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Sure, Jan. Jamie Spears reportedly does not want to be Britney's conservator because of the money

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I've never once believed that Jamie was stealing money from Britney as her conservator.

I do believe that he enjoys making millions from his role as her tour manager.

And I believe, like a true abuser, he's addicted to the control and the power.

He can GTFO.

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So don’t use Britney money or don’t get a salary 

Tell me again who pays Jamie’s legal expenses?

If he really felt that way he would remove himself and respect Britney’s wishes and have a side line role like Lynne currently does. She sits in court sessions but has no control.  But of course he

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6 hours ago, chizwhiz said:

It's only worth that amount from 2008, not to start this debate yet again but the conservatorship argument is that she was almost broke in 2008. Not going to start that debate yet again. 

One thing that does need questioning is why he is renting property he got Britney to buy (bridgemore timber) and paying less rent some years than others.

Why all his property taxes are being dealt with the accounting firm that oversees the conservatorship. But I thought he was financially sufficient? 


Yet B made over 50 million in one year yes there’s taxes and she has bills ect and people to pay however it doesn’t add up how was she almost broke she didn’t even have much pre c ship car wise house wise and was going to Starbucks and McDonald’s Chile stop with the excuses

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Why Jamie hasn’t been placed in a conservatorship himself by now is something i can’t understand. 

Either the man does not have a good understanding of what he is doing anymore, which would explain his comments and make him susceptible to being a puppet for something that’s happening on a higher level. 
Or he damn well knows exactly what he is doing, and should not be put in a conservatorship but in prison, which would also explain his comments because he is aware he doesn’t have much time left before her lawyer had time to dig up enough evidence.

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If that were true then He would've stepped down as her conservator of the estate and remained her conservator of the person. If its Britney's well being he's after then he could easily leave her money be.  Team Con is unraveling :inbed_ahs_hotel_sarah_paulson_grin_smirk_cackle_bed_reading_phone: this is great. The more they try to defend this whole thing the more people can see how truly evil and money hungry they are.

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Lol the fact that he and his team think this is ONLY about the money is laughable.  No sweetie...it’s about the fact that your nearly 40 year old daughter works her *** off and is still stripped of her liberties to live as she pleases.  It’s about the fact that you stripped her of, nearly, her entire motherhood and ability to make decisions on behalf of her children...and to SEE her children regularly.  She is your child, not a racehorse.  And just because you’ve been in power for the 13 years doesn’t mean ****.  That’s not a reason to continue, especially when she doesn’t want you to continue.  That to me says it IS all about her money.

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If that’s true... it’s his daughter that he “wants to help”... then why is getting paid 1 mill a year? And for what?! If he really loves his daughter and thinks she needs help wouldn’t he be like any other parent and do it out of love? And not for money. He doesn’t care about Britney - he cares about her money. 

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11 hours ago, britneyluv said:

Wait wait wait... he's joking right? He must be. He doesn't need the money?!?!

Laughter Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

How else is he going to support his lifestyle? Maybe he'll open another failed restaurant, oh but wait, the last one was on Britney's dime too..... Maybe he can teach a class on how to become a famous sycophant who despite a history of alcoholism and unresolved abusive behavior towards his family has somehow snowballed the media into thinking he's only got his daughter's best interests at heart :jj_janet_smirk_hehe_haha_lmao_lol_giggle:

Snap luv 


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“The one and only...Olive Oildrigo :yesplease_yas_agree_preach:

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4 hours ago, MX3 said:

Many of us have speculated that Jamie is a puppet. Part of me wonders if there are ppl in his ear telling him if it’s not him, it will just be another lawyer. Who doesn’t know her and doesn’t care about her. Which is true enough. I’m sure Jamie has been influenced hard and feels trapped. 

the thing is, there are professional life coaches, psychiatrists without agendas, doctors who aren’t being paid by the lawyers, financial advisors to the stars... he needs to give his head a shake and try and dissolve this as quickly as possible and just have some outside third party professionals in place. Like why is she still paying for rebelling when she was in her 20s? It’s ridiculous! 

no one is buying it anymore Jamie!!! Do the right thing before it’s too late 

He’s a puppet. He let people get in his head. Now he’s one of the most hated men right now and very deserving of that title. 
even if it isn’t about money, he knows damn well Britney is dumping him as soon as he is removed. He will lose everything. 

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14 hours ago, Slave4yew said:

Jamie Spears wants to remain in power because, well... he's always been in power.

“Jamie wants to remain as her conservator because he has served in the role for the last 13 years,” a source told Us Weekly exclusively following the premiere of The New York Times documentary Framing Britney Spears on Friday, February 5. “He doesn’t need the money and could be exploiting her for millions of dollars but he has never done that.”

According to the source, the tell-all “conveniently omitted” some details about the conservatorship, including that “Jamie’s expenses are submitted every year and reviewed by the court.”

Britney has stated in court documents she is afraid of her father and refuses to work until he's removed from power.

In newly-filed court documents, Britney's lawyer, Sam Ingham, points out that Jamie Spears had the opportunity to object to an independent trust firm, Bessemer Trust, who's working towards being signed on as co-conservator over Britney's estate alongside Jamie. However, Jamie's side did not object. 

The insider added, “Every staple, pen, storage rental, is accounted for. The idea that he is living this grand lifestyle at the expense of Britney’s health is laughable.”

When it comes to the specifics of the legal battle, “Jamie cannot comment and wouldn’t because of Britney’s health,” the source said, adding that fans should “leave her alone.”1880638333_britneyjamie.thumb.JPG.97c09b352492887e9d6d80a6122e78fa.JPG

Things that are wrong with this:

1) Omitting the fact that HER OWN DAUGHTER asked him NOT to ber her conservator. Point blank PERIOD!

2) Pointing out possibly morally wrong or even illegal acts to justify his supposedly good handling of her state.

3) Talking about a "grand lifestyle" that no one mentioned (the issue here is that he's using her money when he shouldn't, not how or on what he's spending it)

5) Mentioning Britney's health as the most important aspect of this battle: we know her health is a personal issue, but publicly using it to justify his actions is exactly what makes him so despicable because Britney is NOT as unable or unstable as he makes her out to be.

6) Not fighting the decision of appointing Bessemer Trust as co-conservator of her state. That proves he just wants the cash flow, a piece of the cake.

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I have a question guys, maybe it's a stupid one for some of you, but I need a clear answer.

Why doesn't Britney adress the matter herself (Publicly) ? Afraid of her father ? Afraid her kids will be taken away (they're not babies anymore and that's a court decision) ? Why not instead of talking about ... The superbowl, talk about the documentary ? the whole world is speaking about it EXCEPT the subject of the matter ... WHY ???

Why do I feel that we're missing something ? 

I really need an answer, I'm not being shady or stupid.


I have a feeling that my answer is hidden here : (the live intro to Work *****)

« La vitesse de la lumière qui dévoile le son résonne à l’oreille.
Où est-ce ? De qui devons-nous avoir peur ?
Les désespérés divulguent leurs secrets.
Les vertueux tirent leurs épées.
Miroirs brisés reçus parmi les seigneurs.
Il y a plus que ce que l'on voit, que ce qui est vu.
Le miracle sanglant sera rétabli par l’aveugle. »

Eng Version :


"The speed of light, which reveals sound, resonates in one's ear.

Where are we? Who must we be afraid of?

The desperate ones unveil their secrets.

The virtuous draw their swords.

Shattered mirrors received among the lords.

There's more than what we see, than what is seen.

The bloody miracle will be restored by the blind."

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And for 13 years she’s wanted you OUT!!

it’s not about what you want Jamie.

Take the hint....

Even IF he’s never taken money from her, that doesn’t earn him brownie points, that’s what’s supposed to happen.

The money he’s made since the beginning of this is because of her. Paid a salary to be her conservator, tour manager or whatever else he claims to be. She wouldn’t have hired him if things were different. So it’s not a surprise you “don’t need the money” now. 

If he steps down he loses all forms of control income, on that level anyways. He can always get a regular job like the rest of us😂

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Didn't he raised payment for himself coz he is "soo good at his job"

Been in control and mentally/physically abusing someone is very different things Jamie. And no, you are so looser, drunk and failed businessman. You never was is control until cship. :lessons_preaching_telling_hand_smack:

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The argument how every penny is counted made me laugh, sure Jamie like the big corporations who need to declare every penny but always get to hide the big slice of the cake. What a ******* argument.

Not to mention the montly incomes he is receiving from the cship, if he is so not about the money, why not give up those incomes?

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