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Britney Spears Album Covers: Reloaded

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Hey guys :hiii_britney_wave_glaad_2018_waving_hello:

Its me again with my 3rd topic released in the same day as the past 2 threads:awks_britney_side_eye_awkward_2011_ff_femme_Fatale:

I decided to for fun reload Britneys album covers and give them a different design and what they deserve :lemmetellu_telling_preaching_yelling_talking_points_finger: 

So i will be explaining each one in just a concise summary since i am very lazy now :slamga_stupid_love_lady_gaga_chromatica_pink_fall_hit: 

So here we go!

1. ...Baby One More Time

The debut album of the pop princess! this was released around the late 90s when teen-pop was massively popular and it become a massive success around the globe. So I decided to go for a more mature-but teen look that resembles the innocence, cheesiness and 90s beauty of this album and i think its really good! :yay_britney_excited_ftr_for_the_record_2008_cheering_clapping: What do you guys think?


(ignore the small white bars, i was screenshotting and cropping these pics lol)

2. Oops!...I Did It Again

So lets get this straight. The OG cover is ICONIQUEE and is such a memorable and legendary cover in her discography and stands apart from the other albums. So i decided to keep the cover...however i decided to remove the text from the album, because i think the album cover looks PERFECTO without it as it by itself shouts "EARLY 2000S :meryell_meryl_streep_meme_yell:" nostalgia and is simply a cover you just have to show to a persons face, and they will instantly recognize it :duadance_lipa_new_rules_green_pink_dancing: Thoughts?


3. Britney

So i basically think i am part of the 5% of the fandom whom thinks the OG cover for such a masterpiece is HORRENDOUS :new_york_breathless_uncannyxman: Its just all over the place and Britney's face just looks so weird in it. So i decided to also go for 180 change for this album. I wanted to make a cover that could perfectly define this album and era as a transitional record so i decided to pick one photo from the photoshoot that i thinks does the job. Like it?


For the deluxe edition of this album, I decided to use the same picture but treat it in a different manner. I put it in a white frame and simply put the title on top it, which gives the sophisticated and transitional feel of this record that i wanted to showcase, and Kanye West album cover for "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasies" was the inspiration for this one. How does it look?

4. In The Zone

I decided to do what i did for the OIDIA cover and not change it at all. However, I was inspired by Jessie Wares 2020 "Whats Your Pleasure?" Album cover and wanted to use that direction for the In The Zone cover. I decided to keep the original picture because it really gives the arouse, mature, and very thermal environment of this era but i decided to just remove the text since it looks fine by itself :duadance_lipa_new_rules_green_pink_dancing: Looks cool?


5. Blackout

I love the OG Blackout cover. However, most of the fandom wouldnt agree with me :quirkney_britney_well_welp_giggle_lol_hehe_haha_laugh_joke: So i decided to go for a look that made Britney look different. I wanted the cover to be fierce, thrilling and sassy, and help show off the weird, techno, and innovative nature of this album. I decided to go with this cover which I think really encaptures that feel, because when you look at it, you know you are going to be listening to something interesting :indulge_McDonalds_food_yum_fast_chew_eat_chomp_bite: Is it cool?


6. Circus

Before i start, i want to say the picture used is not mine (even the others but this one has been basically made) so all credits to Tag Hartman-Simkins for this photo!

This was Britneys comeback record, so i wanted it to be "triumphant" and look like it is the rise of a fallen star! basically like the cover of Emancipation of mimi! So i decided to use Tags photo and add the title on it :neydedance_purple: Nice?


7. Femme Fatale

I think WE ALL can agree it looks horrendous :gagasmile_smirk_lady_pink: So i wanted to design a cover that actually DEFINES the word "Femme Fatale". I think it looks really great and i actually like it more than the OG one :yay_britney_excited_ftr_for_the_record_2008_cheering_clapping: Is it faded?


8. Britney Jean EP

In a world where these were the OG covers, i think BJ would have been an EP so i decided to go for a very basic and generic, yet cute aesthetic for this cover. How is it?


9. Glory

For such an amazing album, i dont think the OG cover does it justice and i feel that the reissue cover is a lil' vulgar so i wanted to take this cover with a more elegant, beige, mature and classy look. This is my most fave pic from the photoshoot and i think it suits the era perfectly. Is it great?


So what do you guys think? if you dont like them, its fine to still comment i appreciate constructive criticism :) ? do you like it? lemme know :sendinglove_kissing_heart_love_blowing:


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I prefer the FF one more than the original. :makeitrain_britney_blush_headphones_omg_wow_happy: The Blackout one is fire :OMGney_britney_surprised_no_way_shocked_wide_eyes: The Glory one is terrible tho (I mean, the light of the photo is awful). :nicki2_minaj_awkward_nicki_ooh_welp_well_look_blonde_hat: The Britney Jean one is so simple, but yet so cute :makeitrain_britney_blush_headphones_omg_wow_happy: The Circus one is... well, you could at least put her face on it :nicki2_minaj_awkward_nicki_ooh_welp_well_look_blonde_hat: The Britney one is fire :OMGney_britney_surprised_no_way_shocked_wide_eyes: The BOMT one is... meh :nicki2_minaj_awkward_nicki_ooh_welp_well_look_blonde_hat: The OIDIA one is flawless the way it is, but I think I like it more that way, without the text :imcute_britney_ftr_for_the_record_hat_paris_french_smile_grin_happy: For ITZ one, well you just removed the text :nicki2_minaj_awkward_nicki_ooh_welp_well_look_blonde_hat:

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7 hours ago, Isla said:

Ooh I like these ones! The Britney one is amazing especially. And I also like the idea of the text being removed from the Oops one. 

Omg im so happy you liked it :yay_britney_excited_ftr_for_the_record_2008_cheering_clapping: Yeah i also love the cover more without the text disrupting the beauty in it, its so definitive like i wanted :shaking_shake_gold_yellow: Which one of the Britney cover did u think was amazing, the standard or deluxe one? 

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