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Did her Team Under promote Glory on purpose

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7 hours ago, mystic falls said:

To me it’s obvious that they wanted it to underperform hence they gave us screenshots for the album instead of gorgeous photos we got last year. :tina_judging_side_eye_glance_staring_looking_red:

Obviously, but why :deadbanana_pbj_peanut_butter_jelly_time_yellow:. The Make Me single cover is soooo bad :nyheadache_miss_ny_new_york_tiffany_annoyed_head_rub_irritated_red_tired:, and the other photos we just got from the same shoot are soooo gorgeous :cheersney_britney_flames_pink_fire:. Why would they want her to  :flop_britney_candies: though.

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12 hours ago, TheySayImCrazy18 said:

I genuinely think Glory just flopped.  She promoted is a lot, she really did, and it flopped.  I don’t think it was her nor her teams doing. 

She promoted the Vegas show, not Glory. 

Make Me, Slumber Party, DYWCO and Change Your Mind. Only 4 songs out of 18 tracks got to be performed, that's kinda unfair, isnt it? :rip_dead_grave_mariah_graveyard_flowers_rip:


Tbh I dont think neither RCA nor Britney had the intention to be on the #1 spot for weeks and weeks and long as they could get an appropriate profit out of it, regardless if it was on other artists' standars or not, 117k in one week sounds great. Plus, the Vegas show was a money machine, which allowed Britney to balance her work time with her family time. A dream job. 

Now, looking at it from a c-ship perspective. I have always said this, maybe Britney after all those years, just resigned herself to work under her own terms so she just gave her 50% or less. It's like when you hate your job but you still must do it so you do the bare minimum. :britstare11_britney_ftr_for_the_record_annoyed_tired_irritated_sigh:


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2 hours ago, studlygeorge said:

I can’t remember their name but a fan who like met her at all her meet and greets and saw EVERY performance talked about this on an “exposing Britney’s team” thread right when news bout free Britney broke. He said the night it the 2016 VMAs he saw Larry and asked him if the were aiming for number 1 for Glory and Larry said something like “no number 5 is good. The focus for Britney isn’t her music anymore. She has new perfumes out and her perfume empire is huge. Music just isn’t that big anymore” and the fan said something about how that just crushed him (amongst a lot of other disturbing stories)


The original Make Me video/photoshoot was a huge loss for money that they never saw back. It makes me wonder if more PR was planned and they cut it due to budget cuts following the cancellation

This is an interesting story, but not true. This isn't how business works. In no world would any corporation not want to make the most money on their business. Britney Spears is a business. They will want the most out of their investment.

They did film 2 videos for MM but it had nothing to do with the album promo or other singles. The whole album has a pre-determined budget (as someone already said in this thread) and it's calculated. I'm sure they were not 100% happy with the lackluster first week sales. 

It makes zero sense a corporation would sabotage one of their highest earning products. Every year a company needs to make more than the last, there are shareholders, investors and managers all apart of this operation. It's not just Britney and her team.

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RCA didn't support her. It is the worst record label for any artist. (Remember what they did with Normani, Tinashe, Miley Cyrus). They just wasted money with original Make Me video. I think Jamie did this. Probably he didn't approve cage or *** scenes. Her handlers only cared about Vegas shows. Because that's what made really money for them.  Britney actually tried for Glory. She did promote. It was a big improvement for her when you think about Zombie Fatale and Myah Jean eras. We can't blame her.  She really loved that album and work hard for it. She took her time for it. In this era her handlers gave her more freedom for album direction. Because they were milking money with Vegas. For her team new album is not necessary even. They know that they can use nostalgia factor and she already have many hits. 

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Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)  should've been the lead single. Latin-pop was on the rise, Despacito was #1 for 16 weeks. 

A VMA performance of Change Your Mind would've been more entertaining than what we've got. I can just imagine the potential of the song especially the concepts. 

The VMAs was a missed opportunity, it was supposed to be a come back after 10 years of not performing there. They hyped it all up with all the promo that Britney will perform. It was just a lackluster performance, especially performing right after Beyonce. The production of Beys performance compared to Brit's shadow performance :ugh_britney_disgust_gross_ew:

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I think that ever since Britney Jean flopped.

her team and label just gave up on her and dont even try the bare minimum for her career.

She was having 1#s after another and it stopped after that album flopped

So in a way its the BJ era that REALLY killed any chance of success for Glory.

Its a shame cause Glory is her best album!

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Britney’s team is something else... it’s a bunch of people with self interest + RCA, bunch of scrapped ****, the disconnection between Britney the person and the artist, her team and RCA and also POM involved.


To me Glory was more like a therapeutic thing for her, it’s a very chill album I think they were testing to see Britney with with a new album and less promo and heavy work like she used to. I like the promo they did but they did it wrong with the second single.

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10 hours ago, Frankie8 said:

I agree with you about halfway. To me WB is more "Britney" than MM is. Between the 2, WB def has the longevity of being known to certain groups like you say, than MM. IIRC WB was said to have introduced a harder EDM sound to pop music, but that it was also why it didn't click right away as it was too EDM sounding for pop radio.

Edit: I'll say it before anyone else does, that when I say WB sounds more like "Britney", I mean the brand, not referencing Myah lol

It didn't though, it sounds exactly like all EDM during that time. :mariahstare_carey_annoyed_um_irritated:

It didn't do too well because Hip-Hop was slowly beginning to take over before us being doomed to years of mumble rap. :duadance_lipa_new_rules_green_pink_dancing:

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13 hours ago, MortalMarshmallow said:

Obviously, but why :deadbanana_pbj_peanut_butter_jelly_time_yellow:. The Make Me single cover is soooo bad :nyheadache_miss_ny_new_york_tiffany_annoyed_head_rub_irritated_red_tired:, and the other photos we just got from the same shoot are soooo gorgeous :cheersney_britney_flames_pink_fire:. Why would they want her to  :flop_britney_candies: though.

Honestly idek. She’s in a c-ship and selling albums brings money which brings money to her father so idk honestly.  It just didn’t work.:beynah_beyonce_talking_telling_preaching:

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I feel like Britney's team was just using Glory to advertise her Vegas residence rather than the album itself.
Moreover, we know that all the questions that were asked to her, they were all approved in advance. And I always had the feeling that in all interviews in terms of asked questions that the emphasis was mainly on her Vegas shows.

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Sometimes I think about this as a theory for why glory flopped. She was being very rebellious this era ( make me mv, talking about the conship on Johnathin Ross, bashing the media during an Israeli phone interview) 

wouldn’t be surprised if Jamie was purposely pulling the plug on things to punish her like he did with domination 

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22 hours ago, MakeMeFweaky said:

1. Make Me was well promoted on radio the first couple weeks but then support started dying.

2. The new video (that was britneys idea) and the new album cover that came from it was the worst idea and stopped the fan’s support and made it obvious that fans weren’t gonna be happy

3. RCA themselves are a terrible label, Miley had a huge internet hype for her era but the songs got stalled on radio, their other pop artists (Xtina, zayn, Normani) are pretty much flops too.

4. They invested more in Vegas than the album cause streaming killed profits, while its much easier to make money from $40 shirts, $200 tickets, and $1000 meet and greets

I don’t really believe that video was her idea

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16 hours ago, Puppy said:

Seeing how Jamie treated Domination, it’s clear he makes radical decisions that effects everything else. I mean the single was released yet the video didn’t came out till months later so obviously he or the team is bothered by it hence it got axed. 


21 hours ago, mystic falls said:

To me it’s obvious that they wanted it to underperform hence they gave us screenshots for the album instead of gorgeous photos we got last year. :tina_judging_side_eye_glance_staring_looking_red:

I think Britney’s  David lachapple mv + photoshoot stunt she pulled caused Jamie to retaliate with the terrible cover and doing things to purposely undermine the success of the album she called her “baby” . She was really proud of glory so I bet he tried to take that happiness from her because she was trying to rebell

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We need to stop discounting the Glory era.

It needed more singles, but it got good attention. And bear in mind she was promoting it while doing POM, which I'm sure wasn't easy.

Britney did some huge shows during this era and most of them involved lengthy compilations: Apple Music Fest, BBMA, VMAs, iHeart Radio Music Fest. 

She did promotional interviews all over - US, UK, France, Germany, etc. - and gave us that weird Seven Easy things video :umomg_britney_shocked_wow_omg_surprised_eyes_wide: (enjoy, https://britneyspearsmedia.ru/videos/interviews/bs-2016/)

She did a bunch of photo shoots for magazine covers - can we talk about her V magazine shoot?

2016ney was a ****** gift :mattafact_alligator_telling_talking_chatting_preaching_green:


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On 1/24/2021 at 6:11 PM, Spearsfan said:

Honestly it was Britney and her teams fault. She barely talks about the music or tries to promote it anymore. 

So if we get b10 I don’t imagine that doing well either tbh 

I think she must retire that old *** marketing team that she has now because they are clearly out of touch with the current state of music. Larry should be fired, she needs new people around her.

Glory was a bad album from start to finish. It didn’t seem a Britney album AT ALL! 

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