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Why didn’t Lynne step in more during the beginning of the conservatorship?

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She was busy touring in Brazil

Cuz she was busy writing her book

Nnnnnnnnnnn her mum sweety. Didn't she say smth in lines James was the firm strict one and they thought he would be best for the job. And that he later on pushed her out completely 

There was so much going on at that time. Lynn likely had to put most of her focus onn Jaime Lynn and her baby. Plus Britney and Lynn had a strained relationship at that time prior to the conservatorship. And it’s obvious Britney was manipulated and had her kids used against her, who’s to say Lynn wasn’t told “Britney wants you to leave her alone”. I mean I think it’s obvious the goal was to push out the people that cared about her. That’s why Fe wasn’t hired on properly for the circus era, Fe has always shown how much she loves Britney. She comes across like a proud mom. She spent more years and time with Britney than anyone else. Even her little house was all adorn with Britney. No one but the people involved will know why things went the way they did. 

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I really suspect that the whole family has been victim to James' abuse at some point? It is highly possible that he has been  threatening and manipulative with the CON to say the least.  He has a huge legal team that can silence even family members. Lynn might be a victim of abuse too. I have heard NPD sufferers are very talented at controlling mass people within family dynamics, particularly if the issue is cyclical and deep rooted. Remember he wasn't that great before fame came to the family either. ALSO loucifer found a way to pave herself into the family. They are both sick individuals.

I guess time will tell. The truth WILL come out.

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I think her family thought Britney was an addict like the monster Jamie and this was the best thing for Britney’s safety. As the years went on, everything seemed to be working fine, and Lynne was also financially benefiting from it. She was also pretty much Jamie Lynnes full time nanny so Britney didn’t seem to be a priority. 

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It's cuz Lynne takes no responsibility for her actions, she rather have someone else carry the burden. It's like this since Britney started her career. She always dreamed of being a star but was too afraid to pursue it, hence why she put her efforts on to Britney. She left Britney to fend for herself while she goes and takes are of Jamie Lynne while also saying she's homesick. Now fast forward to conservatorship and she thinks she's not fit to be a conservator because she's wishy washy. That's Lynne, no back bone, no responsibility. 

Everyone is fixated on Jamie but Lynne is also just as bad. No loving mother would allow this to happen and the most she can do is get lawyers to sit in during court? There's no one in Britney's circle that I feel sorry for because if they really cared for her then she wouldn't be in this mess. It's all about control and power. 

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I think I wrote my thoughts on this months ago, somewhere. Anyway, as always I could be totally wrong, but if I were to GUESS:

Jamie, from what we’ve heard, is not a good person, at all. He used to be (or is who knows) an alcoholic, allegedly. Now, Lynne has lived with him for...literal decades. She’s basically been trained to follow his word and stay complacent. When she disagrees, she does so verbally, but quietly and never seems to actually disagree in the manner you would expect a woman in her position. At least, publicly.
you can see that just based on all the family gatherings throughout the years. She’s a typical American southern mother and she acts like it. She holds on to whatever she thinks a true family should be.
of course she didn’t involve herself further in the cship because she doesn’t think she’s capable of it and most of all she doesn’t seem to think she even has a right to. Because why would she when she has a strong willed “pants on I’m the boss” husband by her side, divorce or no divorce. I wonder if she’s always been that way or if it’s because of Jamie. The thought of getting involved and actually doing something drastic might have crossed her mind over the years, it often does with mother’s like her, but in typical fashion she just doesn’t act on it. Not even now.

she wants her daughter to see brighter days and I truly believe her. But honestly, I think she’s just that kinda woman that doesn’t think she has the power to do more than, well, wish for better days I guess.

Edit to add:

i forgot, there’s also the fact that she wanted Britney to be a star since forever. I think, for the longest time, she just went along with whatever people told her about Britney. We know she never had access to Britney’s medical records. So she probably just believed in whatever Jamie told her and naively thought he’s right because obviously he must know better, since she herself doesn’t have the strength to be the “strict” parent. 

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2 hours ago, Applejack said:
  • Lynne thought she was too soft.
  • Lou probably thought Jamie would be a better puppet.
  • Having Lou telling her Jamie was better, Lynne might have actually thought Jamie was better.
  • Cycle of abuse.







Yeah, this. I think it was also seen as Jamie's time to shine and step up too, almost like a redemption arc. When it comes down to it both Lynn and Jamie are really simple people and were way out of their depth; they were extremely easy to manipulate

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Why didn’t Lynne do a lot of things... :britstare11_britney_ftr_for_the_record_annoyed_tired_irritated_sigh:

It’s odd to think despite Britney and Lynn’s close relationship over the years that it seems she’s did NOTHING to help Britney’s situation. If anything it’s escalated and escalated and she’s became more and more depressed with her life to the person we have today. Yet Lynne only got involved like 2 years ago. She’s failed Britney

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1 hour ago, lilhennythings said:

Because she was for it at the time. I don't fully trust Lynn but I think she has more concern for Britney by a thousand miles than Jamie. 

If someone were to deserve an award for putting in the most work for making the conservatorship happen, that one would be Lynne and then Lutfi.

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2 hours ago, Bundy said:


The fact she called the cship an impossible dream on her book says it all!! She talked on the book how abusive Jamie was and that he never had a good relationship with Britney, but she thought it was going to be a good idea allowing Jamie to strip Britney off her rights and freedom? She agreed with him and saw him planning the cship for weeks with Lou, like she says on her book. She did nothing to stop him like Lindsays dad did to stop Lou, Larry and her mom from putting Lindsay under one. She said hed be tougher and Britney needed that, then she praised him as a conservator. For 11 years she sat and did nothing, hanging out with him and getting money from the cship (including 90k for her house reform). She follows Lou on instagram, she still hangs out with Jamie and always seemed more worried about her gfs and babysitting Junos kids. She only started doing smt after the FreeBritney movement in 2019, but didnt do anything yet that really made a change on Britneys case. I mean, she hopes Britney sees brighter days? What about doing smt to actually stop this circus for once and for all? 

I mean, I simply cant understand why Lynne would be ok with her so "unfit" and "unstable" daughter living isolated far away from her family and working non stop? All these years she was always with Juno or her gfs. 

Remember she was on a Bryans gf insta story that she seemed quite pissed off with us? 

Tbh I dont think she wants Britney to suffer, but I dont think Britney is her priority either. I dont think shes losing sleep over Britneys situation. Maybe she agrees Jamie should get out (afterall all Britneys family mooch off her so they would love for her to resume her career), but I dont think shes against the cship. Lynne cares a lot about her image and in 2008 she was trying to play the victim about Britneys situation and Juno getting pregnant. 

I dont know why fans always make excuses for all these things tbh. They all have been complicit to the cship since day one, the problem doesnt end with Jamie! Lynne has always been a stage mom! She neglected Britney since she was 15 and when Britney started having problems, she was too busy with Junos career and then she sided with Kevin forcing Britney to go to rehab what made Britney to be stranged from her for months! She even said ironically in 2007 that she was praying for Lynne bc she needed help! They all set Britney up bc she was pushing them away, they wanted to control her again. I wouldnt be surprised If Britney was also cutting their money and we all know this is all those hillbillies care about. 

okyea actually hella facts. Fk all of her family deadass

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5 minutes ago, Goten21 said:

okyea actually hella facts. Fk all of her family deadass

She needs to pull a Macaulay and push them away if she ever gets free. She should put a restraining order against every single one of them. Her family is dysfunctional and abusive af, they are leeches. 

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1 minute ago, Bundy said:

She needs to pull a Macaulay and push them away if she ever gets free. She should put a restraining order against every single one of them. Her family is dysfunctional and abusive af, they are leeches. 

It boils my blood that she basically already did that

Her situation is nothing short of mind baffling and entirely unfair. The things I'd do to some of them if I could would get me banned if I legit typed them out so let me not. I will however say that I truly think both Lou and Jamie deserve jail time for a very long time.

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I've always liked Lynne. I think they were so desperate to help Britney at the beginning of the c-ship that Lynne prob just went along with Jamie, thinking it would be temporary. And it did help Britney get out of the Sam Lufti situation and stopped her breakdown.

I don't know what's happened with Lynne since then though. It sounds like, everyone else, she started to see that it didn't make sense for this to be in place 13 years later. But I literally just finished watching Framing and it sounds like she was always a loving and supportive mom and was never really a part of anything shady.

But I've said this from the beginning - we don't know the details of her life including her family dynamics.

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