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Do you think Britney listens to her super old material and cries?

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Do you think Britney listens to her super old material and cries?

Honestly. I wonder how she thinks about her voice now in comparison to when she was younger. Diane Sawyer asked her this once, many years ago. :ehum_britney_um_unsure_confused_what:We all know there was a major transformation in her voice over the years, the most stark difference between the pop-belt and power of BOMT / OIDA contrasted to the breathier, more fragile voice that evolved around the Britney era. Do you think she misses this voice? Or "it is what it is" in her mind?

I believe I'll Never Stop Loving you is an excellent example of Britney's prime vocals. As a young teenager, she was a soaring, high-belted alto who had excellent control of a breathier head voice in the soprano range. She had a smooth, pure tone and beautiful vibrato. Her belts were as controlled as her ad-libs, which greatly began to diminish in variety as she donned her more famous and well-known style of singing. 

Now what's interesting is that women's voice tend to mature earlier and peak faster, versus men who develop stronger voices as they age, around their 30s. Of course, this is in line with women maturing earlier and men taking awhile to catch up :cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek: 

I'm just always curious at how much artists actually listen to their own music. Especially Britney, because she's not only had such an evolution of sound, but pioneered a lot of common pop music. I feel like she doesn't give herself the credit she deserves sometimes. And it would be interesting for her to speak in depth about this herself one day, in terms of her musical catalogue and her vocal transformation. :awww_sarcastic_pout_britney_2006ney_idc_poor:JLO has been very honest in recent years about her voice; how she used to have terrible self-confidence, she knew she never was the strongest singer, but would lip-synch because she didn't want to try - Marc Anthony actually helped her a lot through this and she has improved a lot. I feel like the closest we got in that from Britney was random moments throughout her tours, when she would pick one song to actually sing live. But it's very obvious that for now what's been the majority of her career, Britney has little interest in practicing or improving her vocals, or doing any sort of training to actually feel confident enough to sing live in her shows. Or care to even be able to. 

Does Britney care about her singing now? Or is it merely a method to sell music, which allows her to dance and perform as a character? (which imo is probably now more fun for her) Because Britney used to care a lot about singing. Somewhere along the way she stopped. :mariahstare_carey_annoyed_um_irritated:The majority of the fan base would blame the label for forcing this voice on her, but I think there's a lack of interest from her side as well. Perhaps Britney was never happy because she wasn't recognized for what she wanted to be - a singer. I feel dance was secondary in the beginning, and then the dancing/performance spectacle became what made her stand out and explode and her team capitalized on that. 

:unbelievableney_happy_smile_joy_overjoyed_excited_yay:A final thought; I would love to see her really own her voice, understanding her fanbase would love to hear it even with its current "flaws". I think it would take a lot of practice and dedication for her to do it, but it would be awesome if Britney performed some stripped-down fan-favorite tour WHEN she is free from the CONservatorship. As like a "thank you" to her fans for the support during the #FreeBritney movement. Imagine her singing all of those early 00s pop-ballads with a live band! I think once she sees how much the fans react to this she would actually have a lot of fun digging deep in to her catalogue. 


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I think she never listens to her old songs, and probably she doesn't care about singing anymore.
After all these years of not having any control over her music and whole creative process, probably she stopped trying.
She always seemed to be ashamed of that teenage vibe of her old songs ("Sometimes" for example) - like they told her to act like sweet, innocent girl but she wasn't feel that way.
I believe she rather would have another child and get married than give us solid album and live singing performances.
But of course I would be so happy if she would, not just for us, but for herself 
She deserves to be fulfilled creatively and do something on her own, it's the time when she doesn't have to care about charts anymore.

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1 hour ago, PokemonSpears said:

I don't think she listens to her own material, old or new



also, very unpopular and probably problematic opinion but I don’t get why a lot of y’all say Britney’s “old voice” was “super amazing” and “unbelievable”. In all honesty....it wasn’t anything special. :cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek:  even Jive said this back in the day. They said her Whitney cover was “off key” and “pitchy”. It was when she went into her head voice that they saw a lot of potential for pop music. 

What makes Britney a cool artist vocally (in my option) is her vocal layering. She knows how to manipulate her voice really well and when they digitally alter it it’s even more fun. Baby, Oops, Britney, ITZ, Blackout, and Glory are all very interesting albums vocally. No she’s not some crazy amazing signer like Mariah or even Xtina but that’s not the type of artist Britney was ever intended to be. Sure she made have had a different idea for herself when she was 17 when she wanted to do R&B but even on albums where she’s had more control of she always finds music that suits herself really well vocally. Slave 4 U is an incredible example of this. THAT type of pop music is really great for Britney and it’s the type of pop SHE wanted to do

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Cries? I think she crinches over the songs...

There are songs on "...Baby one more time" who isn't vocally THAT great. 
When she made "oops" she claimed she liked to sing differently because it's not that easy as just singing.

I do think she does what she wants in some areas. She had In The Zone and still she wanted to sing like sheepney at times.
Blackout, no big ballads either.. 
She choose to smoke also ;)

What I love about brinteys voice isn't the range or sound, its the emotions. No one can sing with that many emotions like britney

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3 hours ago, princessmimi said:

Tbh no cause she always seems ashamed or embarassed about her old music.

The fact that BOMT and Oops are the ONLY songs from her early days that she still performs says ALOT.

However I do think that maybe she does miss her old voice, she probably thinks about how her voice was before.

She's performed Stronger, Crazy and Lucky in POM. She even used the old choreo for Crazy

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1 hour ago, JustLuvMe07 said:

Didn't she said that she wanted to do more than "easy singing" on Oops? That the Baby ... Songs aren't vocally hard to sing and that she wants to do more?

That’s funny. I never looked at it that way. Britney’s been exploring her vocals as an adult. The lower belting notes were probably easy to her as that al she did as a child, but the baby voice provided a challenge for her.

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I don't think Britney sits around listening to her music, especially the older stuff. She's not a nostalgic kind of artist - she always wants to perform newer material, do new things, "been there done that" mentality, she even remixes all of her past songs, not much iconic choreography, etc.. POM was different bc she had to do her greatest hits but she seems to forget a lot about her older material and doesn't really talk about it. I feel like the first two albums to her (maybe even the Britney album to an extent) are kind of embarrassing or cheesy for her minus BOMT the song, DLMBTLTK,and Slave/Boys. ITZ is prob where she started feeling really confident in her music, she loves that album.

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I believe that when she's relaxing at home she probably sings alot..hearing her voice through the halls like we all do..

Her old songs.. no.. 

Her favourite songs , yes ..like the rest of us.. of course britney has moment's where she sings alone or cries to music... just not her own..

Thats for us lol

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She probably reacts the same way that Michael Jackson did/would've reacted to his Jackson 5 days. They both were rushed into the spotlight at very young ages, therefore didn't get to have a normal life like other kids, and they also went through very traumatic experiences during those times, especially MJ.

So I imagine she probably cringes when she hears BOMT/Oops era material, or even earlier stuff than that.

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