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Selena Gomez - Revelación EP stream + comment party


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16 hours ago, Isla said:


1. De Una Vez - I do really like this song and the vibe of it but it’s too short and could be a bit longer. 

2. Buscando Amor - A Latin bawp!! It’s really catchy and could make a good single (that’s if there will be another one).

3. Balia Conmigo - Still one of the best on this EP. It’s such a fun and catchy song and it’s a shame it’s flopping. 

4. Damelo To’ - Kinda reminds me of Taki Taki except it’s better. This would be a good one to dance to in the clubs.

5. Vicio - Sounds a bit similar to the other songs in a way but it’s also very catchy. But it’s also too short. 

6. Adios - Arghhhh this one is WAY TOO SHORT for my liking. I really like the vibe of this one and it’s catchy af.

7. Selfish Love - Probably still my favourite on the entire EP, it’s such a bop and I hope this does well for Selena. 

Overall it’s a decent EP, even though it feels like the songs blend into each other at times. It does feel very short though and I think the songs could be a bit longer (especially Adios). 

She said on her IG Live Buscando Amor is going to have its own music video. :shameless_blush_blonde_hair_stroke_proud:

Our prayers have been heard. :clap_clapping_britney_xfactor_red_excited_yay_cheer:

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As someone who’s from Latin America, I can definitely say Selena knew which fanbase she was targeting at. And of course, she effin’ DELIVERED. :yesokay_britney_blush_blink:

Even though her pronunciation is not as accurate as Christina’s in Mi Reflejo, a lot of people will really appreciate the effort and won’t care about it because of how catchy and puta latina anthems the songs are. :neydedance_purple:

Buscando Amor is probably the best one of them all and her latino fans cannot wait for the MV (she confirmed it during her IG Live). :kylie_proud_yes_wow_impressive_amazing:

So, Selena... Y VOS? QUÉ ESPERÁS? :jj_janet_smirk_hehe_haha_lmao_lol_giggle:

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2 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

Target is randomly sending you Selena Gomez EPs? The power :shaking_shake_gold_yellow:

Lol no. The Target edition (which has different artwork and comes with a poster) is being sold in the UK store. I ordered the original CD and the UK version, but I had the artwork for the Target edition on the front of one of the CDs, the booklet also folded into a poster. But then I saw the original artwork on the back so maybe it is meant to be that version and they put the booklet in back to front? Dd I don't know.

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I know Buscando Amor has a generic beat (still a BAWP), but I knew it remided a lot to a song and found out is hella identical to this one from argentinian singer Lali

 And now that I looked trough the credits, both of them were produced by Tainy so :clicktina_xtina_christina_aguilera_mouse_computer:

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On 1/27/2021 at 12:39 PM, Isla said:

I see there’s no thread for this already, but Selena Gomez’s Spanish-language EP, Revelación, is officially out!

The songs seem to be pretty short, gonna take a listen now.







I LOVED IT! This is so good, except 'De Una Vez', that one is so boring.

Check out my reaction video, if you have time. Stay safe! <3


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I knew I would be underwhelmed, but I still gave it a listen. I just don't think she has the spark for the type of music she went for. I wish she would've done something more pop, it would suit her way better. 

Anyways, reading the comments I'm glad are enjoying it. I'll be looking forward to her future projects, to see if she releases something I like. 

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4 hours ago, SloppyToppyGoddess said:

I didnt like it but then again I don't know Spanish. Maybe lyrically it's a masterpiece?

d8xqgc1-005e547a-6967-480a-b57a-733e685f yet reggaeton is not precisely known by its deep or complex lyrical content, but all the opposite







 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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I listened to it. Of course I knew I wouldn't like it, 'cause I don't like that genre at all. The only songs I tolerate are those from artists I already like beforehand, when they used to sing other styles. It always goes one of two ways: the overly ***ual, trashy kind of songs, or the boring ones like Revelación.


Lyrically, I think the only one that doesn't sound as plane or, I don't wanna say dumb, because again, that's the style overall with these songs, but let's say the one that feels like they put a bit more thought in the lyrics was Adiós, but even that I don't feel like listening to it again despite being so short. 

The best one is definitely Selfish Love :mhm_britney_nodding_yes_mhmm: Second place would be De Una Vez. I was actually expecting her pronunciation to be a bit better, because De Una Vez doesn't sound bad, but the other songs she just sounds strange, but props to her for doing this.


Again, it's really hard to judge, because I completely understand why she did this, and this is what it's currently dominating the music scene (but that doesn't make it alright). I just wish that if she ever wants to do another record in Spanish, she goes for a more pop style this time. Don't have anything against Puerto Ricans or whoever is collaborating with her, but maybe if she works with some Colombian or Mexican or Argentinian people, she can get better lyrics, more timeless and valuable songs, and they could also help her with her pronunciation. 

As I always say when some Americans try to speak Spanish, what makes them sound weird it's not so much the pronunciation of the words, but the tone in which they speak. She sounds too high, and that doesn't sound natural in Spanish. Like, singers do use that high tone, but just for specific parts, not the entire song. I think that if she used a lower register she would sound more natural, maybe a bit raspier, and it would fit better the style she went for with this EP. 


So yeah, if I didn't like it, it means it'll probably be very successful, so congrats to her :raven_thats_so_simone_talking_telling_preaching: 

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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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3 hours ago, morbidiu5 said:

I LOVED IT! This is so good, except 'De Una Vez', that one is so boring.

Check out my reaction video, if you have time. Stay safe! <3



This is a formal invitation to party and go clubbing together.



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