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Britneysgram calls for peace and positivity after #shotsfired on NYE

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22 minutes ago, Urbanney said:

I’ve been 100% supportive of BritneysGram so far, and I realize they may be unable to say too much about LFB legally. However, them dropping them, not giving any more evidence, and now trying to make peace is not a good look.

I still trust them more than LFB though, and all I really care about is getting Britney freedom, however we obtain it.

That's exactly what my problem is. Them dodging any questioning or accountability is not a good look. By making this call for peace its a get out of jail free card for them because they're shutting down conversation by not having to answer questions. This is manipulative behavior.

They have lost credibility with me. 

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3 minutes ago, MM0219 said:

I'm over these two. My opinion on them has done a full 180 (crazzzzy :duadance_lipa_new_rules_green_pink_dancing:) over the way they handled this. They started this mess and then bolted. 

They may have started the resurgence of the freebritney movement but it's the other accounts who keep the momentum going, and that's what the movement needs.

These two drop a podcast every 6 to 9 months, bugger off, and then report on hearings AFTER we've received updates from Lawyers for Britney, Britney Hiatus etc. They don't give us court documents either, it's the other accounts who go to the effort (and expense I assume) to provide these. 


Lmao I literally heard Dua in my head when I read: full 180 (crazzzzy :duadance_lipa_new_rules_green_pink_dancing:)


But I agree with you 100%. In spanish there's a phrase that goes "tirar la piedra y despues esconder la mano" and that's exactly what these two shady ladies did. Absolutely vile. Its gross that we live in a society where people can regularly regurgitate bullsh!t and not be held accountable for it. 

And while they did record the podcast heard around the world, they've been absolutely mediocre ever since. But they want to trample on top of everyone else to come on top of the movement, it seems to me. I hope the documentary is worth it! Meanwhile, I am sure that Britney is thrilled another unauthorized exposé about her life is going to be released from some of her biggest fans. :tina_judging_side_eye_glance_staring_looking_red:

You know what they say, I guess. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. :reductive_madonna_mdna_tea_coffee_cup_sips_sipping_drink_spill:

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Im just confused... most of what I could put together was that LFB was too pro Ingham, and they didn’t support the end of conservatorship. Apparently, they were insiders and that’s how they has access to court docs so quickly... allegedly. But why would team con expose Britney’s contracts too from like 2013 etc.... say what you want but it appear LFB was fighting for Britney and they made several post about conservatorship abuse. What made this attack seems more plausible tho was when all the other free Britney accounts like Nyla accused LFB for shutting down their accounts some months ago. Could this be true we don’t know without evidence... I still think the LFB was making lou and co nervous so they hacked all the other ig accounts or something or did some dirty works behind the scenes... like pay all the accounts to take down LFB to avoid a lawsuit from lou. Look idk but speculation isn’t  even something that should be taken lately with this case. They keep trying to push that Britney is fine just mentally kooky on the media and ig, daddy just wants to help her. We know this far from the truth. So Believe nothing but the court docs or what Britney says because those are the facts 

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1 minute ago, nanabs said:

"I did everything orchestrated but I came to apologize for the mess"



I have to laugh because it seems like the clout has really gone to their head. I guess they get to decide when "it's time" to start and end a conversation. The girlies really be thinking they're in leadership positions by telling the sheep us what to focus on.

Hasn't the focus ALWAYS been on freeing Britney and ending conservatorship abuse? :plzexplain_britney_karaoke_carpool_confused_oh_okay_hmm_nod_eyebrows_raised:

And if it wasn't (the focus) on NYE, why would that be??? :xcuseme_mad_say_what_hmm_confused:

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