged overpayments to her business manager, TriStar. The court record suggests there will be further discussion and possible further objections raised. Definitely keeping an eye on this.

-- Liz Day

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