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"Hold Me Closer" officially drops on August 26th.  Pre-save. 🚀🌹

Madonna uploaded her historical universally acclaimed halftime show..

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In 2012 Madonna became the first female to headline the halftime show after the controversial Janet Jackson  2004 Super Bowl halftime show.


After rock and men only from 2005 to 2010.


Tje black eyed peas headlined in a very disappointing and critically trashed halftime show ever. No other show was viewed as the worst before fergie and the boys.

NFL3knew they had to do damage control,  and the only one who could set the bar from such travesty was Madonna..


However Football fans were angered that it went to the gays, and basically since then. Let's ne honest the halftime show really became cater to the gays.


Funny thing  beyonce couldn't top Madge in the ratings it wasn't until Katy Perry did a female broke her record.  

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I still remember the MDNA Tour announcement,  haters said it undersold.


I was like girl it was a bish to get two nosebleeds at the Phoenix concert. I literally got the last two tickets..


That Super bowl was the best way to sell out the highest grossing tour of 2012 and at 54, name me another 50 year old entertainer that does that .


You can't 

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4 hours ago, Barajas said:

Okay this is weird, they didnt edit the M.I.A. finger, but right after that scene the image is distorted for a second. :weirdmeout_umm_ok_what_weirded_britney:

Hot Adrien Galo being perfect from 3:30 to 5:50 :shameless_blush_blonde_hair_stroke_proud:, what happened with him? He disappeared after Femme Fatala and MDNA tour. 


he hung out with Britney in Paris back in 2018


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1 hour ago, U_WannaLiveFancy said:

I remember thinking that this would finally propel MIA into superstardom... And then she released 7/10-y Matangi the following year and disappeared.

Also, I'm not a madonna stan but maybe that's why I like GMAYL. At least in this performance it just works. That song gets so much flak.

She would have been fine, but the middle finger incident,  that and as everybody knows. 


The infamous NFL lawsuit..


Where she asked Madonna for money to pay her legal fees, it was like wow US Success was gone quickly..


Word of the wise, don't listen to B-DAy song,  it's lyrically. 

@Style. lyrically and maybe music wise got the best of the collaboration with I don't give A. That slick gaga diss


About Madonna being more original than DAda (which we all no who she was referencing in her rap).

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