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Variety posted a rather interesting review of ‘The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney Spears’.     Firstly, those that are anxious that the documentary will be very one sided i.e pro-conser

I hope the Gram Girls make good, clear points to counter Thoreen's.   I didn't like that last comment of the reviewer though. Real fans never wanted her to "consume her as she fell". We neve

Hopefully they drag the media instead of blaming fans lol

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This is what I expected it to be and tbh it sounds so :brityawning_britney_chaotic_sunglasses_tired:. Initially I was apprehensive but then Adam Streisand resurfaced, immediately locking down his socials (can’t say I blame him), then it’s confirmed that Felicia is part of it :yeahsure_britney_ftr_for_the_record_yeah_nod_yes_white:that was it for me. So I’m like, yeah whatever. But of course I’ll watch it anyway.

I was always and still am SO DISAPPOINTED in Britney: For The Record. Mainly because it shouldn’t have happened. It was more or less propaganda. Britney didn’t seem to want to do it either. Then a lot of what she DID SAY that was likely truly revealing got cut. WHERE IS THE AUTHENTIC FTR FOOTAGE???? She wasn’t very forthcoming but I understand that’s because things were so fresh she hadn’t had time to really come to terms with EVERYTHING that led to 2/2008... she needed time to heal from & process her trauma. Cship silenced her from day ONE. It was a bandaid not a cure. Still is. Then came the isolation and manipulation of Britney & the public via TMZ.

She never was given that time and space to recover because of the push from those involved in her c’ship, business, public/fan’s expectations/pressures, her family and yes US the fans demanding Britney give us more! How ironic. 🙄And the other reason FTR is disappointing to me is simply because fans ate it up, raving over it. Now the same ones are re-examining it with a more critical eye and finally seeing what they REFUSED to acknowledge nearly 13 years ago!!!

Britney’s forced silence says soooo much! Even when she spoke up nobody listened. I’ll be forever grateful to Britney’s Gram for dropping that game changing podcast. They’re shady af but if not for that “emergency episode” this fan base would’ve never woken up and there’d be no Free Britney... which should’ve taken off in 2008 but I digress.☹️

 I agree that fans are just as bad as Britney’s handlers. Idk if it’s because of the age of some of you or just selfishness or Stanning too hard. If you love Britney let go of her AND the Britney Brand. Yes, let her go. Stop buying vinyls, perfumes and ****. This documentary is a stepping stone to possibly something better, so I’m grateful it’s happening regardless.

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Even if it’s regurgitated information I’m sure there is going to be plenty of new information for the GP to digest. This is a step in the right direction even if we already know everything that’s been disclosed. This documentary is mostly for those that may be unaware or have limited knowledge on her situation. I’m here for it 

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                🍻Intoxicate me, I’m a lush🍻

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22 minutes ago, pubsluft said:

75 minutes?! :wow_surprised_shocked_omg:

RIGHT?! FTR 2.0.... except this time the filmmakers are actually trying to free Britney rather than show her depressed and miserable but with the overall message that "this is what she needs" :wtf_britney_what_confused_um:

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In the end I’m glad that this is going to be talked about and hope it trends on Twitter upon its premiere! I do think fans could calm down more and stop spreading lies and talking about things they have no proof of or any receipts! I think the conspiracy of dancing in a mirrored camera, and some of the other conspiracy theorists are causing more damage than good! The end goal is Britney’s autonomy and freedom we know that’s what she wants it’s factual however people should ask themselves are they helping or hurting the movement when they want to drag Lynne, Fe, Billy B and others! Support and love is what Britney needs not extra lies being made up and fans going overboard! Stick to the court docs and the legit sources and the facts that we know those hold more power than spreading lies and untruths you have no proof of!

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