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Watch Thread: Framing Britney Spears (FX+Hulu)

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7 minutes ago, Steel Magnolia said:

Not to mention that the NY Times can only run information that is legally and factually accurate.

Jamie and Lou Taylor are particularly litigious, and the fact that Lou isn't even mentioned makes it clear that she's already threatened them through her lawyers.

And...there is no room for conspiracy theory in journalism. It may float on YouTube, but not in the mainstream media.

You mean to tell me Jakeyonce isn't a journalist???????????????????? :cuteidk_britney_excited_laugh_yes_yas_happy_smile:

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I just watched it, and omg was it ******* sad. I really hope this helps her become FREE. She was placed in mainly so that her money is protected, yet...since being placed under CON she has went from having a networth of over 200 million to that just shy of 60 million??? Does the JUDGE NOT SEE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS?? The truth behind the shaving, the truth behind the umbrella, EVERYTHING.

Here  we have this young woman who has been mishandled over and over. She confides in people, puts her trust in people, only for them to use and use and abuse her. Seeing Felicia made me happy, because we ALL KNOW that Felicia has Britneys best interest at heart. The fact that NONE of her family spoke on the record SAYS A WHOLE LOT. Its like they WANT her to remain in this prison for their financial gain, ALL OF THEM. 

At the end it said that it wasn't sure if Britney knew about this..but I'm sure she did because ROSES were shown THROUGHOUT. And at the end shes holding a rose.



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Just watched the documentary and i must admit i cried at times. Britney Spears has really touched me with her genunie personality, that's what i love the most about her. The fact that she is an absolute tier 1 superstar and she's as humble and down to earth as they come, truly admirable.

It hurts me to see how badly everyone treated her over the years, the tabloids, the establishment, the media, what ****ery, i wish them all to get ****ed over in their lives for what they did to her, what pieces of human trash.

To think that Britney Spears isn't capable for doing her own finances is ******* laughable, the girl is as competent as they come, but as anyone who has ever born a child you know that kids mean everything to you and if they pressure you into signing a conversatorship in exchange for being able to see your precious kids that isn't even a consideration, these papers gets signed instantly, and that's exactly what they did! They used her kids as leverage to get her into signing the conversatorship and all of these ******* human trash leeches that moneterily benefit from Britney Spears conversatorship wants it to remain status queue so they can continue to provide nothing of value to the world while they suck Britney Spears dry of her hard earned money. I hope all the ****s that framed Britney Spears gets whats coming to them, these ****s needs to be legally procecuted!

**** this world if she doesn't get free'd, i can't ******* believe this is happening in plain sight. Great documentary but it put me in really really bad mood, i feel like ****.

EDIT: If you haven't seen the documentary this link still works as of right now: https://cloud.strongervision.co/index.php/s/F7iGFWwkANPBCX5

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That was fantastic. :lemmetellu_telling_preaching_yelling_talking_points_finger:

It was a real documentary like historians would do. You take all those archives, all those records you put them together like all the tiny pieces of a puzzle and boom you see the whole picture and it's bringing a new light on the events that took place in the past and how it explains the current situation. Good job at teaching the GP ! :schoolingtime_talking_telling_glasses_preaching:   :sipney_britney_starbucks_straw_sipping_drinking_spill:

It's basicly showing how she was treated like crap for her entire life, from being a little girl with talent but being asked if she had a boyfriend, to all those people openly talking about her virginity, her b**bs, who banged her, acting like she was an object etc..I mean what kind of society do we live in seriously ??!! :nochillbrit_britney_impatient_2008_annoyed_irritated_nope_smh_head_shaking_my_ftr_for_the_record_circus: :wyd_wtf_meme_hand_umm_wth_what_the_hell: :pika_pikachu_slap_fighting_hitting_mad:

And during all this time we see how she was such a sweet hardworking polite young woman. At some point watching this I just wanted to stand up walk inside the screen and give her a hug, seriously ! :nyheadache_miss_ny_new_york_tiffany_annoyed_head_rub_irritated_red_tired:

Fe was the sweetest thing and I loved every single word she said. :bigkiss_britney_kissing:

Of course some things were missing (including talking about Lou, her first Vegas wedding and few other things...) but it was great and I'm thankful they did that.

Now that being said :                          Résultat de recherche d'images pour "free britney sign"                            :gtfo_britney_pink_wig_2007_mad_annoyed_irritated_stare:

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very happy with the doc. it def could be a longer series. maybe we'll get that eventually.

couple things I took from that

1. the judge is/was corrupt. the lawyer made it seem like he had to respect the judges decision and appoint a lawyer with this mysterious unsealed medical document. I'm glad the lawyer said he spoke with Britney and she was of sound mind. I think the judge is taking money on the sly. its obvious.

2. im so glad they included that Jamie has been bankrupt with failed financial ventures in the past, struggled with alcoholism/addiction (yet drug abuse was a reason Britney may need a c-ship? lol okay meanwhile Charlie sheen remains unbothered) and had an instance of abusing her children. I wish they expanded on how that affected Britney's ability to see her kids. 

I wish they included the 'racehorse' comment.  I also wish they included how much money everyone gets paid. that would've driven home the corruption as well. 

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I liked for what It is... It's for the GP and they need to understand all the misogyny and Injustice that happened with Britney and that she's not famous by accident, like Paris or Kim Kardashian... She's talented and worked hard since always.

Other than that... The doc is very much like I thought It would be. It focused way too much on her prime and the scandals. The c-ship was a small part of It and there wasn't much to say about It.

I wish they did like Tiger King or Don't f.u.c.k with Cats, then they'd have time to give more depth to the details.

Felicia bits still are strange to me. She is charismatic and maybe she cares for Britney, but the whole explanation why she come back... Hmmm. Ok for circus we saw she barely was part of the team, but after that we had FFT and the four Vegas years... She never questioned herself If working with that situation was right? She knew the c-ship was fishy, yet she still worked close to Britney's brand until 2019, it's important to remember she was part of The Zone, a project Britney refused to attend and only acknowledged by a bizarre video.

No mention of Lou, only one mention of Larry. An absurd. Jamie isn't the only "villain" here, but they for sure sold like he was.

Bryan horrific interview being used was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Her own brother misogyny, cute.

The other moment I liked was brief, I think It was Vivian saying Britney can travel and do other things, and I remembered right away the posts of Britney and the "boyfriend" using private jets and all the super free and fun posts related to things Britney shouldn't do but all of sudden she can do. I wish they focused more on that.

The roses conspiracy that's going on... I don't see It. I think It's just a reference to the multiple roses related stuff "Britssie" posts on Britney Spears official Instagram. Britney herself had nothing to do with the doc according to them, maybe they lied, but I highly doubt It.

At least it's good a credible source talks about Free Britney, many people will know the movement because of It. 

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