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The amazing circus tour : add your favourite moments

Duff Man

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im still fascinated and impressed from the circus tour..in MY opinion her best.. the fact that she owned this show like A PRO!

The opening 

This is the tour that deserved a dvd ..literally everything about it is spectacular..its a breath-taking show 

Why did they change the womanizer finale outro that britney was free and having fun with in the first leg 

this is iconic ..its like she's having fun with the crowd and her mic on

"thank you edmonton you guys rooack! Woo..woo..PEACE! ..dont you know, I said what do you know,  were gonna rock it out with our c**ks out, peace everybody" then exits stage..its simply brilliant..but then it got changed to the 'circus reprise' which the lights just come up they play some rock music and britney says bye and walks again of stage..the womanizer finale was better,  why didn't they make a dvd?! 

I also love the mannequin remix they did in Europe 

The obvious jabs they did at jamie spears and the cship during 'sweet dreams'  "everybodys looking for something traveled the world and the seven seas some of them want to use you some of them want to abuse you"

But recently this is just amazing..slave 4 u is a great song absolutely..but this remix is absolute fire I downloaded it and I swear to god I actually strutted.. the way britney performs this song in the circus tour she literally walks whilst dancing something I'd never seen before,  but the cute run up she does before the breakdown..this is a proper confidence remix  ..

Its so rainforest style , so club, so circus 


There's also a radar performance iconic..(BTW it was the stadiums decision to stop the show due to weed smoke,  not britney's,  in the performance you can clearly see someone tells her they are pausing the show ,that's when she looks pissed of, they tell her through her headset her team have to keep her drug tests safe, she didn't pause the show the building did..its their rules not britney's..she was only pissed off they had to pause the show.. hence why at the end of the show she literally joked with them "Thank you vancouver!.. peace mother truckers" 


Do something was great "merrryy chriiistmaaas!" 

Get naked was great :thirsty_britney_onyx_drink_flirt_drinking_sipping_fan_hot:

Boys: "GET NASTY!"

"OK my psssy is hanging out"

You outta know performance 

Touch of my hand performance!

The magic tricks

The production 

The circus tour was epic ..they REALLY should of made a dvd.. post your favourite memories or vidoes

This tour is just perfect in my opinion ..

What's your memories?? 


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I really like the Boys/Seek Amy part



The BOMT throwback style version

but Get naked was something else, I love the band here, the dancers all together, her ***iness all out there, it's a fun moment!

That Dallas video is awesome

would u mind... if i take it off




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Ok but she did say on an interview (2016) that she got mad when she started smelling the weed from the crowd, so it was probably her choice too. 

THE SLAVE REMIX IS PURE GOLDDD, honestly one of the best remixes :lizzie_oops_dancing_red_maguire_hillary_duff:

- Piece of Me on a cage

- Get Naked 

- The BOMT remix when she starts by walking slowly 

- Toxic breakdown

- Touch Of My Hand on the air 

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I was at Vancouver up front off thr side stage, there was a lot of smoke

U could smell it for sure and as soon as the song ends she yelled something in her mic. The dumb part was we sat in darkness for about 15 minutes before they announced they were gonna clear out the smoke before the show would go on.

It was my first Britney show and I had gotten the vip package and dragged my bf with me to wait outside the stadium at 9am and I took pictures in front of the candies bus with her face on it.I have a couple really good pics from it.

I truly became a major hard-core stan during this time and would check her website daily where they would post tour or mv outfits and show you where you could buy outfits like them. 

I became a fan with bomt but somewhere around "britney" it became really uncool to like pop music and I kinda slept on in the zone which now I horribly regret

I was there for blackout but circus really drove it in for me. My first britney Halloween costume was ringleader britney and I've been britney every year since. Actually writing this is making me emotional I didn't realize how big of a part of my life circus was

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On 1/31/2021 at 4:13 AM, britneyluv said:

I would have LOVED to see this show. I'm actually really surprised they never made a DVD of it yet they did for Femme Fatale. Great business decision Team Spears! :icant2_britney_nope_smh_head_shake_disappointed_everytime:

They DID film for one in Copenhagen, Denmark - but decided last minute to scrap it because "the crowd wasn't feeling it enough" (Allegedly; I read this from youtube comments years ago).

I can chime in a a swedish poster -  Scandinavian countries are often more reserved and "low key" than americans in concerts :ehidk_britney_um_eek:... We tend to "soak it all in" and appreciate/clap etc after a song rather than go fully crazy during it. Hard to explain, but if you look at german crowds they look even MORE "stiff" and "dead" than us LOL. Doesn't mean that we don't appreciate it (those who went to see Circusney paid expensive tickets after all). A sloppy comparison; It's like how I hear about americans clapping/cheering during scenes in movie theatres - have never experienced it myself.


Anyways I never bought the explanation about the Circus Tour DVD: The whole show was centered around that circular stage showing Britney (and her dancers (their choreos are great if you focus on them btw)) from many angles at once. The crowd shots wouldn't have been that important anyway.


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