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Lana Del Rey on Trump's Presidency: "As bad as it was, it really needed to happen," doesn't believe Trump knew he was inciting a riot

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Lana Del Rey had some... interesting things to say about Trump and the US today.

I think some of her words are being taken out of context, but still she sounds kinda silly.


“The madness of Trump… As bad as it was, it really needed to happen. We really needed a reflection of our world’s greatest problem, which is not climate change, but sociopathy and narcissism. Especially in America. It’s going to kill the world. It’s not capitalism, it’s narcissism…

But, you know, I just think there’s actually, minus our terrifying death toll, I think it was a huge wake-up call. Your life is not about what kind of shoes you buy, it’s not about going to Harvard or Oxford. It’s about what kind of person you are. If you’re an ******* and everyone … if you’re a jerk and everyone tells you that you are and everyone tells you that you’re a jerk, then we finally need to address this big issue in the world of what do we do with all these people who don’t know they’re hurting other people? Do we put them all on an island together?”

Lana was then asked if she actually believed that Trump was ignorant of the effect he was having on his followers. She said it was Trump’s “delusions of grander” and that the Capitol rioters were displaying “disassociated rage:”

“I think he’s unwell but I think the people who are storming and getting in trouble and then Fox News flashes to them and they’re saying, ‘It’s a revolution.’ I know this is a long answer but I think this is really the most important thing I’ll say in this interview. I think, for the people who stormed the Capitol, it’s disassociated rage. They want to wile out somewhere. And it’s like, we don’t know how to find a way to be wild in our world. And at the same time, the world is so wild…

Again, I think people are having to re-evaluate what is strange and not strange. Watching the people storm the Capitol, everyone gets to go look at that and figure out what Capitols they’ve been storming this year in their own freakin’ lives. ‘Cause everyone’s running amok. You know, half the people I know are just jerks. Like I could picture them being like, ‘Well, we need a change.’ You know, and then other half of the people I know are like watching them with tears in their eyes, in disbelief. And it is sad, it is scary. But it could happen in any country.”

And finally, Lana said the Capitol rights should serve as a wake-up call to the higher ups.

“OK, we’ve got a problem now. We didn’t know that we got half of the country who wants to shoot up the Capitol. We didn’t really know that because we never got to see it. I think this gave us the opportunity to see where our level of mental health is at. And also to see where our level of disassociated rage is.”

Thoughts, Exhale?





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21 minutes ago, Mike08183 said:

Really getting sick of the narrative that if you voted for Trump you’re responsible for the riots and also supported them. Complete bull****. Are people too stupid to realize this was an intentional set up by Democrats?  First Trump colluded with Russia, then its Trump won’t denounce white supremacy, then it’s Trump incited a riot and should be impeached. It’s so blatantly obvious why MSM/Demonrats hate Trump so much. I honestly think 80% of America is brain dead 

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5 minutes ago, ColdAsFire88 said:

If you wanna hear the interview and digest it for yourself here it is:

My opinion? I think everyone is having a hard time and trying to digest life right now. We all knew Donald Trump was and is crazy. We got to see how he would handle a public health crisis. He has shown no remorse during the pandemic. He has not taken any accountability for his inactions and has tried to act like he has been part of the solution. Donald Trump is a sociopath and I think he thought he could tweet something and people would just show up but not really act on his words, but people are psychologically invested in this dude. 

Now that, that is out of the way. Lana is right. Our society has a problem with narcissism. We have the type of a attitude: I’m right, you’re wrong. Shut up and listen mentality. It seems we are incapable of having a conservation or debate without insulting one another. We want everyone to praise our actions or whatever we post on social media. We need constant affirmations from others in order to feel any sense of value. So yeah narcissistic behavior is on the rise, rage is on the rise. Hell, my brothers wife shot and murdered him this past September and all I see or hear about are shootings and murders. 

I think she just didn’t know how to articulate this over an interview. She’s processing it and trying to rationalize why people think shes racist :oprah_well_there_you_have_it_proof_see_hand:

Your second post perfectly describes these boycotters’ rage on here and the need for their fellow boycotters’ affirmation and upvotes :roxxy:

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Okay , so Slowly her comments start to show her real face (which seems like a republican racist trash) and I gave her many chances and I was telling everyone no she's really not that Karen , she is the nicest girl and so on.... But slowly I'm starting to realize maybe it's really who she is ...... Yikes , would be a shame to boycott her like I boycotted other problematic musicians :clownery_makeup_meme:

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What is with these problematic white women trying to justify Trump in 2021?


Trump has proven his narcissistic tendencies since he started his campaign in 2015. Women, Gay people, transpeople, Mexican people, black people, immigrants, people who worked with him, his own blood relatives have been saying he's narcissistic, and dangerous, and on top of that, he has never had to deal with the world "no" or face any kind of rejection in his life because he was born into a life of luxury.


Let's not pretend that trump didnt know what he was doing; he's been making baseless claims knowing his diehard supporters will lap it up, trying to force states to reject election results and made anyone and everyone who didnt give him his way a target. He has been marching into fascism since day one.


America has a huge issue with inequality and needs radical change. Trump manipulated that fact and has done nothing but make that situation worse. This does stems to deeper issues about the "American dream" of becoming a billionaire through "hardwork", without recognising that the system is made so you never do at the expense of your basic human rights and everyday needs.


This whole "we need to understand" is dangerous and it is normalising fascism, misinformation and intolerance on an everyday political level, and eroding democracy and truth.


Trump and his supporters who turned up knew what they were doing. It wasnt misplaced rage.

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