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Adult entertainer Matthew Camp subject of hate crime, house set ablaze while he was inside sleeping

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22 minutes ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:

Okay first things first, someone went out of their way to buy gasoline, find his address, travel to his house and burn it down. Someone clearly targeted him for a reason. If it were a mindless crime, it wouldnt go this far.

He hasnt called it a hate crime, he called it an apparent hate crime.


The USA has seen a rise in far right attacks, as well as an anti-*** work movement, funded by evangelicals in the past month alone; that should set off alarm bells.


Whats with all the santanist stuff?

Of course what happened to him was awful and I’m sorry if my message did not convey that. I did say that it appears to be a hate crime no matter the real reason behind it, which no one knows yet. 

As far as the satanist stuff, the house has a history. Even the Church of Satan came out with a statement. 


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I saw the news this morning on my Insta (ugh he's so hot... no pun intended)

I was alarmed at it because I thought it was clearly a hate crime because of his ***uality but then I read this:

>>> https://www.poughkeepsiejournal.com/story/news/local/2021/01/15/poughkeepsie-arson-satanists-mourn-loss-halloween-house/4178187001/


Not sure what's really going on of course, no one is at this moment, but it's clearly more complicated than what we think.

I find it extremely odd how Matthew only talks about it being a hate crime because he's gay and a p.o.r.n star, but he barely mentions the relevant history of that house (he says nothing about it on his Insta, only in that Out news article); and on the other hand there's that article from a local news website which does not mention who Matthew is at ALL, and instead focuses exclusively on the origin of the house... That's nuts, both should be reporting everything if they want people to understand what's really going on.

And we know there are pyromaniacs out there, but I never heard of one wearing a full protection uniform to start a fire. This all seems like a premeditated act of incredible violence.


1 hour ago, Busybee said:

This is horrible! Being burned alive is one of my worst fears in life! I can not imagine. 

I dont think I would ever be able to sleep again.

Nooo, don't say that! Do not worry. Turn that awful thought into a positive one. You are safe and loved, everything will be alright.

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1 hour ago, lili_ballet said:

oh my god they were roommates 


all joked aside this is terrifying whatever the reason for it

It's pretty effed up, but that's why I don't have luscious abs to draw in the crazies. No ones cares for a 4 pack, but it is just enough to have an impromptu clandestine night from time to time with a perfect 10 from time to time when they seek an ounce of substance during a momentary lapse in judgement. Those are the moments to take in ... especially as a non-Satanist. 

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9 hours ago, 2K16NEY said:

Idk why but I’m finding it hard to believe there’s not more to the story...

Sucks though. Not sure if you can claim it’s a hate crime until you know who did it and why, though. We need an investigation on this stat. :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:

I agree. I mean, might be true, but this sounds a bit iffy and awfully convenient

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Whatever his sxual orientation or whatever his job is, this is just crazy af.

I also understand he set up a gofundme. He probably earns money but he has to begin ALL OVER AGAIN FROM SCRATCH. Even if he earns more than any of us, he doesn't make milions or anything...so unless you're a milionair, you're gonna need EVERYTHING you can get.

+ this probably will lead to an investigation and IDK how it's for the USA but here insurance companies don't pay ANYTHING until the investigation is completed and ruled not his fault. In the meantime you need a new place, clothes, food,....

It's still a financial disaster even if you make quite more money a year than the average person.

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If there were ever a case against circumcision - Matthew Camp would be the prime example.

I feel so bad for the guy. This is terrible too, but it's material and insurance will pay for it.

  I am glad he made it out alive.

Hopefully justice is served. The HRC should reach out and help put pressure on the local jurisdiction.


john lewis lol GIF

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